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  1. Hello! 1st of all thank you so much for the videos! Can you tell me what Jensen is doing @ 13.20- 13.28?

  2. Thank you for sharing and perfect quality! Our fandom is the best! ⭐️🙏🏻🔥

  3. First of all thank you for the video! I hope you had a great time. Second of all, what does Misha say to Jensen (with the mics down) at around 5 mins? I tried to make it out from lip reading but I can't and Jensen then said "I teased" lmao whatttt

  4. I love when Misha tells Jensen, “Don’t fight with people right now.” And like gently pulls him to sit down and Jensen listens is so cute lol bff goals 😂

  5. Thank you for sharing! I could tell the moment Jensen came out and started talking, that he was three sheets to the wind!! Haha… He was no longer Jensen… He was Nesnej! Haha Nesnej is more fun than Jensen.

  6. Hey Kreespa, any chance you'll make the option of adding subtitles available? I want to add subtitles in my native language 🙂 Thank you for the video!

  7. Its so sweet when Misha gets a bit emotional and Jensen put his arm on hi shoulder to console him It was such a great panel

  8. I’ve never been able to go to any conventions at all, but I think if I could it would be JIB, they just seem so much fun and more relaxed (probably the Apple Juice) 💖💖💖

  9. 29:17 the show, their careers, and life in a nutshell. Love them, love you for giving me the jib experience

  10. I wonder how many fans are going to be sending Jensen Unicorns from now on?? I am actually considering it. Even though I have never before sent anything to someone I do not know personally lol.

  11. I'm definitely coming next year, as long as I can sit next to you and give commentary! Thanks so much for sharing your videos – they are awesome!

  12. So.. the show is basically over and they're in Europe, so it's safe for Jensen to get on the Destiel ship finally? Okay. I'll buy that for a dollar.

  13. Love everything about supernatural and the cast they are all so funny and get along so well together it's amazing im really going to miss all the cast

  14. Only ten minutes into this video what the hell is happening?

    30 minutes in what the hell is happening in this panel? 😂

  15. I like how Misha reenacted it with Jensen but said "we are not going to reenact it" when Jared showed up

  16. Jared army crawling onto set just to pinch the inner thigh of Misha during a scene
    ~Jensen Ackles

  17. 23:40 …yah you sexy bitch, you like it
    I'm going to miss this show, aall the comic cons, interviews, panels, ect.. and most of all., Misha Jensen n Jared 😭 #SPN4Ever

  18. The kids in the carpool had a whole Castiel moment.
    "They were utterly perplexed, like, 'how would anyone find that funny?'" Lmao

  19. I was nowhere near prepared for seeing Misha in a leather jacket 🙃
    And then Jensen says "I'm not wearing pants!" And I'm just like 😌

  20. Sprinkling water on Jensen was so rude, I don’t care if they were kidding or having fun, I just found it disrespectful and offensive. And I’m sure Jensen, Jared and Misha were upset too

  21. Jensen was ready to take the destiel fandom out in this panel. 😂😂😂 Misha & Jared aleady knew what was coming. Great deflection Misha. 👏👏👏

  22. So I think Misha knows how to pack a bowl, definitely Gen does cuz she alluded to it in the Train Story, but what about J2? Im sure they're all in a no drugs contract but come on,, ways around everything…….and I'm not saying that in a bad or judgemental way. or about anything hard.

  23. While Jared was introducing Jensen at 47:31 did anyone else hear him say Jensen’s f*cking apples? Or was that just my f*cked up mind

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