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Crazy entrance ceremony in a famous Japanese university!

Crazy entrance ceremony in a famous Japanese university!

Hello everyone, Natsumi here In today’s Go! Go! Nihon video we came to Waseda University’s school entrance ceremony We are going inside right now to see what it’s like Let’s go! “Nyuugakushiki” means school entrance ceremony in Japanese It’s a very important event for students when entering university Highschool students get ready for their new academic life while senior students welcome them and try to recruit as many freshers as possible into their clubs Although it’s a very important social event for both new and existing students, to the outsider, it looks like a huge party… So let’s go and check it out! We can hear people calling us as soon as we enter the campus The people wearing suits are freshers And the ones holding signboards are senior students inviting freshers into their clubs It’s crowded, follow me They’re calling freshers to the booths so they can give them explanations So this is a school entrance ceremony but what is actually really interesting about it is not just the ceremony itself, but as you can see, a lot of booths were prepared to introduce all the university’s clubs and the freshers are invited by the senior students to join them They distribute leaflets like these and carry signboards around to get more attention Everyone is wearing the costume of their clubs and ask freshers things like “are you in?” What about this club? Cats! We are getting to the center of the university campus and we can hear some music from here There’s the athetism club there That noise is incredible. Every sounds are mixed together Is that the Yosakoi club? (Japanese traditional dance) They are dancing First, congratulations for your university admission Thank you Starting this spring, you’ll become a student. So I would like to ask you What kind of event is the school entrance ceremony? School entrance ceremony is when the important people of the faculty come out and give a speech before we all sing the school song. And that’s it Basically, that’s what it is Do you already know the song? I don’t So nobody really knows it but… Nobody really knows it but… They give us the lyrics though, so we sing while reading Did you make new friends? Yes I did Oh really? During the ceremony? Before the ceremony we have a day when we all gather for a meeting at university. It’s like a guidance day Guidance? Yes, that day I made new friends Oh so you already knew each other from that day? That’s right Is there anything that you want to do in your new student life? Well, I want to do my best for my studies and for my club make new friends, and spend 4 intense years I guess Everyone is super excited during this school party what did you think about it? I heard rumors that it was something big before but when I saw it myself I was like “wow” You thought “it’s even bigger” Yeah, it’s crazy how everyone keeps coming at you There are a lot of people Yeah, it’s crazy You were highschool students and now you’re becoming univesity students, is there a change that you can tell us about? Well, the main campus is scary Is it? There is too much energy Is it different from your campus? It’s completely different First, there are many, many people We also received a crazy amount of flyers It was more intense than what you thought it would be, and it’s scary I wouldn’t say scary Surprising Yeah, all that energy Now that you are becoming students, how do you want to spend this new life? Well, I want to chase my dreams and have a student life where I can study really hard I want to try a lot of new things and challenge myself Today’s ceremony started in the morning, so what have you been doing in the afternoon? I received a lot of flyers from different clubs You’re saying “a lot of flyers”, what is “a lot”? Do you have them in your bag? I really got a lot Whether you care about it or not, people keep distributing them? Yeah they keep going like “here, here, here” They’re doing it to bring people in What kind of club do you want to join? Well… When I was in highschool, I was doing some mountain climbing I don’t want to do it as much as I was doing back then, but I would like to keep doing it More casually So a club like this, maybe I see Do your best, I am supporting you for those four years Good luck Thank you very much

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