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America’s Biggest Issues: Marriage

America’s Biggest Issues: Marriage

Families are the building
blocks of civilization. They are personal
relationships, but they greatly shape and serve the public good. Strong families make
for strong communities. Conversely, family breakdown
harms society as a whole. That’s why America’s
declining marriage rate is a real problem. While on the surface
this might not seem like an issue that you and
I need to care about, the decline in marriage
has a significant impact on each and every one of us. From the amount of taxes we pay to the level of crime
in our neighborhoods. How do we know? Well, decades of statistics
have shown that on average married couples have
better physical health, more financial stability,
and greater social mobility than unmarried people. Other studies show that the
children of those couples are more likely to experience
higher academic performance, emotional maturity, and financial stability than children who don’t have
both parents in the home. The social and economic
costs of family breakdown is paid by everyone. Studies show divorce
and unwed childbearing cost taxpayers over
$110 billion each year. But the real victims are children. Children raised in single-parent homes are statistically more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol, exhibit poor social behaviors,
and commit violent crimes. They’re also more likely
to drop out of school. And when it comes to fighting poverty, there is no better weapon than marriage. In fact, marriage reduces the probability of child poverty by 80%. So what can and should be done? Well, when it comes to public policy, one way government can
help is by eliminating the marriage penalty. That’s a part of the tax
code where two people are taxed more if they’re
married than if they’re single. Second, government assistance
programs should provide temporary help to families in need, not welfare that spans generations. For too long these
programs have encouraged the formations of single-parent families by taking the place of breadwinning fathers or mothers. But more family-friendly
public policies like these are only part of the solution. Civil society—including
community organizations, schools, and places of
worship—must do its part to make sure the next
generation understands the hard facts about
the benefits of marriage and the costs of broken families. Armed with that knowledge, people can make better choices. Marriage remains America’s
strongest anti-poverty, anti-crime, pro-health institution. It’s an undeniable fact
that the best chances for financial success,
emotional well-being, and good health for both
parents and children happen when the parents
are married and families are intact.

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  1. In upper middle class america it works but trying to make it work as a working poor or class is really hard…how about divorce from domestic violence……you are just creating a lot of harm and stigma…..single moms r the most preyed on people b.s…i akways worked…make tjose places safe for parents to leave their kids there…u r totally out of touch with poor people

  2. Marriage reduces the probability of these problems by 80%? I think that is simply correlation not causation, i would argue that people who get married are the people who are more productive, healthy and also earn a decent level of income. As for crime I can see marriage as both a cause and a deterrent for crime especially when there is children involved. Needs based entitlements is something American politicians should implement, i.e. social security for billionaires doesn't make sense. The government should help to subsidise and improve education which would give opportunity to people in all strata of society an opportunity to succeed, after all, really smart people are evenly distributed across the entire society and its a waste of their potential if these people were not developed. How you keep marriages intact would take more extensive education rather than plain education, like incalculating religious pro family values (it could be by having less toxic and negative shows depicting violence and irresponsibility which desensitizes people) and formation of more closely knitted communities to keep each other accountable and providing emotional safety nets for families would go a longer way than tax incentives etc, to keep families intact

  3. What about the anti father's family court yo feminist do you wont fix the family court cuz feminism is about equality for real what a joke

  4. You didnt address the real reason men don't want to marry. THE FAMILY COURT MAFIA so only half the story revealed.

  5. Mariage from men's perspective is very risky thing to do. Extremely bias legal system, extremely bias family court system. There are literally no legal benefits for men to enter marriage and risk of loosing everything including social life and dignity is around 50% (divorce rate). Men are not stupid – nobody wants to put head under guillotine and pray that it will not fall some day. Until this is fixed men will not marry.

  6. That is what the elites want. Destroy the family, destroy society. Easiest way to control the emotionally weak population. Look what has happened to blacks, over 75% of black children come from single mothers, high crime in the black population.

  7. I would prefer you gave actual number than percentages. Percentages are great for the stock market, but used as claims and facts are used to mislead.

  8. Many men understand the concept of 'there is no responsibility without authority'. Since the law divorced 'authority' from 'responsibility', and since reality for men is of 'full responsibility without any authority', many men instinctively understanding that they do not need to or have to enslave themselves and sacrifice their lives for this ungrateful system.

    And this is the only flaw of a system that enslaves men by their balls.

  9. Every problem in America stems from empowering women.
    It makes no sense to complain about the symptoms when you don't even have the stomach to say what has caused it.

    The decline in marriage is no different than the decline in public education, the decline in academia, the decline in honest media, the decline in genuine representation, the welfare state, the scope of government in everyone's lives, etc., etc.

    Repeal the 19th.

    Only an idiot would marry a "liberated woman" in a gynocentric society – where both the left and right walk on egg shells for their mindless females.

