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  1. "That's not a turquoise or a sapphire"
    Yeah, it looks NOTHING like either of those stones though. Most similar to a blue topaz or aquamarine. 😂

    "She knows her stones" Does she though? Hahaha

  2. Ladies, a tall ring doesn’t make it better or more expensive. It can actually effect the sparkle if it’s too deep(or shallow!) of a cut.

  3. Hubby bought the certified diamond in Dubai and designed the ring himself. I love it and the fact that another female isn't wearing the exact ring that I have. ❤️

  4. You should do a video with rings from Modern Gentleman Trading Company, but don’t tell them that the rings don’t have real diamonds until the end

  5. 4000 dollar for a gold diamond ring? Well i have found 1 thing lessssss expensive in Africa. I live in Ethiopia and gold is not as expensive as this here its so much cheaper

  6. So just to let you know (because it was so surprisingfor me) 1gram real silver is 1$ here in my country. I live in Ethiopia

  7. My ring costs more than my car but it’s so beautiful and the quality is out of this world…. this baby sparkles…. my fiancé did great☺️💗 ps I totally agree that the ring cost doesn’t make or break anything… you should go with whatever fits your lifestyle and you can afford

  8. I got my ring from my husbands grandma for free! She was kind enough to give it to my husband. It’s a very nice ring but I was just grateful we didn’t have to spend any money. I didn’t want an expensive ring but he wanted me to have something nice. We both got what we wanted 😂 I would have been cool with a 50 dollar ring.

  9. It's kind of hard to guess pricing with a print from Google, especially when they are rings from Etsy to Kay's and beyond.

  10. Make better content. How is this accurate? Here’s a picture of a ring? You can’t see clarity, weight, finishing. Anything can be photoshopped. Maybe don’t do this video and bring some rings in and stop making videos just for monetizing.

  11. Candace is also wearing her own rings backwards according to tradition lol. The wedding band is typically closer to the heart. But to each their own.

  12. I would be devastated if I was bought an engagement ring that cost anything over a grand, what a waste of money! The future you could have if you longterm invested £16000 until retirement!

  13. These pictures are all terrible because they have no size reference. No pictures on hands? How are they supposed to tell if it's a 2ct stone or a 6ct stone? Also, metal type makes for VERY different price points. Is it Sterling or 18k white gold? Show the stamp or I won't guess!

  14. This makes me ever so thankful my father taught me a lot about jewellery, hallmarks, maker's marks and that l have a master jeweller as a friend.

    I've also had a keen interest in precious and semi-precious gemstones since I was a child. There ain't no way my husband is getting away with cheating on an engagement ring.

    It's still a work in progress to be honest. We got married first (courthouse wedding) and my engagement ring is being custom made in stones rarer than diamonds. I'll get it eventually but it'll be one of a kind and well worth it (platinum as I'm allergic to gold and it needs to be stronger than silver to protect the stones).

  15. As a jeweler, this is interesting to watch. It seems like people have false perceptions of what is actually valuable in the jewelry industry and are willing to pay for the gimmicks. Seeing the inflated prices of these items without the women flinching is honestly just weird to me. Some of these prices are double to quadruple what I would charge in my store…
    By the way, if anyone needed to know, a black diamond is literally just one big inclusion and typically has a low resale value if any, unless you’re selling it straight to someone who is going to wear it after you. 😕

  16. If I'd ever get married, I would probably get a custom-designed ring made for my fiance based on something that means something to her.

  17. They should have had girls come in wearing “their” rings(meaning it’s not necessarily their actual ring but they pretend it is for the point of the video)

  18. No Moissanite rings? Moissanite is a beautiful stone! It’s identical to a diamond, nearly as hard (9.25 vs a diamond at 10 on the mohs scale), sparkles MORE than a diamond, yet is a fraction of the price. My engagement ring easily looks like a $7000+ ring but was only $1500.

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  20. Don't let anyone try to tell you what an appropriate amount of money to spend on a ring is – it's really only the love that matters

  21. I feel like this video was kind of… lazy? Buzzfeed could definitely have partnered with a jeweler to bring in rings and someone to explain things that go into costing out rings. (Even though a lot of it is BS anyway.) Print-outs was really disappointing. The ladies were charismatic and I still watched the video, but you can do a lot better than this.

