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  1. The true peace is only possible when all nations abolish all cruel and unhuman weapon, violence, social inequality and discrimination. If the humanity had worth living, O God, I would like to pray thee in Heaven and act for all nations to ratify the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons! I cannot at all understand why Japan, the fatherland of "hibakusha" refuse the Treaty. However I would like to thank Holy See beyond religions that has ratifies the Treaty: "Fiat voluntas tua, sicut in cealo, et in terra. Amen."

  2. So moving. One day we will be free of these monstrous weapons that represent the worst of humanity. Of this I am certain.

  3. You know what, I think rather than condemning nuclear weapons, a better way to maintain world peace is to help everyone remember the atrocities committed by the Axis nations in WWII.

  4. China also has nuclear power. In the introduction, China is neither in the list of attendance of . the countries with nuclear power, nor in list of absence. Probably they doesn't expect China to be at any Nobel peace price ceremony at all so just not mention China.

  5. The speech of chairperson of committee was to much, it prepares for those winners, not to her. Almost more than 20 minutes?

  6. My new hero: Setsuko Thurlow. What a ferocious force of grace, courage, and wisdom. “These weapons are not a necessary evil, they are the ultimate evil.”

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