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  1. Now the Baldwin talks ..hmmm..dont know the reasons why he appeared on that Sitcoms…rescue ? should not interfere my dear Alec ..let that two realized what life is's not a bed roses but thorns and blood specially if love is unrequitted..Sometimes we have to pay the consequences of abrupt and wrong mistakes .

  2. It sucks cause you have to support it despite whether you agree with it or not. It’s their life and when you speak the truth people will call you out for it. Even Kendall Jenner didn’t support it in an interview and gave a vague response, she doesn’t wanna seem like a terrible friend or villain. Just gotta be happy for em.

  3. Alec ? Commenting on family matters ?? Not after what he said to his own 10yr old daughter.. left it on voice mail for all to hear ,,, alec you are not good enough to give out advice on any behavior . Find another outlet for your own problems ,or better yet , deal with your own issues

  4. Unfortunately people that young who have so many great options will likely not stay together. Hopefully if they have kids everything works out and even if they break I'm sure with how rich they are there won't be any issues. I just find that most people don't know who they are and what they want at this age and change so much by the time they hit late 20's/30's.

  5. That's funny he is family, he didn't even go to Haliey wedding!!!! Show everybody that's the fake marriage in Hollywood I ever seen!!!!! Mark my word!!!! Justin Divorces her so soon!!! She be history!!! Out the door!!!!!!

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