  22. My 'real ' ring was cheaper than all the real rings in this video. My ring is white gold with a mystic topaz stone (that is a chemical treatment to topaz to make it pink and green, vaguely rainbow colored) with tiny amethyst and moonstone (tiny glue gems, I may have the word for what it is called wrong), arranged in a unique swirl pattern. It was only $800. My wedding ring has the same blue and purple gems on it and tiny, curved to fit my engagement ring and was $600. I love discussing how cheap it was on these kinds of videos (it hasn't seemed appropriate or relevant in real life).

  23. I will never understand people who drop thousands of dollars on wedding rings. Some of these are a down payment on a house.
    I've been rocking a $300 band for five years and have managed to stay happily married 🙄

  24. I worked at Kays and that Neil lane I had two guesses depending on the size of the diamond either 4K or 15k. I’ve sold a lot Neil lanes that looked similar but one was 2ct center closer to 19k. Some others were 3k-6k depending on the center diamond.

  25. I’ve told my boyfriend that I don’t want anything crazy, I like simple. As long as i genuinely like it and it doesn’t turn my finger green, idc how much it costs. It could come from Walmart for all I care.

  26. This reminds me of my friends first engagement ring from her husband. The ring looked ridiculously nice and we thought it was really pricey because he said it belonged to his aunt. When she lost it she literally had a nervous breakdown only for him to tell her it was from Amazon and only cost him $90. I personally think that her current one looks cheaper even though it costs more .

  27. You really can't tell what a ring looks like from an advertising photo. Same when they did the wedding dresses. So they don't really have a fair chance of guessing, even if they were like, gem stone experts.

  28. “Say you’re rich and make $5,000 a month” 😂😂😂 that’s not rich! That’s like upper middle class.

  29. I thought they would bring out real rings but meh it was just printed picture. I got most them right because i work at a jewelry store but it's definitely more difficult especially to a regular person

  30. They should have considered where the ring was being sold as well because that can sometimes indicate price range

  31. This video is so stupid. If you aren’t showing them the actual rings, at least give them the specs… It’s like trying to guess how much a house costs without telling people where it’s located, completely pointless

  32. I don't care what it is or how much it cost, as long as I like the design I'm cool. Just don't lie to me and try to tell me it's a real diamond if it's not.

  33. Poorly done video. I’m a jeweler and the quality of rings is really imperceivable in a photo. The photos could have been edited, enhanced, or manipulated. Where as in person there is no way to hide poor quality and construction.

  34. Ummm why photos and not actual ring, it's so much harder to tell scale by photo. At least give a spec sheet with color, cut, clarity and size. Many people are gonna have a hard time. They totally could have partnered with a jewelry store

  35. I know quite a bit about rings and I would still have a hard time with just photos, better than they did but still come on, get real rings

  36. Totally disappointed in Buzzfeed for not partnering with ANY jeweler for this video! You could’ve at least had people from the office show their ring and stand while people looked at their ring and guessed the price if you didn’t want to partner with anyone. Pictures don’t show every aspect of a gemstone! Need a do-over!!! 😫

  37. It’s funny people definitely don’t know the price of diamonds especially when girls expect to get a 5 carat diamond worth over 100k when their bf makes 30k a year. 🙄

  38. Bruh pictures cant really help you guess the cost of a ring. Rings can be more expensive depending on whether or not it is treated or man made stones. They can also be more expensive if the ring is certified by a gemology institution. The bluestone displayed in this video could have been a slightly fancy flawless diamond and could of cost a quater million dollars. And the small white stone could of been a D flawless and cost in the tens of thousands. There are alot of factors when judging the value of a stone, but all in all shits a scam created by the greatest marketing ploy of all time because there are stones way rarer than diamonds and they cost a tenth of the price. Da beers got the whole world in a trance. 3 months worth of salary towards a rock rather than towards a down payment on a house or a great honeymoon and wedding. I guess it might just be me.

  39. The fact that that one girl said that that one ring wasn’t sapphire or turquoise and then was right that it was cheap and the other girl was like “she knows her stones” although SHE OBVIOUSLY FORGOT ABOUT AQUAMARINE. Which is what that gemstone in that ring is modeled after…ugh it just makes me mad.

  40. So the center diamond is actually what is going to cost you the most. This is why Halo rings are so popular because you get the look of a large center stone without all the $$$$. Small diamonds on the band aren’t worth nothing, but that is not what you will be spending more on when purchasing a diamond ring.

  41. No mention of color, cut, clarity, carat weight, fluorescence, etc., of the diamond? Do these girls not realize these “silver” rings are probably white gold or platinum? This video was a waste of time.

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