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  1. My daughter is getting married at just 18 and 9 May 2020 both sets of parents support it and no, they are not pregnant. They are just good match and both very mature and he is one year older. Yeah God Is Bigger than the statistics

  2. Why do i feel like ur my twinnn i sooo loveeee youuuu sweetheart may the Lord bless your marrige to the point u look like Jesus. Im getting married next year when i turn 18. peoples or older and divorced peoples opinions have made me quite unsure i got confused. But when I’m with him i know this the person i have CHOSEN to LOVE for the rest of my life. It’s a choice regardless if now or then this is the person i want to marry so why not do it.

  3. My mom was 18 when she got married. My parents have been joyfully married for 25 years now. They chose to make God the center of their marriage and it has all worked out! ❤️

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