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10 Brides and Grooms Who Died On Their Wedding Day

10 Brides and Grooms Who Died On Their Wedding Day

Wedding days are supposed to mark the beginning
of a new shared life for marrying couples. But sometimes, wedding days mark the end of
life. In this dark and gripping list, we explore
disturbing accounts of “Till death do us apart” come early in shocking cases of freak
accident involvement and sometimes, shocking or even inexplicable homicide. The statistical frequency of wedding day tragedy
seems to be higher than one might have thought. 10. Bride: Death on the Dance Floor New York-born bride Kim Sjostrom was 36-years-old
when she married her husband of Greek heritage, Teddy Efkarpides, in Florida. However, her wedding ceremony proved to be
the end of her incredibly brief marriage when she collapsed dead at her wedding. Her wedding was themed to emulate the movie
My Big Fat Greek Wedding but ended tragically during their first dance shortly after their
exchange of vows. 43-year-old Efkarpides was a carpenter and
veteran of the Naval Service who assumed his new wife was suffering from diabetes-related
blood sugar fluctuations but the situation was far more serious than he imagined. Shortly after her symptoms appeared, Sjostrom
collapsed and died while dancing with her husband to a Greek song and could not be resuscitated. The cause of death was acute heart failure
that had come to a head during the course of the wedding. The excitement and exercise associated with
the event makes the tragedy more comprehensible but all in all, the death was a shocking coincidence. Of note, Sjostrom had been an actual “Poster
Child” for juvenile diabetes at a younger age before her eventual death from heart disease. 9. Bride: Whirlybird Wedding Crash Arriving at one’s wedding in style is a
common tradition, but Brazilian bride Rosemere do Nascimento Silva wanted to surprise her
husband-to-be, Udirley Damasceno, by taking dramatic entrances to the next level by flying
right into her wedding ceremony location, literally. Damasceno had arranged to come to her Sao
Paulo area wedding by landing at the wedding venue in a helicopter, complete with an onboard
photographer to document their whirlybird wedding arrival. Instead of having a spectacular wedding, Damasceno
was left at the alter when he got the news that unbeknownst to him, his bride-to-be had
been riding in the helicopter to their wedding but it had just crashed, killing her and all
others onboard. Recovered video footage taken by the deceased
photographer showed the panicked moments that preceded the fatal impact. The helicopter crashed just about mile from
where the wedding was to be held in a forested area. Just before the crash, turbulence was encountered,
followed by extensive shaking. The pilot was heard to tell the bride and
photographer to be calm just before the helicopter fell into the trees in the recording, which
eerily continued after impact. 8. Bride & Groom: A Head on Tragedy It may be said that lightning never strikes
twice, but two couples (one of them celebrating their wedding day) were unlucky enough to
die together in a freak car crash. In July 2016, an older yet newly married English
couple died right on their wedding day when the car they were riding in with another couple,
with whom they were friends, crossed the highway center line in North Yorkshire, England. Investigations into the wedding day crash
found that the Lithuanian driver of a 38-ton truck had done no wrong but the car occupied
by the newlywed couple and additional couple had crossed over significantly into the oncoming
lane of traffic. The vehicle’s speed was found to be reasonable
and the only cause of the accident was the unexplained crossing into the wrong lane. 58-year-old Paul Dockerty and Susan, his new
bride, were killed in the violent impact, which flipped the car while driver Derek Green,
63, and his wife Joy also perished in the collision. The cause of the crash is impossible to know,
but being killed on the first day of marriage by poor driving is certainly a shocking lesson
on the need for attentive driving. 7. Bride: A Dream of Death Nana Mkhize of South Africa had waited 17
years for her partner of 20 years, Fana Maphumulo, to save up for their marriage. In a strange twist, she died just before they
could marry, on the very day of her wedding. Strangely, she told her husband-to-be that
she had dreamed of a wedding day death a short while before the scheduled wedding ceremony,
but they found the far-fetched idea to be rather amusing and just laughed the matter
off. The engaged couple had finished planning the
details of their wedding ceremony before the 42-year-old Nana suddenly sickened the day
before the wedding and decided to check into a nearby hospital. She worsened in her rapidly developing condition
and died in the hospital on her wedding day, just one hour before she was due to arrive
for the marriage ceremony. The groom received the news at the church,
but pulled himself together to honor his deceased wife-to-be despite the shock. The distraught but stoic groom asked to still
recite the vows and had both rings placed upon his finger, in front of several hundred
wedding guests who had already arrived and chose to remain. 6. Bride: Car Crushed Wedding Killing one’s new wife through careless
driving right after the wedding reception is a hard way to start the rest of your life. Ryan Quinton of Georgia made this terrible
mistake and faced the full brunt of the legal system in addition to suffering a personal
tragedy. 25-year-old newlywed bride Kali Dobson of
Georgia was killed while leaving her reception on December 29, 2013 when her new husband
lost control of his Pontiac Firebird sports car. The car flipped when Quinton allegedly swerved
to avoid a dog, but the prosecution did not buy his story and he was charged with driving
under the influence, laying drags, reckless driving, vehicular homicide, and for weaving
on the road. A subsequent stop for driving under the influence
led the revocation of Quinton’s bail. At the court’s discretion, Quinton was sentenced
to 15 years of probation, with 90-120 days in probation detention. Having failed to wear a seatbelt, Dobson was
