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  1. I love you guys for sharing these. What a wonderful time to be alive, if you’re a curious person.

  2. Advertisers pay the most into media, not subscribers, that's always been the case and it always will be. Once NPR started taking corporate dollars, they gradually been losing more and more of their truth telling ability. But they had to, to survive, as there wasn't enough coming from subscribers. And the purpose of advertisers is to get you to make knee-jerk emotional decisions and open your wallet, explicitly counter to "truth-telling". On NPR, corporate advertisement is designed as PR, to make them seem more benevolent and caring than they are. And a lot of media, especially in the social media space, is advertising designed to look like it's not advertising. Once small independent channels start getting popular, you are going to see corporations and advertisers move in and acquire them or otherwise use their money and power to influence them and if they can't do that, slander them.

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