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Blizzard 25th Anniversary Celebration

Blizzard 25th Anniversary Celebration

Hi everybody
I am Mike Morhaime CEO and co-founder of
Blizzard Entertainment. I am Frank Pierce
Chief Development Officer and co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment. Blizzard is celebrating its
25th anniversary and we feel so grateful
to all of our players for supporting us all these years. We know we would not be able to do
what we do what we have really enjoyed
and loved doing all these years without that support
and it really means a lot to us. -Good to meet you, man.
What did you think of that? -It was awesome
it was great! -Yeah, it was kind of kick-ass.
-Yeah. The memory that
stands out most to me goes way back to one of our
early interactions with our community and that is the midnight launch for
World of Warcraft. -I am just going to walk in
just to see how long it is. When we went into the parking lot for the store where we were hosting
and there was just people everywhere. Line ran around the building
line ran around the parking lot and it was truly a sign of things to come in terms of not only how massive
our community could be but how important our community is to us. -Are you excited for this expansion
or what? In the last five years
we have really produced some of Blizzard’s best games. If you look at World of Warcraft what we have done with Diablo III StarCraft II
Heroes of the Storm Hearthstone
Overwatch I could not be more proud
of what our teams have been creating. We certainly believe
we create great experiences epic entertainment experiences
with the games. But I think that those are also
a platform for the community that grows around them. I attended Heroes of the Dorm
last year and it was just amazing. And it is really cool to see
so many people so enthusiastic not about playing our games
but also viewing the best in the world play our games. -Give it up for your
Heroes of the Dorm! The past 25 years have been incredible but we are really excited
about the future. We have, I think, some of the
most talented developers. We are going to have
some really awesome games to play in the future so once again, thank you
for showing your support for continuing to play our games and we hope to live up
to the high expectations that you guys have of us. I am really excited to see what
will happen in the next 25 years.

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  1. GZ with lvl25! You're a huge part of my life, even though I don't play that much anymore you stand as a huge influence in who I am today 🙂

  2. Strange celebration, no exp or special events in any of the games, no special portraits or feat of strength achievements to earn. Even SC or Diablo anniversaries where celebrated better.

  3. I pray that the new generation of Blizzard devs will keep it up after the big names such as Morhaime and Metzen is stepping down.

  4. Have really enjoyed being part of your adventure since 1997. Happy B-Day & Congratz on the first 25! Let's keep it rolling for another industry dominating 25!

  5. Happy birthday from me also.
    Your games have changed my life and my perspective to gaming through the years and your programmers are geniuses, no jokes.

  6. "In the last 5 Years whe made the best Games" – "WoW…" Yeah, ~7 Millions subscribers lost in 5 Years is really good^^ Anyhow: Happy Birthday Blizzard and keep going!

  7. Happy Birthday Blizzard! Wow..already 25years old huh.

    I made so many great memories from Diablo to Starcraft 1 to Warcraft III then playing 10+ years of WoW and I haven't stopped loving Blizzard games.

    Thank you for everything you do and I'm looking forward to Overwatch and WoW Legion this year!

    Here's to the next milestone! cheers

  8. happy birth day blizzard you are one of the greaters video games companys of all the times!!!

  9. Blizzard is love, Blizzard is life. I dont need other games as long as there is blizzard games to play. They make the best games in each genre. Thank you for everything!

  10. Well Blizzard of the 25 years i known you, and ive been playing wow many years since the start, untill todays latest Expansion, and i really hoped that I would get a invite for the Closed beta access for your latest game, Overwatch, but it never happend, and that kinda disappointed me i know I must now be the only one that didnt get the invite, but as a supporter of you in so many years I feel a bit let down. but i will never give up hope because I know you make some great games, and I still do enjoy D3 and HOTS. just telling you as a single individual that as a support of your company since the start wow it kinda makes you feel that you earn some special privilege. Kinda regards and happy 25th Anniversary

  11. Hi ladies, I was thinking about trying Overwatch but then I heard Blizzard Entertainment was dumbing it down to make it for 5-year olds.

  12. I mean, take runescape for example, they released oldschool servers because of player demand, why can't blizzard just make a poll and release a server depending on the poll results? If enough people want it then they will make fat stacks because of it, and if not enough people want it then no harm done right? #Nostalrius
    The thing is that Runescape is an Oldschool version of Runescape and there is more people on Old Schools Runescape than there is on WoW Retail. Runescape Oldschools has no Updates it just old schools and people play it for a loooonggg time. Lets just say yes people would like to play Vanilla wow or Legacy servers forever. This is not a hard thing to do just hire the Nost team and have them create a vanilla legacy server under blizzards name.

  13. just letting you guys know that closing the vanilla private server was the worst thing you have done since MOP.

