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Curtain comes down on 2018 Asian Games with closing ceremony

Curtain comes down on 2018 Asian Games with closing ceremony

After more than two weeks of sporting action
featuring the best athletes from across the continent,… the curtain came down on the
18th Asian Games on Sunday with a glittering closing ceremony. South Korea finished with 49 golds to rank
third in medal table behind China and Japan. That’s 16 short of the country’s target, but
there were still plenty of reasons to celebrate. Won Jung-hwan reports. For the past 16 days,…. Jakarta and Palembang,
the co-host cities of the 2018 Asian Games, hosted more than eleven-thousand athletes
from 45 nations competing for 465 gold medals in 40 sports. On Sunday,… the Games came to a triumphant
close in Jakarta. If the opening ceremony wowed the audience
for the richness of Indonesia’s heritage,… the closing ceremony was more modest in scale,
but extravagant in its liveliness. It was a celebration of athletes from different
countries that highlighted the culture of not just Indonesia but other Asian nations
as well. Bonding the nations together was the power
of music. K-pop superstars iKON and Super Junior took
to the stage, turning the evening into a spectacular concert that was well received by the crowd. But before the singers stole the show, some
of the athletes came out to say goodbye to fans in Indonesia and thank them for their
support. While there wasn’t a formal parade of athletes
at the closing ceremony,… the two Koreas marched in together just like they did at
the opening ceremony. The two flag bearers, South Korean Suh Hyo-won
and North Korean Choe Il of the North, came in hand-in-hand to big cheers. South and North Korea competed as one in three
sports — canoeing, rowing and women’s basketball. And they far outstripped expectations,…
winning four medals, including a gold in women’s dragon boat racing and a silver in women’s
basketball. Sending a congratulatory message to Indonesia
for successfully hosting the Asian Games,… South Korean President Moon Jae-in highlighted
the performances by the joint Korean teams. He said he believes the deep sound of Arirang,
Korea’s most popular folk song, will bring the two together again. As the curtain came down in Jakarta,… athletes
will start preparing for the next Asian Games in Hangzhou in 2022. It will be the third Chinese city to host
the competition, after Beijing in 1990 and Guangzhou in 2010. Won Jung-hwan, Arirang News.

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  1. Congrats for all champion, and proud to indonesia for outstanding successfully hosting AG 2018. See u all again at Hangzhou AG 2022

  2. thanks to Indonesia for delivering the energy of Asia, it was a successful AG, congrats to united Korea..peace is better than war..can't wait to see AG in Hangzhou..let's keep the energy of Asia alive! =)

  3. aksi SUJU fancam dari dalem stadion dalam 4K kalo ini aksinya iKON juga fancsm dalem stsdion in 4K

    Saksikan juga video lainnya terkait Opening dan Closing Asian Games 2018 di play list berikut ya, mulai dari artis2 Indonesia seperti Isyana, GIGI, Afgan, RAN hingga Boyband Korea iKON dam SUJU!

  4. Thank you Asia. Don’t forget to come and support your athletes at the 2018 Asian Para Games on October 6-13 in Jakarta🙏

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