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2019 AOC Veterans Day Celebration – Military Core Values

2019 AOC Veterans Day Celebration – Military Core Values

[Drums] Tiffany McKimmy First Lieutenant
United States Army. Rafael Pineda, Second Lieutenant
United States Army. Eric Ouellet, Captain
United States Army. Adam Shad, Sergeant E5
U.S. Army. Dan Klein, Captain U.S.
Air Force. George Hawk, Sergeant in the
United States Marine Corps Quinn Greenly, Staff Sergeant.
U.S. Army. Jack Johnston, First Lieutenant
United States Air Force. [Violin] Loyalty Duty Respect Selfless service Honor Integrity Personal courage Integrity first, service before self, excellence in all we do. The core values create a
Brotherhood I guess amongst all
soldiers male or female it gives us a common theme to
all relate back to. The Air Force core values help
form my foundation and in fact, my wife’s
foundation with her twenty-one years
of Air Force service to do the right things,
even when no one is looking and to serve my unit and my
team with delivery excellence. It’s essentially the staples of
what we live by, right? Wether that’s professionally or
with our kids at home or just how we walk about
ourselves. It kind of defines the core,
the backbone of who we are. In the Marine Corps and in the
Navy, who I get to represent
today it’s honor, courage and
commitment. Honor to always do the right
thing, courage to push through
adversity and commitment to
stick to our true values and to serve, to serve even
when we are out of the service. It’s a balance standard by which
we can make sure that as we execute
our daily missions, we have a common understanding
of what it means for success. Integrity means the most out
of all the core values to me because integrity is key to
building relationships
with people. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the
workplace, it doesn’t matter if it’s in the
military, it doesn’t matter if it’s with
your friends. When you’re an integral person
you have the ability to create long lasting relationships
with people and without integrity
there is no trust at all. Military core values align with
our D&I initiatives
here on campus in the way that military is
diverse by nature and people from every background
every culture come together with one unified goal or mission
and these core values are
instilled in everybody for the sake of achieving that
mission and being
a cohesive team, so to bring those forth here to
the corporate world
at Microsoft, it aligns perfectly with
everything we do to be inclusive to be respectful
and to be allies. I think having a strong
foundation in core values
helps drive someone’s success in the focus of knowing what to
do, when to do it, how to do it and to make sure that what you
are doing has greater impact not only for the accomplishment
of achieving the bare minimum, but also exceeding those
expectations for not
yourself, but also your company and the
people around you. I just feel like the core values
that I have are really what
makes me successful. I think, if you think about just
being a person that’s honest, truthful, loyal. I mean, these
are things that any individual I would want as a friend or as
a coworker and I don’t have that, it’s
not a real deep relationship. Projects are a good example
of where core values come
into play because everyone has a competing idea,
concept or something that is driving them to get a solution
that they want. But if you stick to core values
you’re going to drive to the
right solution not the solution that somebody
wants to get to that’s where I think those
values really helped me as an accounting and finance
person, I have to say, I have a code
of ethics to adhere to as well. All that plays into how I make
decisions and I always make what’s in my
mind, the best decision
for the company. It doesn’t mean everyone is
going to like the decision that
I am going to put out there but in my mind, in what I know
it’s the right thing to do. Which again goes back to our
core values. You do what’s honorable and in
my mind I’ll always do what’s
honorable for the company. Microsoft’s focus on the Veteran
community and supporting the Veteran
community and recognizing the talent,
skills and ability that their military career
brings to the nonuniformed
workplace is huge. It makes me feel like that
wasn’t something that was just in my past
that I left behind when
I got out of uniform. It makes me feel like
that has value in this company. That has value to the leadership
team across the board and that they recognize that we
are more than just
skills on a resume. We’re an ethos, we’re a core,
we’re a set of values that can enhance any work
place that we go to. You know in the Marine Corps
we talked about how we bleed
scarlet and gold, right and I think now, I bleed blue. From a Microsoft perspective,
right and that comes from honor,
courage and commitment to doing the right thing
everyday to being, providing service to others, right?
Being helpful, being willing to bridge gaps when folks might
not know the right direction
to go with a solution or a problem.
Helping connect people and I think just honor to always
doing and always trying to
fulfill my roll here. Over the last several years,
Microsoft has really taken some great strides and had some
pretty great initiatives on how to support its Veterans
and military employees. One of which being the employee
resource group that they
started. Because of that, I feel very
honored that they would even consider to do that. My service was done to the
country; or is still ongoing
to my country and I don’t do it for the
sake of getting recognition
for it at work. I do it because I love it and
I love my nation and I love
the people of my nation. So, the idea that they would
want to honor me once a year for the idea that I would do
that is really spectacular. It means a lot to all of the
Veterans that you’re here to
celebrate with us. It means a lot to the Veterans,
it means a lot to the spouses and it means probably even more
to the families of the Veterans. And what is really encouraging
is to be at a company like
Microsoft which celebrates this in a very
meaningful way. With events around the world,
with a dedicated employee
resource group. That means a lot to those that
have served previously and perhaps continue to serve in
reserve units around the world.

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  1. Thank you all for your selfless service!! Did a year (or so) out of Comm there in Reno (via C-130 from Nellis) -USAF (Ret)

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