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  1. OMG their wedding anniversary is on my birthday! I love Dax and Kristen they will be together forever. I love Diana too.

  2. dianna is the most stunning person inside and out and so talented
    i love her
    honestly though if that happened to me i'd take it as a bad omen

  3. I was literally watching I am four thinking man she is so damn gorgeous but she reminds me a bit of Kristen bell, then here they are together… wow they are both hot but Diana is my type I think aside from her makeup choice she could've gone with less of that eye shadow and her hair looked frizzed up like the team didn't even style her

  4. That’s what women in LA look like, so true. Lmao!! By the way, please don’t change ur face 99.9% of people who do are uglier.

  5. Fortunatley, Dianna did not suffer a tightening of the throat muscles which can affect breathing when this virus attacks. It was not the mosquito… it was a violent reaction to a stress issue… the wedding I would presume. WIth her comment about her voice changing she was one step away from needing a tracheostomy.

  6. I just wheezed. old man voice “Hunnay!”

    My husband would piss himself if I woke him up looking like that and sounding like that on our wedding night. You just can’t make this shit up.

  7. Literally just remembered that Diana was on Veronica Mars with Kristen for a couple of episodes!😱

  8. Sorry… her explanation for that is a mosquito bite? Unless she’s seriously allergic that doesn’t add up.

  9. With all those Disney classic reboots I think miss Agron should give Aerial a try

    U never know it may fit in nicely

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