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  1. You guys are such a beautiful young couple. I wish you nothing but the very best for you for the rest of your lives.

  2. I love how casual you guys are after your ceremony. Just eating ice cream and being honest about how tired you are 😂

  3. Someone told me East Asian guys don't usually like to marry other nationalities. But if they do, it is normally a lifetime warranty.

  4. Felicitaciones por ese matrimonio!!! Aunque sea 2 años después! Espero que ese amor continúe como el primer día! Se ven muy bien en el video! Cuídense mucho, los queremos desde Venezuela! 🙂

  5. 아니 신부님이 완전 웨딩드레사 화보 모델이시군여!!!!너무 아름다워요 결혼 축하드려욧🙆🙆💛

  6. I love the whole settings, your dress, makeup, hair and everything else made you look so much of a Korean … I wish I could get to experience a little of your love story but my mother doesn't agree with my choice even though he is everything that the world claims to be non – existent

  7. First of all everything was very beautiful and congratulations.
    Weddings in my country are waaay more complicated and it doesn't end for like 3 days straight 😅.

  8. 매일 두리 달콤한 연애 사랑 애정 이런 것만 나오네 " 신청자들 위해셨가. 부부 싸움 적이 있어 " 말 안하고 대화 안하는 무 표정 갈등 있나 몰려

  9. Dunno why this got recommended to me today, I already watched it years ago.
    But it reminded me how stunning you two looked on your wedding day! I really enjoy your videos so much. I wish you a Happy New Year, guys. Looking forward to your videos in 2019. :)))

  10. Muy linda eres y tu esposo es guapo seguro tendrán babys super bonitos. Realmente creo que entraron casi trotando en la boda. Yo no creo que un novio debe estar presente cuando la novia se arreglan para la boda o verse antes. Aunq en Corea es así. Pero muy lindo todo

  11. Obviously Kiho looks handsome in a suit but Sarah you look absolutely stunning in your wedding dress. It was so beautiful and elegant. And everything looks so gorgeous at the venue. Congratulations and thank you for sharing your wedding video.

  12. I'm new to your channel & late to the game but I just wanted to say you both looked so lovelyyyyyy & happy on your wedding day! But yeah, how exhausting is the day – I feel you. thanks for sharing 🙂

  13. 우연히 영상 보는데 ㅡ 어떤 사람들은 국제결혼도 너무 잘하든데 .난 미국32년 을 살아도 외국인들이 엄청 대쉬를 해도 난 싫드라구요 ㅠㅠ 징그럽다고나 할까 ㅠ 문화 .음식 .사고방식 까지 전부 틀린데 그래도 잘하드라구요 ㅡ살면서 외롭단 말 많이들 하든데.국제결혼 커플들 ㅡ암튼 행복하세요

  14. 여자분이 패션 센스가 높으시네, 입으신 한복을 처음 봤을 땐 수수하고 단정한 느낌이었는데 자세히 보니 디테일이 고급스러운 느낌이 드네요

  15. Wow such an amazing lovely couple..just saw ur video,and its so surprising how a korean married a different nationality..congrats!!
    And have a baby now..
    How did u guys met?!
    By the way im ur new subscriber from philippines!!

  16. I'm a bit late to this vlog, but you had a very beautiful modern wedding. I'd love to see some reactions or comments from attendees like moms and dads.

    BTW you need to get that shy driver a girlfriend! Also, a quick question: Have you thought of Traditional Korean Wedding?

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