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Celebrations – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow | Rizzoli & Isles | TNT

Celebrations – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow | Rizzoli & Isles | TNT

I’ll be right back. I’m sorry I’m late.
I — I was just — I won! What? I won! You — you won what? Our honeymoon. I entered a sweepstakes and won
a trip for two to Antigua. Wait — You actually won
a sweepstakes? Can you believe it? [ Laughs ] I mean, well, technically,
I did enter 5,762 of them using a program I created,
but we won! Well,
I just picked up this. [ Gasps ] Frankie! It’s so beautiful! Ohh. [ Chuckles ] So… So we’ll tell
everybody now. Yeah. Let’s do it. Okay. Come on. [ Glass clinking ] Hey. Korsak: I’m very glad
you are all here. I want you
to be the first to know — I filed for my retirement
Ooh! Yay! Congratulations! Yay! Congratulations,
Sergeant. I hope you’re ready for me
to be around a lot more. Oh, yes.
I can’t wait. Later? Later. Well,
cheers to Vince Korsak — the greatest partner… husband, boss,
colleague… …friend
a person could ever ask for. Hear, hear. Cheers. Cheers.Tout est
en train de changer.
Really? Is this
how it’s gonna be now? “Everything is changing.” Well, that’s true
ineverylanguage.Faux le…fle-fah-fah.[ Laughter ]

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