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DeMarco Murray and Miles Austin talk NFL GOAT and TD celebrations  | The Players’ Tribune

DeMarco Murray and Miles Austin talk NFL GOAT and TD celebrations | The Players’ Tribune

– How we doing brother? You all right? Fantastic. Good to see
you. It’s been a while. – About five minutes. – Five minutes? Five minutes too long. – What you think about Tom Brady? – Tom Brady, is he the GOAT?
Are we just talking athletes, or are we just talking about NFL players? – I would say NFL players.
My point is NFL players, there ain’t no damn doubt in my mind, that he’s not the … I
mean, he’s automatically…. – Yeah, yeah. He’s the best
player that I’ve ever seen. He’s the best player that’s
done it on a high level, year to year, since he entered the league. I would say Tom Brady is the GOAT. – Who’s second? – Second? That’s a tough question. That is a very tough question. I love Brett Favre. I would
have to say Brett Favre. I would say Brett Favre. – Peyton? – I couldn’t go wrong with
either one of them at No. 2. I just love everything about
Brett because he was so tough. I would have to just say Brett Favre, only because I was a huge
fan of him growing up. – Yeah, yeah. Have you ever been fined? – No. I got fined for a
shield, but I got it removed. I’ve never been fined. – You’ve never been fined? – No, I’ve never been like late to a meeting, nothing like that. – I got a face-mask my rookie year. – Rookie year – hurting the
pockets. How much was the fine? – Five grand, and it felt
like 50. Know what I’m saying? Yeah, that hurt. And then I threw a ball in the stands. I scored a touchdown with Cleveland, and I threw a ball in the stands. – I remember … I remember that. It was a long touchdown, right? – No, actually it was like
a three-yard touchdown. – Wow, you can’t throw
the ball in the stands on a three-yard touchdown. – I threw it in the stands,
and I accepted the fine. My agent calls me and goes, “Hey, listen. We’re gonna
try and appeal this thing.” I’m like, “I mean, I threw
the ball in the stands. Like, how am I gonna say
anything other than that?” He’s like, “Trust me, don’t worry. We can try and find a
way to knock it down.” So all right. So I go in, I go up, I call. And he goes, “All right, we’re ready for your call. What happened?” And I’m like, “Yeah, I was
in there. I didn’t know….” And he’s like, “Yeah, you did.” And I was like, “All right, good
talk, man. Have a good one.” And I just hung up the phone. – No appeal, like…. – That was the appeal process! – I know. But they didn’t
take any money off? – Hell no, they didn’t
take no damn money off! – But you can’t throw the
ball on a three-yard slant. – It was my first touchdown. – That’s probably why he
didn’t let you appeal it, because it was a three-yard touchdown. So your fourth year with
the Dallas Cowboys – my rookie year, I got drafted there. I got the chance to, obviously, meet you, become great friends with you. Romo, Witten, those guys – what do you feel about their careers and how it progressed
throughout the years? – Playing with – specifically
Romo, right now – playing with him, I
almost took for granted how good he was as an actual player. Going to Cleveland, and then
having those quarterbacks, and having them not be able
to facilitate the same way…. I was like, “You know, I
can’t hook up on this route?” Like, “No, no. You gotta run it this way because that’s how they
want you to do it.” Where like Romo was able to ad-lib a lot more than a lot
of other quarterbacks I’ve ever played with since. – Yeah, same way. I played
with him for four years. We ran a … pretty much
a pro-style offense, air attack, no huddle.
But when I got there he was able to really break it
down, make it simple for me. Made my job a lot easier
– as well as Witt. – First off, just seeing
Witt doing it, 15 years in. I remember going up to
him, during practice or whatever – me standing on the sideline, already being out of the
league for three years after he was in the league for three years before I got there – and just coming up to him and saying like, “I don’t know how you are still
operating on a high level.” Knowing, in my opinion,
that desire as a player, and like, long-term
focus, short-term goals, the whole deal, than him. – I agree, I mean, Witten by far, first-ballot Hall of Famer. He’s a guy, like you said, his
work ethic is second to none. And as a rookie, he
took me under his wing. It was hard. It was
hard. He cut me no slack. He molded me to be a great player, not just on Sundays,
but Mondays, Tuesdays. He’ll pull a guy to the side,
one-on-one, individually, speak to them and say,
“Hey, you gotta pick it up. You’re not carrying your weight.” Or he’ll call us out as an offense, which I can respect,
and everyone respected. And I remember us finally making it in 2014, winning the division. Dez, Romo, Witten and myself,
all banged up after the game. Witten has an MCL piece on,
I have a broken hand…. But just to see the look in his eyes, and feel, you know, he was so excited, just for the first playoff game, We haven’t been there in a while, so…. – I ain’t gonna lie. I was
in Cleveland at the time, I was hoping y’all lost,
like a motherf***er. – I knew it. I knew it. You know what? – Incomplete. That s*** was not good…. – I knew you … individually
you wanted us all to do well, but collectively you wanted us to go down. It was great, it was great, you know. Playing with those two guys,
playing with you, obviously. I wouldn’t have had the career I’ve had, if I would have been drafted …
I tell people this all the time. If I would have went somewhere else, no telling where I would end up. But just having a lot of great guys who’ve had a ton of success individually, be all about the team, no
matter where you come from, who you were, just make sure
you’re successful individually, and it’s all for the
better part of the team. Hey, it was a pleasure, brother. – Thank you. – It’s always fun talking
… chopping it up with you, I’ll see you soon, man.

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