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Alumni Awards Ceremony 2019

Alumni Awards Ceremony 2019

Our collective
progress is composed of individual achievements,
exceptional achievements. Achievements that speak to
our values, our shared Eagles spirit, and the high aspirations
that this community sets for itself, and aspirations
that we often exceed. Tonight’s honorees
come from all over. They bring a wealth
of experience from careers in health care,
digital media, advocacy, the law, and the arts. American University
alumni awards are the highest honors presented
by the American University Alumni Association. It’s my distinct pleasure
to be here tonight to help present these awards. I find the first thing
about my law school was that it was a
very welcome place. When I think about what
Washington College of Law gave to me for the
future, it was just setting a foundation
for a career. My privilege for
being both admitted to American U 78 years ago,
and all of the other things that I have benefited from
are rare in our society. So I thank you for
recognizing me. So I spent most of the
’80s here at American, and I learned so much here. How important it
is to give back. Professors, teachers,
and mentors are needed. Education is a great equalizer. Thank you. This is not just an
award to me, it’s a recognition of selfless
work by so many people that goes on every day for
helping our undergraduate and graduate students be better
prepared for their futures. AU has been an integral
part of my success in life. AU has a very special
place in my heart. It continues to enrich
my life to this day. I owe so much to AU. So many people did
so much for me. But also because I’m giving
my little grain of sand, contributing it to the future. Our students are our future. Life is a group project. I’m thankful for my
time at AU and SIS, that they provided me an
abundance of opportunities. Thanks to my time at AU, I knew
how to build the right team. Charlie Wachtel is indeed one of
American University’s brightest rising stars and a
media change maker. After all, as President
Burwell mentioned he won an Academy
Award and a BAFTA for his first feature film. I want to thank Dorothy,
Edmund, Jimmy, Gary, Sarah, Will and Charlie for making us so
proud to call ourselves Eagles alongside of you. Once an Eagle, always an Eagle.

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