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2018 Commencement: Eastman School of Music Ceremony Highlights

2018 Commencement: Eastman School of Music Ceremony Highlights

[trombone choir] [Jamal Rossi] In the years ahead, you will face challenges and not every endeavor you embark on will be successful. You are likely to encounter as many nos as
yesses. Over the course of your career you must be
willing to continue to learn, adapt and persevere. I believe that once you have experienced unconditional
excellence, good enough will never be good enough again and the skills you have honed
to achieve the highest level of excellence will stay with you for a lifetime and they
will separate you from others in whatever you do. [Lydia Camille Becker]One thing that we all share in common here
is our love of music. And today I would like to encourage us to
consider why that matters and why we choose to invest in the arts. I’ve had to think a lot about this issue
over the past few months and I haven’t found all of the answers. But one answer that I have found that I would
like to share with you this morning is that music is a powerful tool that
can be used to bring about peace and to bring about change. However, in order for this to happen, the
musician must have a reason to create their art. Eastman has taught us not only to be excellent
musicians, but to be critical thinkers. Knowing the purpose for whatever you do will
give you the inspiration and the perseverance contribute to society. [music] [Jane Chu] Today we need leaders who can synthesize different pieces and who
will find new solutions to bridging opposing perspectives. Your educational training has prepared you
to call out this kind of leadership. You have paid attention to timing and you
have listened, not only to what others say, but what they mean. And your ability to understand those nuances
allows you to move your relationships from surface to deep. Creativity is the ability to see things in
a different way, it’s the courage to step out and do something that hasn’t been done
before. Many of us in the arts are here because we have this intense need to create. We have a need to find ways to innovate and
to use technologies to deal with change and to create a working environment that allows
people to generate new insights and emboldens the creativity in others.

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