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1988 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony Part 5 – All of the Locations

1988 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony Part 5 – All of the Locations

I know you want to get to your seat thanks for joining us during games Thank You Prime Minister Maroni Jim all right Peter thank you very much and now the torch boozled a little more quickly again so we will be done [Music] who lowered the price on the coupe voted Car of the Year by the motoring press Association [Music] chrysler-plymouth we do it right [Music] [Applause] [Music] when it comes to doing business worldwide you gotta think in global proportions you gotta know how the world turns because you want it to turn you away you gotta do everything you can to make it smaller let’s reminder from Federal Express it’s your business [Music] okay choosing life insurance let’s see a which company made the most money for their policy owners last year Northwestern Mutual Life how about ten years ago Northwestern Mutual hmm thirty again how about fifty years ago Northwestern Mutual has consistently made more money for their policy owners for the past 50 years hmm standard for less than eight thousand bucks well chrysler-plymouth we do it right the ABC movies in March community with Roger Moore Clint Eastwood Harry King and Lauren Hutton I’m leaving William Shatner Dorian Harewood and mayor Winningham mommy loves Barry Bostwick and Linda pearls Jessica Lange and Dustin Hoffman how do you feel about Cleveland something’s happening on the ABC movies in March Oh terrific medalists light up the ice and a special from Paris the nutrasweet night of champions on ABC’s Wide World of Sports today following the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics these games are going to take place over a wide area of Calgary and its environs one location for example is some 60 miles from here why don’t we check in right now of all of the locations from which these Olympic Games are going to be coming to you first of all we’re going to go to the settled own downtown and to a familiar figure dick button this is the Olympic Saddledome one of the finest skating facilities in the world the site of the finals and the hockey and figure skating events hello everybody I’m dick button tomorrow we’re gonna start with figure skating the pair’s competition next door at the Stampede Corral the short program will be underway and all eyes will be on Ekaterina Gordeeva the 16 year old Soviet charmer and her partner Sergei green coffee with OPA Garden Watson of the United States making a bid for their medal later on we’ll see the contest between the two Brians Brian Orser of Canada and Brian Boitano of the United States in the men’s competition following that the beautiful and elegant ice dancing event and certainly last but not least the ladies competition a great battle coming up there Peggy Fleming America’s world an Olympic champion what are we gonna see at that point well the ladies event has really come down to a battle between two women the defending Olympic katarina vet of east germany and heading up our contingent of course Debbie Thomas she has an excellent shot at the gold also her other team mates Jill Trenor II and Karen Qaddafi could also give us medals in this event it’s going to be a stunning exciting and very unpredictable competition a great one we’ve got coming up right now to you Chris Schenkel the Olympic air show will begin right here first on the awesome 90 meter tower which is the tallest structure in all of Calgary on the right competition tomorrow off the 70 meter hill more than 50 jumpers the best in the world will face two obstacles here in the competition first nature’s wind we’ve had a 180 degree shift in the wind from the path

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  1. What an incredibly misleading Northwestern Mutual commerical. They pick 4 years over 50 and then claim they've been outperforming over the entire 50. Very creative.

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