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Cartier’s Engagement rings and Set for You bespoke service

Cartier’s Engagement rings and Set for You bespoke service

Maria Doulton: Choosing an engagement ring
is an important and exciting time in your life, but it can also be quite daunting, but
most of all you should remember it for being enjoyable. So I’ve come along to Selfridges
in London to visit Cartier to find out what this famous French jeweller offers.
The first thing I think you’ll notice is how friendly the staff are here and their
bridal experts know absolutely everything about engagement rings and wedding bands.
So take a seat and let the experts guide you. Salim Rahman: If they come to myself, hopefully
it’ll be to do with a bridal enquiry. So I would take them through to our specialised
bridal salon and we’ll show them through our diamonds, we’ll ask them if they’ve
seen any of our Cartier creations before, what they know about our engagement rings.
It’s all about falling in love with the ring, rather than just talking about numbers
and letters. I’ll also prepare two glasses of champagne for them as well to celebrate. Maria Doulton: With over 600 different rings,
Cartier is a really good place to come and find out what it is that you really want and
what suits your hand and budget, because you might be surprised to know that you can buy
a LOVE engagement ring for about £2,000 and of course, Cartier offers all sorts of prices
that go up to tens and even hundreds of thousands of pounds.
Cartier has a service called Set For You which is a way to customise your own engagement
ring and starting at £2,500 you can choose the diamond, the style of setting and the
kind of gold that you want. Salim Rahman: Effectively creating a bespoke
ring that’s never been tried on by anyone. This process takes about three weeks so we
can get this done very, very quickly. Maria Doulton: If you choose a Cartier engagement
ring you will be in very good company, as this jeweller has attracted some of the most
beautiful and famous women of our times. Grace Kelly of course had an engagement ring from
Cartier bought for her by Prince Rainier, and you can see her wearing it throughout
the film High Society. Elizabeth Taylor also wore a Cartier diamond. It was set into a
pendant and given to her by Richard Burton. But this is all about you and Cartier really
does understand this. So from their rich history they’re able to offer the best in design,
in craftsmanship but make it relevant to you so that your engagement ring experience is
as enjoyable as possible. If you want to know all that’s happening
in the world of jewellery and watches, visit my website

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