tossed from the vehicle and then crushed underneath with no chance to be saved. Her surviving husband faced police investigation
and charges. Dobson had been pinned under the car when
it flipped and was unable to be saved by rescuers. 5. Bride: Canal Accident Death Canals, deep ditches, and rivers that border
roads leave drivers with little room for error. And it might make sense that the excitement
and bustle of wedding preparation can bring an increased chance of driver error in challenging
driving circumstances. In a shocking 2015 accident, a groom-to-be
in India was faced with the news that his wife-to-be, Allamsetty Balakumari was killed
when her uncle, also killed in the crash, lost control of the car on the way to the
wedding. The car was traveling at a rapid rate of speed
when it left the road, violently crashing into the Krishna Canal in the Thotlavallur
Mandal, Krishna District, India. The uncle’s wife survived, but their four-year-old
son’s life was lost, along with the friend of the bride in the vehicle. The bodies of the deceased were removed to
a government hospital for autopsy, allowing further investigation into the elements of
the fatal crash. One might not think of a wedding day as a
likely time to die, but such incidents show how the human factors of exhaustion, limited
time, opportunity for distraction, and excitement certainly present a risk factor set that may
warrant analysis. 4. Bride & Groom: Medical Professional Murder/Suicide Dr. George Scott Samson, a Union Hospital
Anesthesiologist married his new wife, nurse Kelly Ecker… and shot her to death at their
home before turning the gun on himself only a few hours after their Indiana wedding ceremony. During the ceremony, a nasty argument over
prenuptial agreement details unfolded. Following their reception at their wedding
venue, the couple hosted a few guests at home. However, the aggression between the couple
spilled out shamelessly into the home despite the presence of guests. Due to the disturbing spectacle, everyone
left the premises. Once the couple was alone in the house, violence
ensued. Soon after the guests had left, three emergency
calls were made by Ecker. The first call made by Ecker said she was
being beaten by her new husband, while further calls mentioned that guns were present. Both of their bodies were found by police
upon arrival at the home. Despite the bizarre circumstances of the wicked
tragedy, some explanation can be found in the rapid escalation of tension between the
couple and the subsequent departure of the guests, creating the opportunity for the bizarre
crime. 3. Groom: Death by Beer Glass We all know the dangers of alcohol in making
even relatively safe situations more prone to risky complications. However, the glassware in which alcohol is
served may present an unexpected hazard when coupled with either carelessness or bad luck. 33-year-old Brazilian Navy Sergeant Fabio
Jefferson Maciel was celebrating at a beachfront reception after exchanging vows with his new
wife Geise Guimaraes, for whom he had even built a house, when he had a bizarre fatal
accident. At around 2:00 a.m., Jefferson was playing
around with a bridesmaid when he tripped and fell on the beach. What would have been a minor fall caused fatal
injuries when the beer glass stuffed into his trouser pocket broke, causing glass shards
to pierce Jefferson’s femoral artery. Losing massive quantities of blood from the
wound, the newlywed man died before he could be taken the distance to the hospital in the
wake of the festive, 200-attendee wedding. With little gap time between celebration and
tragedy, Jefferson’s funeral was held just three days later than his ill-fated wedding
day. 2. Bride: Death by Wedding Stalker Gripped in obsession and deadly rage, vengeful
stalker Augustin Garcia picked the day of his ex-girlfriend’s wedding to the man she
loved as the day he would end her life. On September 26, 1999, just before bride-to-be
Gladys Ricart was scheduled to depart from her New Jersey family home en route to her
wedding ceremony, her murderous ex-boyfriend walked into the home of Ricart, her mother,
and 20-year-old son and pulled out a handgun. He shot her three times, killing her, just
after she handed bouquets to her bridesmaids, but was subdued until authorities arrived
to make the arrest. A Dominican-born American businessman, Garcia
sneaked into the Ricart home wearing wedding clothes, allowing him to blend in and then
shoot her after drawing the concealed weapon. Garcia’s defense argued for a 30 year minimum
sentence, arguing that the man had made a momentary “mistake” in the span of a few
seconds. In fact, Garcia had been stalking Ricart for
several weeks and was subsequently sentenced to life in prison, as the court did not buy
claims of mitigating factors and reduced culpability. Her bereaved husband-to-be didn’t witness
the shooting, as he was not present at the home, having planned to wait for his bride
at the church. 1. Groom: A Boat in the Head Few things are as rare as getting hit in the
head by a boat, and such a tragedy led to Hans Adrian Campbell’s wedding day and day
of death being the same date. In a bizarre sequence of events, the Texas
police officer groom was hit on the head by a speedboat while diving in the Philippines
with his soon to be wife, American registered nurse Chriselyn Bedolido, and their family. Scheduled to be married the following day,
which was also Campbell’s birthday, Campbell and Bedolido went diving just before the big
day but disaster struck when a speedboat wrongfully entered the supposedly safe diving area and
smashed Campbell’s head as he came up for air. The fatally injured Campbell and his fiancé
opted for a tragic pre-mortem wedding, which consisted of a ceremony conducted in the hospital
bed the day of the accident, one day ahead of the originally scheduled wedding. Shortly after exchanging vows with his bride,
Campbell passed away, leaving his brand-new wife a widow on her wedding day. The accident that killed the police officer
sparked investigation of water use conflicts and serves to show the little-considered risks
of getting run over by a boat.

