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Community Engagement: Building our strategy

Community Engagement: Building our strategy

The City of Mississauga is constantly growing
and changing, and part of keeping up with this growth and change is getting input from
our residents on important City matters. This is called community engagement.
As we deliver strategies, plan, build infrastructure, and deliver services, we know that people
may have different opinions about how our future should look.
This is because in such large and diverse city we all have different interests, needs,
knowledge and experiences. Each person’s opinion is important, and
effective community engagement is about a two-way conversation between the City and
our residents. Meaningful and open dialogue is the cornerstone
of an engaged community. When everyone gets their say, the City of
Mississauga grows stronger together. We’re developing a new community engagement
strategy and we need your help. Have your say in how the City should engage
with its residents, and please participate in our survey.

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