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Community Engagement Day

Community Engagement Day

VISONE: Civic engagement is so important because
it helps you to remember that it’s not only about you, it’s about the greater community. And that’s why we’re here at FGCU: so that we can
graduate and become alum and work in our community. DRUMMOND: The community that you live in
is built from the people and the things that you do in it. So if you’re not happy about something
that’s happening, like, go and volunteer for some of these organizations
to make the change happen. VISONE: Service for me was never really
something that was a requirement or a burden. I always enjoyed service because I felt like
I had an opportunity to learn things or meet people and explore. DRUMMOND: All the skills that I learned while
I was at FGCU doing service is what built me up for my position, and I think that’s
why it’s so important: is that it’s not just like going out there, you know, and planting trees.
Like, there’s so much more that you can do. Volunteering is a fantastic way to get out there
and meet people, network, and then build those skills that you need to be the best person at your job.
So it’s an avenue for success. VISONE: I love when I get to come back to FGCU and be
on campus and share my career and my passion with the students because I was a student here, and
I had that opportunity given to me from other people. So being able to kind of come back here and show
the hard work that I’m doing in our community, in our backyard, is very rewarding.

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