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Become Closer, Happier, Stronger – Come to Marriage Unlimited

On your wedding day, you were filled with hope and dreams of a perfect marriage. Since then, you’ve learned it’s not that easy to have the marriage you always dreamed about. You can make your marriage happier, stronger and rekindle the excitement and passion you felt on your wedding day. Marriage Unlimited is a getaway experience where you will join Dr. Grant and Kathy Mullen for a time of information, revelation, self discovery, and fun. With God’s help, your marriage can grow into an amazing adventure with the love of your life. You’ll learn how to maintain the joy in your relationship that you had when you were dating. How to be mentally, spiritually and emotionally healthy. How to understand each other better, solve problems faster, and not let resentments get between you. Marriage Unlimited is a time to reconnect and rekindle your flame in a relaxed, pampered environment. Away from your daily responsibilities. We did not come here because we were in a crisis, but because we were looking to have a stronger marriage. And this has been the most fun week of relaxation but also growing in our marriage in a really fun way. We found this one radically different and we found that so incredibly helpful. We would totally recommend this. We loved it. We really felt that it enriched our marriage and enriched our lives. Hi I’m Dr. Grant Mullen. And I’m Kathy Mullen. Come and join us at Marriage Unlimited see what God will do for your marriage. Remember, marriage is God’s idea, and he wants you to have a great one. We’re looking forward to seeing you at the next Marriage Unlimited event. Take your marriage to a level you never thought possible. Come to Marriage Unlimited and grow your relationship into an amazing adventure with the love of your life. Go to and register for a Marriage Unlimited near you.

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