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2016 Earth Harmony Festival: EcoVillage Lifestyle Education & Celebration!

2016 Earth Harmony Festival: EcoVillage Lifestyle Education & Celebration!

– [Narrator] Greed,
selfishness, hate, and fear are tearing our world apart, but time is short for this
outworn materialistic system of competition and separation. Another way of thinking,
feeling, and being is emerging. (bright music) Come and join us for the fifth annual Earth Harmony Festival this
October 1st and 2nd, a weekend celebration of a
lifestyle of cooperation, unity, peace, individual fulfillment, and right relations. We honor all individuals and communities around the world who have responded to the call to foster a new way of living, to make the changes in their own lives, and to lead by example. This culture of the future is rooted in spiritual, social, and environmental sustainability. Permaculture is realizing that culture starts within one’s consciousness. In western culture we are taught to over consume, to waste, and to live recklessly, but the subculture being built at Avalon Organic Gardens and EcoVillage is to live mindfully and sacredly upon the land and with each other. Our unified collective consciousness empowers us as a whole group, and our interdependent awareness
enables us as individuals to serve and give our
talents and abilities for the common good of all. We call this the Union of Souls. (bright music) It’s a culture of true
fairness and equality for all, where each individual can
walk into their destiny by growing in their unique personality, and sincerely desiring to serve the whole. To live in harmony with the earth we have to live in harmony
with every living thing, and we must begin to
accept the responsibility that we are all interrelated, and thus our brother’s
and our sister’s keepers. We strive to define
ourselves as more than just the latest buzz words, like transformative,
regenerative, and sustainable, though we are all of that. We are actively building
a prototype society based on the absolutes of our place within the greater ecosystem. We live, work, play, and grow here year round, each of us called to dedicate our lives to building a foundation
for a new culture. Our annual Earth Harmony Festival is an invitation for
everyone to experience the lifestyle of the near future. Many believe this way of
life is only a fantasy. Come see for yourself
just how real it can be. We invite you to witness first hand our EcoVillage culture. Experience and celebrate with us the intrinsic values of this new culture through art, speakers, educational tours, music, time to bond with new
friends to last a lifetime. We welcome you to learn with us, and to be inspired and empowered, and to bring change home with you. This is our world, our time, our life, our moment. Be a person that changes the future.

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  1. The superhero at the end takes the cake!!!!! I want to live, there …wait I am so blessed that I do. Amen there is a place that you can live to be the person person that you can be, and as loving and kind as possible without compromise.

  2. Finding Avalon Organic Gardens & EcoVillage… one of the greatest things that ever happened to me.
    Much gratitude to the forward-looking founders and all who've made this place and culture possible.

  3. We are Earthlingz!

    When we give care to life we all receive the true love nature gives back to us.

    Growing heritage foods and purifying water is what we Earthlingz need to do to afford a quality of life not being offer to us by our governmental societies.

    Real foods equals real thoughts.

    Nature nurtures our souls being.

    Trust Truth.

    Give care.

    PS: Person means slave…

    We are from earth so that makes us Earthlingz!

    Much love!

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