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ABET Accreditation Celebration

ABET Accreditation Celebration

Music I’m so excited to have this ABET accreditation here at Florida Poly. What it means to Florida Poly to be ABET-accredited is that the University is driving and pushing the education system for all the students. We’re here today to celebrate ABET. ABET accreditation is proof that a collegiate program has met standards that are essential to
producing graduates that are ready to enter the fields of STEM education.
It verifies that your educational experience meets the global standard. The ABET accreditation is universal. It’s an international stamp of approval. And what
that means in terms of our students making a difference in the world
with the jobs that they’re going to be getting it’s absolutely phenomenal
for employment and their careers and really to make the difference that they
need to make an impact. Music

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