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Smash bros Ultimate just released and we had a look at all the victory poses, that were in the game. There are some really Amazing ones from flipping to b-boying to tricking. [Dat’s a lot of moves.] We have tasked ourselves to try and do them all! It’s gonna be me, and these guys Michael and Edwin From the invincible worldwide team: The Martial Arts team in Australia We’re going to attempt to every single victory pose one from each character And before we go make sure you check out where me and SMG4 (who couldn’t make it today) Are going on tour in America, which is also Smash Ultimate themed go check that out as well *Clap* You ready boys? (All together) Yeah let’s do it! Announcer: Mario Wins! [Dat flip tho.] Announcer: Donkey Kong Wins! [Strong boi] Announcer: Link Wins! Announcer: Samus Wins! [amazing :D] Announcer: Dark Samus Wins! [How did they do that?] Alex: Cut. [I bet they were did after that D:] Announcer: Yoshi Wins! [awe so cute :D] Announcer: Kirby wins! [triple the fun] Announcer: Fox wins!
Fox: This is Fox, returning to base. [Was that a paintball gun???] Announcer: Pikachu wins! [Pika :D] Announcer: Luigi wins! [oh noes that hurt D:] Kevin: Ooh f***! [dats gotta hurt 🙁 ] [but he was good tho XD] Kevin: ooh my teeth… OOOOOOOOOFFFFFF Alex (Camera man): Michael, no groin guard. Kevin: Oh yeah. Alex: Oh yeah that’s a great take. Yeah. Hey this guy! This guy… *Inaudible speaking* Michael: I apologize Announcer: Captain Falcon wins! Announcer: Jigglypuff wins! Announcer: Peach wins! Peach: Peachy! Announcer: Daisy wins!
Daisy: Woooho! Announcer: Bowser wins! Announcer: Ice Climbers win! Announcer: Sheik wins! Announcer: Zelda wins! Announcer: Dr. Mario wins! Announcer: Pichu wins! Pichu: Pichu pichu! Announcer: Falco wins! Falco: Have enough already? Announcer: Marth wins! Announcer: Marth wins!
Marth: I cannot afford to lose! Announcer: Lucina wins! Announcer: Lucina wins!
Lucina: The future is not written! Announcer: Young Link wins! Announcer: Ganondorf wins! Announcer: Mewtwo wins! Announcer: Roy wins! Announcer: Roy wins!
Roy: Now the true fun begins. Announcer: Chrom wins. Chrom: Training paid off. Announcer: Mr. Game and Watch wins! okay. Announcer: Meta Knight wins!
Meta Knight: Come back when you put up a fight. Announcer: Pit wins! Pit: What’s up now? Announcer: Dark Pit wins! Dark Pit: Nice try. Announcer: Zero Suit Samus wins! Kevin: It’s our boy Alex, he’s our camera man, he wants have a go. He’s gonna give Ness shot. Let’s do it! Announcer: Ness wins! Kevin: As you can tell the camerawork wasn’t that good in that one because I held the camera, but I’m gonna give it back to Alex now. Thank you Alex. Shoutout to Alex Wong. [Here you go] Announcer: Wario wins! (kill me…) Announcer: Snake wins! Announcer: Snake wins!
Snake: Not even close. Announcer: Ike wins! Announcer: Ike wins!
Ike: Don’t stand in my way. Announcer: Pokemon Trainer (Squirtle) wins! Pokémon Trainer: You all did great! *S L A P* Announcer: Pokemon Trainer (Ivysaur) Wins! Announcer: Pokemon Trainer (Ivysaur) Wins!
Pokémon Trainer: Way to go ivysaur! Announcer: Pokemon Trainer (Charzard) wins! Announcer: Pokemon Trainer (Charzard) wins!
Pokémon Trainer: We did it Charizard! Announcer: Diddy Kong wins! Announcer: Lucas wins! Announcer: Sonic wins! Announcer: Sonic wins!
Sonic: Let’s do that again sometime! Announcer: Olimar wins! Announcer: Lucario wins!
Lucario: Behold the power of aura! Announcer: R.O.B wins! Kevin: ey~ ey ey ey ey ey ey ey! Announcer: Toon Link wins! Announcer: Wolf wins!
Wolf: You’re good, but I’m better. Announcer: Villager wins! Announcer: Mega Man wins! Announcer: Wii fit Trainer wins!
Wii fit Trainer: Work worth stock firm abs. Announcer: Rosalina and Luma win! Announcer: Little Mac wins!
Coach: Nice one mac! Got it all figure out! Announcer: Greninja wins! Announcer: Palutena wins! Announcer: Palutena wins!
Palutena: Too bad for you~ Announcer: Pac-Man wins! Announcer: Robin wins! Announcer: Robin wins!
Robin: Lucina, I hope I didn’t hurt you. Dr. Mario: (I’m not Lucina but I’m good. Thanks for asking.) Announcer: Shulk wins! Announcer: Shulk wins!
Shulk: I got a good rhythm going! Announcer: Bowser Jr wins! Announcer: Duck Hunt wins! Announcer: Ryu wins! Announcer: Ryu wins!
Ryu: Give it your all! Announcer: Ken wins! Announcer: Ken wins!
Ken: I knew I’ll win! Ha! Announcer: Cloud wins! Announcer: Cloud wins!
Cloud: (Translation: Your out of my league.) Announcer: Corrin wins! Corrin: I win! [you are correct you did win Corrin] Announcer: Bayonetta wins! Announcer: Bayonetta wins!
Bayonetta: Don’t make me back~ Announcer: Inkling wins! Alex: Three two one action! Attempt 1 Attempt 2 3 4 5 6 7 Kevin: Oooooo look at that! Woo! 8 9 Kevin: f*king spin b*tch! 10 11 Alex: And again. Announcer: Ridley wins! Announcer: Simon wins! Announcer: Simon wins!
Simon: I fight withes the darkness! Announcer: King K.Rool wins! Announcer: Isabelle wins! Kevin: *laughs* Announcer: Incineroar wins! Incineroar: CINEROAR! Announcer: Mii Brawler wins! Announcer: Mii Swordfighter wins! Announcer: Mii Gunner wins! Kevin: So that was uh… Every single characters in smashed victory pose [accept King Dedede and Richter] one from each person – all the variations like more than an idiom all that doling We did it! We actually did it! [98.5% of it] If you want to see more stuff like this go check out our action comedy gaming series hitbox right here in the SMG4 channel We’ll put a little card here and put the end screen thing and also links in the description I wanna give a huge shout out to Edwin and Michael from the- from invincible worldwide The Australian martial arts group go check out their YouTube channel where they do bunch of stunts, tricks and motivational videos. Thank you so much for joining me in this adventure, I’m gonna go not play smash ultimate. Maybe overcooked or something. Maybe- maybe Mario Kart. no. I think I’ll play… Wii Sports… Yeah let’s play Wii Sports. Captions by Jason Voorhees, DP, Princess E M M Y and Lee Zi Xin

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  1. When you and your 6 year old brother show the Principal the new dance moves you busted during the Pledge of Allegiance 2:39

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