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  3. Long forgotten – A soldier & his armed forces wife, who died together during WWII, are buried beside each other in the Holten Canadian War Cemetery in the Netherlands. They were killed, very shortly after leaving the church where their wedding took place, when the jeep they were in was involved in an accident.

  4. As the wedding day often includes both a big party and travel, it's not surprising that there is an increased risk of death.

  5. My ex fiance developed cancer and died after marrying the love of his life in the hospital. He was only 24 and she was 20 or 21. It was heartbreaking to go to the funeral and see her a widow before they had a chance to build a life together.
    I had broken up with him when I fell completely in love with someone else. He was very bitter, then met a beautiful girl and they fell in love. He said he had never been happier. I had been guilty about the break up, since he was diagnosed a few months after we broke up, but his having a year with someone who truly was his soulmate made me realize that if you stay with someone you don't truly love, for whatever reason, you may be cheating them out of the happiness they also deserve to have. They showed courage and sacrifice in the face of tragedy. I was lucky to have known them.

  6. Sadly some states in the USA do NOT have compulsory seat belt laws and that often leads to tragedy.. Such sadness for all involved in these wedding day deaths.

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  13. A court in Pennsylvania once had to decide whether a coupe was legally married when the groom died during the ceremony. The coupe had exchanged their vows, and the minister started a prayer. On noticing the groom beginning to slump, the minister cut the prayer short and pronounced them married, just as the groom collapsed. The court ruled that legally, the exchange of vows was the critical point at which the marriage was legally compete, and as a result the bride was allowed to inherit a share of the groo's estate.

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    3. Don't do extreme sports right before or after (example parachute to the wedding, paraglide, windsurf or any explosive entry)
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    I read about a couple who died after consummation of their marriage. The both were found to be allergic to semen and died of mutual anifillactic shock.

  25. How sad is that? To start your life together and end it the same day is heartbreaking, and must be devastating for those left behind.

  26. There's an old wives tale that if you dream of a wedding it means there will be a death in the family.

  27. That sends chills up my spine—-literally, even if it be a cliche. Sometimes that little inner voice that says slow down is correct. Wedding days are such a stress, that I can understand how we may not be fully aware of the risks around us. The worst wedding disaster I saw was a groom to be and his 2 best friends came from NC to Seattle to scuba dive the week before. Unfortunately, they broke the #1 rule: never separate from your partners. 2 hours later the friends realized he was gone. They found him, but try as we may we could not revive him despite 7 plus hours of attempts. The cause of his drowning was unknown, but the lake is only 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Sad.

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  35. I was a bit surprised you didn’t mention the late daughter of the founder of Sikorsky Helicopters, Carolyn Sikorsky-Phillips and her new husband, who were killed when their limousine carrying them between their church ceremony and their reception, was struck by a drunk driver as they were pulling into the reception hall’s parking lot, IN FULL VIEW OF ALL OF THEIR GUESTS!…this occurred in Long Island, NY sometime in the early 90’s and made national news in the US at the time

  36. Back in the 1990s, I recall a news story about a couple who passed away on their Wedding day. They MAY have been Mormons or something, because not only were they both virgins…..but they had supposedly NEVER even so much as shared a kiss. Immediately after the ceremony, they entered a back room of the church…..and locked lips in such a passionate embrace……that the bride's heart started beating so hard…..she had a heart attack on the spot. Witnesses said the groom was heard to cry out….& then HE had a heart attack & joined her.

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