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Eco-wedding dress roundup

Eco-wedding dress roundup

We all know that the dress is one of the most important parts of the wedding for every bride.
Well, I’m gonna talk to a couple different designers to show you that you need not compromise
your sense of style in order to have a sustainable eco-friendly dress. First, we’re gonna talk
to Jessica of wedvert. Welcome. Jessica: Thank you. Thank you for having me.
Danielle: So wedvert is now launching a new collection of sustainable and gorgeous wedding
gowns. Is that correct? Jessica: Yes. Yes, it is.
Danielle: So, first tell us a little bit about what [indistinct] is and then specifically
about this new line of product and dresses. Jessica: It’s a place where brides can come
and find really stylish, really chic options and ideas for their event without sacrificing
their sense of sustainability or their ethics. Danielle: So when you’re talking about a completely
sustainable wedding line, we’re talking about all the fabrics even the liner. So you can’t
have an eco-friendly wedding dress that’s maybe a hemp silk but then a polyester liner.
Jessica: Which is what happens a lot of the time and so we worked with Jess to come up
with natural materials that work underneath as well as on the outside, things like hemp
silk satin and natural chiffon, things that are all untouched, undyed, untreated, no bleach,
completely biodegradable. Danielle: So what’s also very cool about this
I think and very surprising for many of the brides out there is just by going sustainable
and finding something cool and chic, it doesn’t mean it’s gonna kill your wallet.
Jessica: Right. Well, our motto is sort of go green, save green. These dresses are all
completely price competitive to other conventional dresses on the market. They start at $800.00
go to $2000.00. Danielle: This is like unheard of.
Jessica: Incredible. I mean, you shop for bridal dresses, you know what’s out there.
Danielle: Yeah. Well, that’s incredible. So I guess let’s take a look at some of these
beautiful designs without further adieu. Wow. This one is gorgeous. I love the layers.
Jessica: Yeah, this is the Evergreen dress which is sort of the namesake dress of the
collection. It’s made from 100 percent natural silk and chiffon. It is biodegradable and
sustainable but no one would ever know because it’s so perfect.
Danielle: So I’m not gonna lie. This is my favorite of the collection. I’m picturing
an outdoor wedding with this one. Jessica: This is the evening dress. It’s 100
percent natural, silk chiffon, sheer, it flows. Again, undyed, untreated, biodegradable. This
is sort of for the bride who’s looking for something a little more formal but not anything
too constricting. It’s a natural chiffon like all the other materials, biodegradable and
sustainable. Danielle: Right. Not like a big skirt or anything
fussy but just the beading makes it a little bit more fancy I guess. So we’re here with
Leanne Marshall from Project Runway as you may know and we’re just gonna talk a little
bit about some different sustainable wedding design options. So when you say that a collection’s
sustainable, what do you mean? What does that mean to you?
Leanne: Well, it’s produced fair labor. And it’s using a lot of bamboos, hemps, organic
cotton. Danielle: So this dress here that is a totally
sustainable wedding dress, right? And this you said was a hemp silk?
Leanne: Yeah, it’s a hemp silk and then the bodice is an organic cotton and bamboo blends.
Danielle: If you could see and touch this dress in person, you might flip out. The texture
is like so feminine and so beautiful. Leanne: You know, I think that a lot of women
feel that they have to compromise and settle for something that’s, you know, a little bit
more casual or you know, kind of like, a hippie Mother Earth look and I really want to tap
into that market that is you know, it’s is a beautiful dress. It’s maybe a little bit
more formal, more sophisticated looking. But it also happens to be great for the environment.

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