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Carnival Celebrations in Switzerland

Carnival Celebrations in Switzerland

[music] -It seems an unlikely place,
but Carnival is celebrated with gusto and uniqueness
in Switzerland, where the locals, often considered
the most buttoned-down people in Europe,
really let loose. [music] -The epicenter of this midwinter
craziness before Lent is the city of Luzern. [music] Before sunrise, the driving beat
of multiple parading bands wakes the city up
like a mobile alarm clock. Musicians wearing weird masks
and playing loudly, often out of tune,
march through the waking town. Today is Mardi Gras — that’s French for Fat Tuesday — the same Mardi Gras
celebrated in New Orleans. After six days of Carnival
celebrations, this is the climax. Lenten fasting starts tomorrow,
but today’s for bingeing on all that’s fun and tasty. Lots of music, lots of costumes,
and lots of food. What better time
for a little cheese fondue? After sunrise, the bands forget
all that typical Swiss discipline and order. They break up, wandering
randomly throughout the town. [music] The bands play on. The streets are filled
with a relaxed vibe of goodwill. Restaurants are packed. Bands spontaneously take
the stage and play enthusiastically. A children’s parade
is a sweet way to train kids
to carry on this tradition. Even five-star hotels
open their doors and let the partying
public celebrate inside. Somehow, late in the afternoon, the groups reorganize
for a long final parade. Band members with famous
Swiss stamina keep playing. Themes vary from
ancient pagan to political satire and every creative scene
in between. With the end of
Fat Tuesday parties, Carnival celebrations in Luzern
and across Europe are finished. After Fat Tuesday
comes Ash Wednesday and the party is officially over.

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  1. I am always so sad when winter is over. I like everything about winter, cold, snow, long nights… But I am glad when summer is over because I hate heat, and insects and days are so freaking long I hate this, it makes me tired and out of mood. I'm actually more scared of summer's unbearable heat than winter's freezing cold, I must be one of the most heat intolerant person on earth, but I am very cold resistant πŸ™‚

  2. the carneval of lucerne ist already in u tube.the most beautiful is the music the 100 bands have each one about 40 until 50 members and play really good songs of the radio.people from children until old persons dance on the street and have costumes.take a look the sound of the bands in u tube.

  3. the video is about the carneval in Lucern in Switzerland why is at the end a picture from venice in Italy?

  4. Switzerland, I stayed 2 months last summer. Good memories, nice people, magnificent landscape, but ….very expensive to live.
    I have an entire playlist about living in Switzerland.
    My passion is to travel the world, like you, it's what I do, and especially connect and settle easily, that's why I stay longer in a country, from some months to a year.
    Feeling at home in a new country, feeling like you belong is crucial to avoid homesickness. It's what I want for anyone, that's why I create video's to inspire people it's possible!!!

    Happy journey!

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