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15th Annual Volunteer Swearing-In Ceremony

15th Annual Volunteer Swearing-In Ceremony

(speaking in foreign language) – Today we’re having our 15th
Annual Swearing-In Ceremony for our parents where we have a pledge that they’re going to commit to continue coming to their child’s campus school or to be in our literacy centers or also to be part of
all our community events. It’s very important
because we have parents that we work with day in and day out and the pledge is more of a commitment to the education of their children and a commitment to our school district. So this is a huge event for us. (speaking in foreign language) – We’re taking this
opportunity to acknowledge and recognize the great work that our parents are
doing day in and day out and it’s very important for us to be able to recognize and
acknowledge their hard work and their efforts so that together we can all make a positive difference. (speaking in foreign language) – I come here every year. This is my 15th year that I come here. I have ties with a lot of these families. I identify with them. I was a former migrant. We’re blessed that
we’ve had good personnel that, you know, have
good leadership skills and it helps everybody, you
know, the whole community. It’s a win, win for everybody and, you know, we need to
educate every single child. There’s no excuse that I can’t
study, I don’t have a book, I don’t have… Everything the school
district provides, you know. They’re the second parents
so I’m really enthused about the parents coming here. (crowd applauds) (upbeat music)

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