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A grim tragedy strikes Chico’s birthday celebration | Pamilya Ko Recap (With Eng Subs)

A grim tragedy strikes Chico’s birthday celebration | Pamilya Ko Recap (With Eng Subs)

Cherry! – We’re finally here.
– Cherry, take my picture. Wait! Cherry! – Pongky, come here.
– Chico, son. Happy birthday. This place is nice. Wow. Don’t you feel
a little guilty? – Welcome to my birthday party!
– Hooray! Doc Pia, Chico,
where are the kids? – [STAMMERS]
– That’s enough. [ALL SINGING]
♪ Happy birthday to you! ♪ It’s Chico’s birthday!
♪ It’s Chico’s birthday! [LAUGHING] Hold on. Why are there
numbers beside your names? Beri loves you the most.
He gave P250. It’s like this. [CHATTERING] He gave P250,
I gave P200. He borrowed P100 from me. They both borrowed from me. So I have to pay you? [CHATTERING] Alright! That’s enough!
Make your wish! Hurry up. This is heavy. I’m not wishing for a lot. I wish we can forget about everything that happened
to us recently. And we can love
each other as a family. Okay, that’s good enough.
This is heavy. [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE] Okay! There’s more! – We’re not yet done!
– What are you eating? Just relax and
settle down there. Okay! Everybody gather round!
Everyone, settle down! This is our biggest
surprise for Chico! I worked hard on this. Okay, let’s start! Hi, Chico!
Happy birthday! Thank you for
always helping me and for giving me
extra money! I hope you’ll always be happy.
I love you! Hi, Chico!
Happy birthday! Thank you for being
a good brother! And for helping me
with my homework except with Math because you
always say I’m better at it. Somebody wants to
greet you too! – It’s Rambo!
– [LAUGHING] Hi, Chico!
Happy birthday, from Rambo! [IMITATES BARKING] [LAUGHING] I just want to say
thank you, bro. I will never get tired of
saying how grateful I am, because you deserve
to hear it everyday. You’re so serious, Persi.
You look stupid. – Oh, really?
– You do. – Show some energy.
– [LAUGHING] – I’ll continue now.
– Go on. Thank you for helping me
land my job at the city hall. Thank you so much! I love you and
happy birthday! – [CHEERING AND APPLAUSE]
– [LAUGHING] – Happy birthday!
– Thank you. Hello, Chico! Happy, happy, happy
birthday to you! Thank you for all
the weird stuff you taught me. That’s why
Mom always gets mad every time we prank
our gullible siblings especially Persi. [LAUGHING] But Chico, seriously… try to catch up
on my height. You can barely
reach my chest. [SNICKERING] But you will always be
my biggest idol. [LAUGHING] Chico! Happy birthday! You’re already 30!
You’re so old! I want you to enjoy it.
Happy birthday. That’s it? – That’s right!
– Say it from the heart. [JEERING] Okay, fine! I know we fight a lot, bro. But I know we have each other’s
backs no matter what. Thank you for not
getting tired of helping us. That’s it. I love you.
Enjoy your birthday. – Satisfied, Peachy?
– Yes! I was touched! – Was your heart moved?
– No, it broke. Hi, Chico!
Happy, happy birthday! I’m so thankful that
you’re our eldest brother because you’re so kind
and understanding. Thank you for everything
you’ve done for me. Especially when
I had problems in school. Happy birthday, Chico!
I love you! Hi, Chico! Surprise! Did you like our surprise? I swear, this isn’t my idea. I just want to tell you that
whenever you’re around, I feel at ease
because I know you’ll never let
anything bad happen to us. I just also want to
let you know that you are the best
brother in the whole world! And I love you, love you,
very, very much! [CHEERING] – Happy birthday!
– What about us? – That hurt!
– There’s three of us! Let it go.
It’s Chico’s birthday! You’ll be the best
when it’s your birthday. – It’s Chico’s turn tonight.
– Just tonight. – Thank you, Peachy.
– You’re welcome, bro. Wait. It’s not over yet.
Sit down. – There’s still more.
– Really? – Yeah!
– Sit down. There! Chico! [CHEERING] Hi, Keks. Happy Birthday! You’re a year older now
and that’s all. I’ll tell you my
message in person. You know I’m not
good with messages. And you also know that
I love you so much. Unfortunately, you’re
my only best friend, so I have no choice
but to love you. – That’s all. It’s Pia’s turn.
– You’re unbelievable. Hi, Chico.
We’re almost there. I’ll just whisper my
message to you later. [CHEERING] – Happy Birthday! See you!
– Happy Birthday! Rambo! Chico, my grandson. Happy Birthday. You know how much your
grandfather and I love you. I will always be here for you.
I love you so much. Happy birthday. Chico, my dear. I’ll keep my message short. Whatever happened in the past
and will happen in the future, I will always be here for you. Thank you for all the sacrifices
you’ve made for our family. And I apologize if… I’m sorry if I haven’t been
a good mother to you. Dear… …I’m sorry. – Is it okay now?
– Yes, Mom. Chico. My son… …thank you. Thank you because… even if I haven’t been
a good father to you… …you still loved me
despite my shortcomings. [SOBS] [SOBS] – It’s alright.
– [SOBS] I love you so much, son. Are you alright? Are you alright? I’m so happy to have
a son like you. [SOBS] I’d like to say something. I’d like to give
a message to my son. But first, I want
to thank all of you for loving Chico. I can feel that. As a mother, as one of Chico’s mothers, you don’t know how much
that means to me. Thank you very much
to all of you. Now that we’re here, please let us love
Chico as well. I love you so much. Anyway, can you guys
do me a favor? What is it? – I knew it.
– Hey! Bro, can you just
grant me this since it’s my birthday? This is Stefano,
my brother. Our brother. – Cheers!
– Cheers! Argh! It’s sour! – Sorry, Chico.
– It’s cheap wine. It doesn’t taste good. This is the only wine
we can afford. Sorry, guys. Good morning, Miss Caring. Good morning. How was your sleep? It was good. The air here is nice. I know you’re still mad at me
for abandoning Chico. You didn’t just abandon Chico. You also caused my son
so much pain. You broke his heart. I thought Fernan would
never love again. Fortunately, Luz came
into his life. Stefano! Lemon! Lemon! – Lemon…
– Wait. We’ll stabilize her first. Blood pressure? Doc, the patient is
showing vital signs, but they’re not stable. Okay, let’s bring her
to the ICU. Doc… Time of death, 9:21PM. No… Stefano, my son! Chico, this can’t be!

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