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Baby Alive Royal Wedding Who is getting married?

Baby Alive Royal Wedding Who is getting married?

In today’s episode Baby Alive Royal Wedding who is getting married Do you think it’s gonna work Bailey of course it is I’m like the best designer ever you need to hold still though Okay. Okay, Oh, oops Sorry, sorry about that. Okay, okay, I think it’s in. All right. Have a look. Oh Wow Bailey, I love it. I look like an actual bride I had no idea you were so talented and making wedding dresses. How did you come up with this design? Better than thank you. All right on I deny on all you know how it is Like I’m so good at so many different things But yeah, I am really good at doing wedding dresses, so I can’t wait to watch the Royal Wedding I know we are like dressed so perfectly for watching this Do you think mommy will let me do her in a wedding dress of toilet paper. Uh, no, I don’t think so I think when mommy said earlier on no to you, I think she really meant no Well, that’s okay anyways should we go sit on the couch and get ready Yes, I am so ready for this. Oh, I’m so excited. We’re gonna get to see a princess Anyway, something is missing. What’s missing? Oh, yeah. Mama. We’re ready for our snacks. Pretty pretty please, please. Okay, okay Here we go Whoo. Thank you. Mommy. Yeah, thanks. Mommy. You’re welcome pumpkins. I love your dress designs Thank you mine Well, you’re very talented um, anyways, do you want me to turn on their TV for you guys yes, please Okay, here we go Piano you think she’ll say yes to him. Well, of course she’s gonna say yes to him He asked her ready before if she’s gonna marry him and she said yes, so that’s why they’re getting married. Oh Okay, but but wouldn’t you know when he says will you marry this man? Do you think that there’s a chance? She’s gonna say no. Um, I highly doubt it. Oh, look, they’re gonna Exchange rings Oh, that’s so cute See she said yes to him, uh That’s what I thought. Um, that’s so cute. Oh, look. She’s gonna tiara on her head because she’s a princess now. I Want a tiara? Oh, I want to tiara – But they are happy. That is so cute. I’m so happy for them that they’re happy I’m happy – but Bailey, why are you crying? Why? Because she’s gonna be a princess I want to be a princess I want to be a princess – You know like Elsa You are a princess you’re ready our princess Oh Bailey that’s so sweet. You already are princess – you know you regard this is assuming you know Okay Bailey, will you take Prince Jackson as your husband uh No, no, I don’t want that but you said you wanted to be a princess. Yeah, but why would I need to marry him? He’s not anymore Prince. Hey, that’s not noise Boy oh that was such a weird weird daydream I need to go to bed. It’s late. Um Okay. I’ll be there in a minute – hey Massimo’s. Did you like this baby alive in you? If you did give it a thumbs up. I will see you guys tomorrow Bye

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