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Alberto & Matteo – Wedding Proposal #ProudToLove

So maybe Matteo will say YES! May 16th 2015 That’s group number one Alberto, Alberto! … And that’s group seven Fake work-conference posters outside are COOL Gosh it’s too HOT now! My beloved, you’ll have to make up (for your delay)! Your seats are reserved in the front row [SIGN] Love Air + Welcome on board What? [Matteo’s dad] Oh, we’re on a plane! Can’t be true! Can’t be true! Can’t be true! [He notices his aunt dancing] Did you know? Tissues? Thanks! Toast! Toast! [Matteo’s dad] It’s the craziest flight ever! Oh my god! “Where do you think to go? You’re screwed!” (song) [sign] Matteo’s game over MATTEO MATTEO ARE YOU MATTEO ARE YOU READY MATTEO ARE YOU READY TO MATTEO ARE YOU READY TO LAND MATTEO ARE YOU READY TO LAND? YES! (I love you) (You are crazy) (!!!!) (Did you expect it?) No! Not at all! He simply asked if i expected it or not! Well, nothing, mmm… We’ve spent together the happiest moments of my life… Therefore i got the idea that, if you’re up for it… …we could even get married! YES! Fits fits fits FITS! I might faint now… Look at me! Am shivering! My legs are totally shaking! I didn’t realize it at first, even when i saw the girls! I was just disconnected! Now i need to rest. For a month. Inscription says: “When you are here, I am here” Am just freaking out! They’ve been amazing, really Here I was looking for him, “Where the hell is Alberto?”

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