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Before Marriage vs After Marriage – Ft. Loco || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

Before Marriage vs After Marriage – Ft. Loco || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

My friends want to meet you! Okay! I’ll get ready Let’s go My uncle is in town. We will have to meet him for dinner Is it? Okay, we will go Let’s go? Hey guys! So look, who is here on channel today! Hello! Welcome to my channel Sushanth! Thank you! For people who do not know, I recently got married to him. Ever since we got married, people always ask this question What changed after marriage How’s married life? And so on. It didn’t change much for us. We have been thinking why people are asking? Does it have to? As a lot of people have been asking “Before vs after marriage” concept from the beginning Now, I felt this is the right time to do this video I am doing it And also Small warning Sushanth is a very bad actor, I am giving disclaimer in advance! So, I am gonna have a tough time making him act. And I hope you guys enjoy this video. Let’s start!! Hi! What’s the plan for Sunday? Sunday? No plans. Didn’t think of any yet. Let’s see I am planning to go shopping, but will see. Shall we go out? Sure! Actually I have an idea First, we will go shopping and then watch a movie. Finally, we will have dinner and come back home. Perfect! Only if you are free I am free! Okay Okay, sounds like a perfect Sunday This also has fungus? Sushanth! Reduce the volume! All the time watching movies Janu, It’s Sunday right? Shall we go out? Do you want to shop, go for a movie, have dinner and get back? Do you want to shop, go for a movie, have dinner and get back? Did u see the fan? The dust has been there forever Look at Leo’s face He looks like a dirty teddy bear! We need to give Leo and Bailey a shower And our maid is asking Detergent and dish cleaning soap from the past 2 days Everything is just lying there We need to get groceries, clean the house Look at the balcony! Its very dirty Dont we have to clean all that? Sounds like a perfect Sunday.. Wait a second Who is that? Hello! Hello Janu Ya mom What are you doing? Where are you? I am at home! Is someone there next to you? I can hear voices No mom. There’s nobody Hey! I heard! No.. Gautami’s brother came To pick her up. That is why Oh I see. What does that guy do? Give him the phone, I will talk You want to talk to her brother? Really? It will be very awkward At least, give the phone to Gautami She is in the washroom Whatever! Okay, bye Bye (At the same time) Yeah, she is here! Ya he is here, talk Mummy Hello aunty! Hi aunty! All good aunty? I am good aunty. How are you? You said you will come on Saturday and Sunday You were busy? Have not cooked yet. I am giving the phone to Janu Giving phone to Sushanth Mom, tell me No mom Shit! You know we have been continuously talking since 5 hours I never talked this long with anybody Okay, why don’t we take a small break? What’s happening Why are you talking over phone for this long? Who is that? Friend, mom Which friend? Shanthi, Shanti! Shanti? I never heard this name before Okay Oh shit! There is no charging Why do you need charging? Are you planning to go out? I am not going anywhere mom! I have a game at 10’O clock Do you want 1 lakh rupees? What’s the game? There is a quiz game called LOCO How will you play co-co on the phone? It’s not Co-co, it’s LOCO They ask 10 questions and they give 5 seconds for answering each question If you answer them correctly.. You will get money! Don’t be a fool? Why will they give money? It’s real money! You and your doubts every single time! They give it for real? You also download, you can also play They might ask questions in English, how can I play? It’s not just in English They ask in Telugu too First eat. You will get energy from food. Your brain functions properly First, go eat! Go! I’ll eat ma, You’re always after me to eat! Guys guys guys! I’ll time for Loco! Okay… I’m already on Loco Don’t tell the answers! You’re eliminated? If you know this answer tell me, no? Pizza Hut! Your wife is so intelligent Sushanth! Why are you happy now? Competition is reducing Which one do you think it is? Only one question left! We’ll try our luck tomorrow! I also got eliminated in the Pizza question I thought it was Dominos too, that’s my favorite pizza Okay. All of you come and eat! Ladoo, did you eat? Nikhil, you? No Sushnath, did you eat? Not yet! Janu, what about you? I already finished my dinner. Do you have any shame? How did you eat before Sushnath? How are you so hungry? I was hungry and I ate! How did you eat? How? With all the elders here you till ate before us! Don’t worry Ya! Tell that girl! Don’t take notice of aunty! The wife shouldn’t eat before the husband does! Understood? I don’t want to go ya! I don’t feel like going only Do you want me to come along? No! You have to go to work But I’ll miss you so much! Only two days no? Just go and come! It’s two days! You’ll be back in two days no? I won’t go! Listen, my cab is here I’m leaving Be careful and take care of everything Lock the doors! Shut the window and sleep! Don’t forget otherwise all the mosquitoes will enter the house And feed Leo before 11 in the morning And shut the gas, since you don’t cook it’s of no use for you Okay? And don’t forget to put the lights off! Good Knight, the heater and all needs to be turned off When you’re stepping out just check! And don’t eat outside, I’ve cooked for you I’ll be back in two days, but take care okay? Am I forgetting anything? Text me if you’re forgetting something. Go! Take care. Okay? Bye Take care Listen listen listen! Tell me Also, I’ll miss you! I’ll miss you too! Listen, don’t forget to water the plants okay? You take care. Okay? I’ll text you Okay, let’s order something? What do we eat? What’s there at home to eat? Chicken Lasagna? Ladies Finger Do you want to try Prawns Masala? Ivy Gourd? Do you want to try Nasi Goreng? Bottle Gourd? Momo’s? Snake Gourd? Paneer Tikka? Half a piece of cabbage Give us one Chicken Lasagna And one veges in white sauce! It will take about 10 – 15 minutes! No issues! We have all the time on this planet. So it’s okay What do we eat? Whatever is the quickest? Okay. I’m making daal! That was my take… Oh wait… our take on Before vs After marriage! I hope you’ll had fun watching it Also do check out Loco and download it! It’s a super fun Quiz game! And you can win real money! How cool is that. I’ll quit my job and play? Okay guys! I have given the links in the description Check it out! And tell your before and after marriage situations in the comments section And don’t forget to… Subscribe!

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  1. Nasi goerang is a malaysian dish made with prawns and some rice๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป

  2. Do some social awarenees actvity, the videos looks like common what is happening in the soceity. Getting bored.

  3. Really athanu ni husband ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ok happy married life kani height Chala difference vundi Sorry ala antunna duku Ami anukovaddu bye๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž

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