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Combining customer loyalty with social engagement: Start-up Particulate uses Open Telekom Cloud.

Combining customer loyalty with social engagement: Start-up Particulate uses Open Telekom Cloud.

I think a lot of people want to do some
good and Particulate and Call-a-Bike’s app … … makes it pretty easy to do
something good in your everyday life. Hop on, cycle off and donate: “Become a Radgeber”
combines social engagement with customer loyalty. DB Connect, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn, has recently started
applying the principle of “cycling and donations” to its rental bikes. You get on your bike, cycle and automatically collect points.
And you can then donate the points to your local community project. For example a kindergarten, local sports club
or other social project – everyone benefits here: First and foremost it’s about the customers, who are healthy traveling
by bike and also protecting the environment. And secondly it’s about us, … … as DB Connect, because we benefit from the image, and of course the
community projects, which naturally receive the donations from the customers. The idea and platform came from Particulate. The start-up’s founders believe
that consuming and donating is the best form of advertising for companies: Because, from our point of view, it’s the most powerful form
of communication. It’s simply a completely different message … … when I hear from a friend, acquaintance or
friend of a friend what exactly the company does rather … … than when it’s an obvious advertising message from a company. Stefan Pandorf founded Particulate together with two fellow students
in 2012. The goal of the start-up has always been the same: Basically, it is about creating a meaningful
alternative to traditional marketing tools, … … one that both provides added value for
the company and is also meaningfully invested. Particulate also invested sensibly when
it came to choosing the technical basis. The start-up operates its donation platform in the cloud: Before, we had Dedicated Root Servers and we had to keep
scaling more. And data security and data protection are … … very important for German companies, particularly banks,
and the Open Telekom Cloud can do that better than the others. The head of technology recently switched to
the Open Telekom Cloud, Telekom’s public cloud. Since then, Particulate has been using virtual
machines and storage space from German data centers. For our offer this has the advantage that on
the one hand Telekom is behind it, so banks, … … energy suppliers and so on immediately seize
on the name. They have full confidence in the company. The biggest advantage is that you can really
scale as much you want, even in dimensions … … that another cloud provider might not be able to manage. It’s all going really well. This year and last year were
very successful years for us. We have gained big customers. But we’ve also been able to expand our customer base
in the SME sector and that’s likely to continue. We have plans to expand this leading position
even further, both in Germany and abroad. There are other exciting markets that we also want to tackle.

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