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Cayman Islands Wedding & Event Planners, Celebrations Ltd.

Cayman Islands Wedding & Event Planners, Celebrations Ltd.

The Cayman Islands is extremely special
because we are small we are cosmopolitan on this tiny island that you can hardly
see on the map and we have this incredible flair of having everything
here. So you’ve got fantastic weather, the best in restaurants, the best chefs in the
world live and work here, fantastic hotels of top-quality and of course then you
have the people that make you feel so welcome that you don’t want to go home. We’ve got the most beautiful white
sparkling sands on this turquoise blue water that is everything
you could ever imagine to totally relax to feel completely on your own and yet
still in this place that has everything to offer to make that serenity even more
special. Celebrations has been in existence for 23 years. We are an event
and wedding production company. We work a lot with incentive groups, we do
corporate local as well from cocktail parties to launches you name it we’re
able to do that and that just helps us to be able to offer our huge inventory
that we have and staff of production and event people to be able to serve the
incentive groups for groups so we’ve got it all. We have
worked with Hollywood celebrities and fantastic sports superstars. Over the
years we’ve done huge events for big companies from all over the world that
have brought large groups to the islands and of course we do from their welcome
party to their final night, their galas, their presentations, to entertaining them
throughout the time that they’re here there’s a lot that we can do for our clients. For weddings we have the ability to, from the very minute that engagement happens,
we can take you all the way through. We have a planning team, we have our own
floral team, our design team we have the ability to work with you and make
sure that your entire experience about getting married is one that’s positive
that is stress-free and you feel at home. We have planners on board that are absolutely
dedicated to doing nothing else but planning your wedding and of course they
work with you through all the steps whether it is from menu planning to
choosing your dress to your setting at your dining table to the decor for your
ceremony and then of course there is the production team. Production team is a
team that really puts things together and on-site they make it happen and when
we design and which we do that’s what I love to do it’s actually the production team
that brings it to reality. On the day, the best part of planning a wedding with us
is that you’re really and trully free to enjoy and have the best day of your life.

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