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BU Alumni Engagement video 2017

BU Alumni Engagement video 2017

>>ANDREW: “One thing I love about BU is that ever since I’ve left, I’ve never really left. I’ve always had contact – whether that’s been students or lecturers and I suppose now it’s a lovely position where I’ve grown and I have had a bit more of my career and now people are wanting to know a bit more and I think hopefully inspire a few others to join our industry or if nothing else to talk about business, talk about careers and it’s just lovely to give a little bit back really>>DAMIEN: For the last two years I’ve been coming back two to three times a year, getting involved in meetings with the academics, talking about the curriculum and also meeting students that are about to go out on internships and students that are about to graduate and go out to their graduate jobs and try and pass on some knowledge or any knowledge that I may have gathered that may be useful to them.>>SUZY: It’s been brilliant for us as a company to re-engage with the university. The main reason being that the students are able to come to us and they bring a fresh approach to the way that we do business. The new technologies and the way that social media operates and all those different things that they’ve experienced from grassroots level, they bring that into the company and teach us the way forwards and that’s so valuable for a company like ourselves where we are trying to better ourselves too within that area.>>KARA: I think it’s nice to give the students a real view of what actually goes on. On paper it all makes sense but the real world is a different place.>>NICK: I’ve come to a couple of guest lectures here. I’ve also involved students in projects we’ve run at Dorset Police around areas such as cyber crime but also in making some videos we’ve used for promotional purposes and there’s a real kind of poetry to the journey really. As a placement student myself some 15 years ago, I’m now in the position where I’m able to take on a placement student from BU every year as well.>>CHRISTIAN: So I’ve been involved with the alumni panel last year as well but I also have a close connection with the lecturers from my time here We’ve also in the past had some final year project students come to our restaurant and use us as their case study for doing a live project, which was the equivalent of a dissertation>>STUDENT VOX POP: Real life experience is really important, that’s why having those industry people coming back, they can share their experience and give us what they want for their hotels or in their industry.>>STUDENT 2: I think it’s important because we can see where they’ve come from, so where they’ve started and how they’ve grown and they have obviously a different experience to some of the lecturers.>>STUDENT 3: It just gives you hope that once you’ve finished here, you’ll always be able to find somewhere to work or something, because of the foundation of

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