  10. Pledging yourself to maintain the lifestyle of a woman, no matter, if she cheats on you, leaves you, doesn't fullfull her marriage obligations, isn't "marriage".
    It's bizarre how people think this is marriage, just because the goverment still calls it that. Real Marriage is something private between a man and a woman. Civil Marriage is a weird feminist findom bondage contract.
    If people were able to write whatever they want into their marriage contract and have the goverment enforce it, we would instantly go back to traditional marriage.

    But people always talk about how this isn't the issue. It's somehow something complletly divorced from the laws like it's a random psychological phenomenon like depression among young people, which surely can't have an actual real reason like our society being fucked up.

  11. You should have a debate with someone in the MGTOW movement or Men's Rights Movement. Marriage is nothing more than slavery for the man with few if any benefits.

  12. If you want men to marry: the Anti male divorce, false accusation restraining order, and the blatantly unconstitutional VAWA regeme must be repealed. This should be the long term goal of the Right in general.

  13. Families are indeed the building blocks of civilization. But at least 70% of divorces are initiated by women, and the divorce machine is designed to enslave and subjugate men, as well as strip them of resources. Rational men don't sacrifice themselves for use as building material.

  14. Women are the last bastion of morality, but have gone astray… lost and following actors in Hollywood paid to destroy families, cause social rebellion, self-destruction and chaos. Very emotional, full of irrational beliefs and deceived to play the role of a VICTIM while they destroy their families with their own words and deeds.

  15. I'm not one of the MGTOW guys who is mired in negativity and delusional thought, but I will say this. It is EXTREMELY difficult to find a good partner these days. As a man in my late 30s (employed, reasonably fit and average looking) I struggled for years trying to meet a woman that I might one day want to marry. A lot of women are not thinking long term and end up making many poor decisions that send the marriage minded men like myself running for the hills. One of the biggest problems in my opinion is the anthropomorphizing of dogs who have become surrogates for both children and life partners. Maybe I'm the exception but these overly obsessed "doggo moms" are very hard to avoid.
    Don't lose hope guys. I eventually met a wonderful lady but I had to kiss a ton of frogs to find her.

  16. Not a single citation or source mentioned this is all bullshit no sunstaoated claims are made. This is just another video trying to put gay and single families in a bad light

  17. All that you say is spot on. However, I think you miss the big elephant in the room. As goes Christianity, so goes marriage and America. The decline in the population embracing Christianity is the primary cause of the decline in marriage. The "Greatest Generation" failed miserably as parents. They failed by example and they failed to teach us about the America they fought so hard to preserve.

  18. there is no family breakdown nor child neglect if the situation is not born and put into motion. there's nothing to encourage men to marry today's women. men will not fall into poverty if they don't marry nor share financial benefits with women. women are supposedly strong and independent, they don't need men to forward any of their goals, remember? family? well, you can't have everything.

  19. If you like family court, false accusations, paying for other peoples mortgages, watching another man raise your children, alimony and/or child support and years of regret then get married and/or have children.

  20. The Liberal Fem-a-Nazi's have made Marriage so Toxic for men that we can see Darwin's Theory at work right before our own eyes. Marriage is crashing!
    We should all thank God they are NOT breeding! Single dem-o-KKK-rat women are a dime a dozen and there are real reason why!!! Please let Darwin's Theory purge the toxic genes!

  21. There's no avoiding the issue that the courts must realign themselves to support the family. Men also need to understand the needs of the family instead of becoming the male meetoo mistake and women need to return to their natural balance of being the protector of the family standards and morals. In this age because of leftist interference in the family the family that has made this country it's strength and wisdom has become weakened and off balance. We as women of this country implore everyone to cast away the shackles of feminism, hedonism and leftism and return to strength and wisdom of the strong family.

  22. So quit sleeping around. Shame women for acting slutty.

    Do pre-wall women really need the splashy visuals to stay engaged?

  23. So, wake me up when there's an acknowledgment that women and their feministic empowerment is the main problem afflicting marriage today. Women have too much power, and men are expected to abase themselves and submit to female authority. Well, babies, that doesn't work because women are bat shit crazy wacko bird nut cases. If women were able to handle moral authority, we would not be in the pickle we are so clearly in.

    If society and women want me as a man to take on the responsibility of family, then, you'll have to give me the power and authority I need to manage that responsibility. Otherwise, it's a fool's errand, you stupid fools.

  24. The goal is to destroy the family unit….this is secured by feminism, Hollywood/Tell A Vision public narrative and the Marxist educational system. Europa: The Last Battle documentary explains everything.

    Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov, ex KGB American Subversion by Jews-

  25. So is the Heritage Foundation in favor of using government to make people get married? How would they do that? Bachelor tax? Forced arranged marriages? Shotgun weddings?

  26. Policies that started this mess….she gets half……we will give you free money if you stay single with kids. Our society has honestly become a joke

  27. Even Brad Wilcox has admitted that Feminism is destroying marriage and the family.
    How come nobody is talking to them?
    Money, maybe?

