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Barbie and Ken –  a lovely Wedding Ceremony –  Barbie Doll get married story

Barbie and Ken – a lovely Wedding Ceremony – Barbie Doll get married story

Hi Barbie! Hi Na! Today is my wedding. Can you help me to be the most beautiful bride? Of course, Barbie First, you have to change wedding dress this white wedding dress You and Ken bought Are you ready ? yes We take this dress off and wear the beautiful wedding dress Because you will have wedding ceremony so, you should wear white dress Now we’re going to wear these jewelries this is platinum necklace The crown is for the bride Barbie, you look so beautiful! then you need to wear the wedding veil wow, you is a beautiful bride I’ve ever seen! Next, I will make up First, we apply the face powder then cheek blush your cheek turns red and lips are also pink And then wear the gloves Give me your hands this hand as well Ok, done.. wow, You are so gorgeous! Thank you! Ah, I forget, you wear this scarf you know, this scarf is very long it looks very nice as looking behind you , while you will be walking so nice! Finish! and now you wait until the right time when Ken will pick you up Thank you! Barbie, you look so gorgeous as being a bride Ken, is it the time for wedding ceremony? yes these flowers are for you This is wedding flower bouquet for the bride, a tulip bouquet Thanks now, I will cover your face, and we will go to the church yes Let’s go Barbie, there’re many people are waiting for us are you ok? I’m very nervous! it’s alright. I’m your side I asked Baby doll to help us to be the bride-maid We arrive the church hall. bride and groom are coming Yeah… They are a nice couple Groom is elegant, bride is
gorgeous. They look so great Wedding ceremony of Ken and Barbie is officially started now You two will take your oath to the
other with the witness of everybody here Barbie, do you agree to marry Ken? Will you love him, respect him when he will have disease, or be in bad circumstance? Yes, I agree And Ken, will you agree to marry Barbie? Will you love her, respect her when she will have disease, or be in bad circumstance? Yes, I agree So, Barbie and Ken are officially married Congratulations to you ! Ken, opens the veil of the bride Thank you. Thank you everyone Barbie and Ken are so great today Happy wedding to you! Happy, happy, happy wedding! We also wish Barbie and Ken being happy forever always being beautiful and smiling as you are today Thank you, thank you very much. Thank you everyone. Thank you very much Next part, Barbie will change another wedding dress and cut wedding cake.. keep watching

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