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2017 Official opening ceremony

2017 Official opening ceremony

You’re not just here to learn, you are here to unlearn
and relearn the world ahead of you is fantastic Why is it fantastic? Because this is an unknown world and you will have surprises every day. Every day you will have to deal with new situations you must be of Christopher Colombus,
you will go wrong but every time you are mistaken know that it is
a step towards your America. Set yourself your own America that’s how you’ll become early makers, that’s how you will improve emlyon I believe emlyon business school
has a key role to play it is to train the managers of tomorrow to have a Macgyver state of mind in order to effectively
use internal resources whether the ingenuity, resilience and empathy
to build a better world together, especially on frugal economy. I think academic institutions such as
emlyon will play a significant role it is to train future
generations that will really meet the great challenges of tomorrow
regarding climate change, access to water or the blast of
chronic diseases are the major challenges of the future and I think emlyon business school will in my opinion produce the first generation of entrepreneurs who are makers who will effectively develop frugal solutions
to tomorrow’s significant issues.

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