  28. I'm seeing the standard MGTOW responses here, and as always the entire line of reasoning is based on misconceptions. People love to say that 50% or people get divorced, but the actual statistic is "half of all marriages end in divorce." Many of those marriages are by the same idiots remarrying 3, 4, 5, 6 times, so half of all marriages registered with the state end in divorces yes, but that does NOT mean that half of everyone who gets married gets divorced. If you find a woman with deeply held beliefs about marital commitment (as seen in the US in conservative Catholic, Protestant, Indian, and Oriental communities) the chance she'll go back on her vows and screw you over in court is VERY slim, especially if her family history has little to no divorce in it. If that slim statistical chance to too much of a risk for you a good prenup will protect you in court even if she does have a mid-life crisis, take a lesbian lover, and leave you. MGTOW makes sense only if you listen to people presenting a skewed view of the world; if you work on yourself to make yourself marriageable and seeking partners in the right population pools your chances of finding and keeping and good mate are very good.

  29. Family leave, one hundred percent salary for four months. Sixty percent, thereafter. Should be easier for couples to remain married, provided they’re in proper society.

  30. Make a video about the how marriage is basically the greatest thing you can do in life, and you’ll have a bunch of mgtow crybabies come in to your comment section to say “Marriage is slavery!” Don’t you idiots realize you are using the exact same arguments as the radical feminists you claim to despise?

  31. Marriage is really a FALLACY. But now, LAWS dictate what marriage is. And, the children must be protected from their idiot parents!

  32. No fault divorce has singlehandedly destroyed male/female marital relations. Men are treated like second class citizens and are seen as cash machines. I've instructed my daughter to not consider marriage without a pre-nup, to protect the man as well as herself. Divorce needs to become difficult to obtain once again.

  33. Marriage began declining when the previous administration started "tinkering" with the natural law of man and women as a union. Thanks for nothing obama!

  34. Just a thought, husband`s tend to cheat on their wives, and that can cause a marriage to fall apart, and make a weak community and this can cause a marriage to be obsolete someday because of that.

  35. Statements without any supporting data are meaningless. The statements may be factual, but they also may be fictitious. So watching this video is a waste of time.


  37. Have you believed the gospel? The gospel is that Jesus died on the cross for your sins was buried and rose again the third day

  38. so many decades of presuming
    marriage doesnt necessarily mean children
    when its always been the ONLY reason to say I-do
    (as in you like the other person enough to make
    and rasie more of them)… not a big surprise
    that going w/o such a foundation makes
    marriage seem so changeable

  39. Divorce for a man means, loss of kids, wage and prison if he is unable to pay. Only stupid men marries now a days!

  40. Modern Women bring absolutely nothing to the Table in a relationship. It's really depressing…MGTOW is the only Way

  41. You should've had more funding before making this video. You skimmed over alot of things that should be looked at waaaaay more closely.

  42. Yea I’m gonna have to go ahead and disagree with you, I am more healthier mentally after my divorce and abstaining from marriage in today’s society with all this male biased system is bliss each morning that I awake. Marriage and even relationships are declining and are going to continue declining until the marriage penalty of divorce is corrected to serve both spouses equally, and that means a whole list of problems preventing marriage would have to be chucked in the trash 🗑 alimony would have to go, entirely, it’s pure extortion and theft made legal. Next the splitting of retirement funds and 401ks and other investments would have to cease, such as a house for example, whoever made the most payments on it gets to keep it. nobody is entitled to someone else’s wealth and assets in a divorce. And next, BOTH parents will have to automatically receive joint custody of their children, not just the mother with full custody. And finally the bias against men involving false accusations of violence would have to be dismissed entirely as well, meaning that law enforcement can’t just arrest a man or make him leave his home on just the word of the wife saying he hit or threatened her, there has to be a witness or overwhelming evidence. Without these changes you will continue to see marriage and relationships go down the tube ! And rightfully so. Because as it stands currently, marriage is purely a legal binding contract of wealth and assets for the sole purpose of wealth redistribution and has ZERO to do with love, sex, family, or children.

  43. kids are too expensive and women are not worth as much as they cost. One day you can just wake up get divorced and she has all of your stuff.. nah i'm good.

  44. I have a plan to reduce divorce. It's called "don't marry". Generally couples pay less taxes married. The marriage penalty is the exception not the rule.

  45. I get the message.. but was that dramatic music that necessary?

    But you also failed to mention men benefit nothing from marriage, since it's more of a risk to gamble with losing half of your assets when 67% of marriages in the U.S. fail.

  46. Women want commitment but can’t stay committed they mostly cheat more then men or they wanna wait when their old in 30s or 40s when men can get someone younger

  47. sad almost every single mother is raising another serial killer

    god is dead, the schools failed, there is no longer a need for community

    being a drifter is not a bad thing anymore and the boomers made this problem

  48. 1970's no fault divorce laws so she can dump her husband for another with no penalty, but they left alimony on the books so she and the new man don't have to work.

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