  14. Oh how this company has fallen… I used to be a supporter, Blizzard, but you have lost mine and many others' support due to your child-like, vindictive shutdown of the #Nostalrius server. Worst move in the history of your company…and that's saying a lot at this point! I hope you burn. You deserve it.

  15. Why don't you bring back metal arms like a second game or a reboot look around blizzard search metal arms on YouTube you'll find tons of vids and theres a facebook page just to try and get the second one there are even petitions so please give your metal arms fans something please If that game came out I would play it again and again I even still revisit the original version so please give us fans something for my and many fans of yours who still love metal arms something

  16. very disappointed that after 11 years of commitment to essentially get laughed at blizzard, you guys need to listen to your community again 🙁

  17. Won't see Warcraft movie. Got my money back for the pre-order of legion. Won't buy ONE more game that you release and NO more content that you create. Would pay ALOT of money mountly for Legacy servers. And you know what?; spending MUCH time finding every sosial thing you got to type stuff like this. #youthinkyoudobutyoudon't #ripnostalruis

  18. blizzard 1 thing to say with World of Warcraft legion how are you going to do the artifact with the secondary spec???

  19. 20 years of epic, revolutionary games and amazing memories. 5 years of money grubbing, disrespect, and turning your backs on those who loved what you were but hate what you've become. Activision""Blizzard" is just a shadow of it's former self. #YouThinkYouDoButYouDont

  20. Guys we really love your games! Thx for creating them. But please listen to your fans, also the ones that was there from the start. Please consider legacy servers for Wow. #Nostalrius

  21. I am so glad WoW is dying! I used to love it but u ruined it in the most disgusting ways possible, you like to lie, you don't give a single f*ck about your subscribers, you don't listen to any of ur fans cuz ur bad. For years Blizzard inspired me and I worked day and night 16 hours a day to be a better artist to one day work for blizzard, but u killed that dream with a f*cking drill in the 4nus /clap mongoloids

  22. Happy Birthday Blizzard!! I Love this company and game so much. Please if you love your community so much, Listen to what we have to say. Listen to the old gamers voicing their opinions on why World of Warcraft is dying out. Listen to your community and we will help you and WoW get back to where it once was!!

  23. iwill never forget You guys And the best games that we played,diablo 3,starcraft 2,hearthstone And other games,i Hope it will Be the same game but better than the games were playing and other new games it could be.

  24. I hope, the next WoW expansion after Legion will be Rise Of The Dark Iron in which Pandaren will join The Alliance and the dark iron dwarves will join The Horde. It would be awesome to play dark iron dwarf on the horde side.

  25. Please don't blame blizzard for dumb decisions, blame the money hungry company activision who bought Blizzard.

  26. Congratulations on 25 years of gaming greatness, you are the penultimate of gaming entertainment no one else comes close thankyou from the bottom of my heart for all the years of joy you have given me and all the other fans, looking forward is exciting i cant even begin to wonder what new products you will unleash upon us, but i know one thing ill be in the queue for them all for the rest of my life and i look forward to sharing them with my kids or maybe not daddy needs to play 🙂 Looking forward to the movie as well, once again gratz 🙂

  27. +Blizzard Entertainment , is it true that it's Activision who are making your games, and it's been like that since the end of TBC/beginning of WotLK?

  28. i dont like what you are doing with wow you should totally change your plans for wow
    but anyway give a promotion to the guys who make the trailers and cinematics cause oh boy they make the best trailers ever
    the details in the cinematics are mind blowing especially for legion
    but slap whoever that gave the idea of taking wow the way it is going
    welp hope legion will be good cause i want to play but dont because the feedback is pretty bad

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    World Of Warcraft
    Heroes of the Storm
    Starcraft II
    Diablo III
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    Congrats on the lucky person 🙂

  30. Can I ask some serious questions? Better yet, can I have the CEO and co-founder themselves respond?

    Okay, so, I heard about what's going on with Nostralrius, and I've watched JonTron's rant. Why do you believe World of Warcraft players don't want legacy servers? If it was proven that World of Warcraft players do want legacy servers, would you provide them (whether players would have to pay for them is irrelevant to this question)? You see, I was actually considering joining the game, but not after all this. I mean no personal disrespect, but Blizzard has really come off as an overzealous parent lately instead of a video game production company. Are you sure you understand your community in not only what they want, but who and what they are? Are you sure it's your place to tell the people who provide most, if not all of your financial income, "We know better than you do what you want," and if you truly think that, how do you defend and/or explain why that position is rational for you to take?


  32. Hey, a big fan here! I love your content and how you treat your customers. However, I got a bit disappointed when you the CEO expressed his proudness over the games they have created. It's to see that he didn't mention the RTS WarCraft 1,2,4 (hopefuly 4!!!) since it's the one game that caused their skyrocket success. I hope you'll give that game more credit next time. Maybe with the new WarCraft4? :))))

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