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Emotional Twin Sister Wedding Speech Will Make You Cry // Northern Wisconsin Wedding

blade put a note in Emily’s backpack at
school asking her to call him at 6:34 p.m. not a minute earlier or later blade
should have known then that she is a procrastinator and punctuality was going
to be a problem so she made the call but 10 minutes late you can imagine her
surprise when he didn’t answer the phone she thought he was angry because she was
late and then she heard the recording on his voicemail that said this hi Emily
this is for you I really like you and I want to know if you’ll be my girlfriend
leave a message if the answer is yes Emily was so nervous that she hung up
the phone so blade that’s standing there wondering
what the answer is actually going to be and she didn’t leave the message so she
knew instantly I’ve got to call back and say yes and so she did left the message
and yes I’ll be your girlfriend little did they know that they’d be standing
here today nearly seven years later ready to say “I do” to their high school
sweetheart I always get along I really could not
have asked for a better role model growing up whenever I was feeling scared
nervous or anxious but it’s always known how to make it better and how to get me
to laugh although I have so many stories and I mean so many embarrassing stories
vote blade I decided it would be better to share my first memory of blade
anomaly together so my first memory of them was in high school I saw them
holding hands in the hallway now I want to remind everybody they were not
dating at this time I didn’t even know Blade was talking to a girl so I was
extremely shocked I called my mom and I said who does Blade thing he is holding
some girl’s hand in the hallway and why did she belong able to see acted a
little do they know then seven years ago that blade was gonna find his wife and I
was gonna find my best friend and sister Emily here are my partner in crime from
our y night’s to shopping to making desserts
facetiming while the boys are playing xbox or forcing the boys to participate
in game night even if they always meet us at Mario Kart
you always are after whatever crazy idea I may have I’m so happy Blade has found
someone who loves him and is able to put up with him for the rest of their lives
also I’m pretty thrilled that I finally have a sister Congrats guys I love you
both and wish you many years of happiness this toast goes to the my
beautiful sister-in-law into the handsome groom my sweet kind hearted loving brother heres to you both for coming home celebrated special day
and for those of you who still can’t tell us apart I’m Lizzy and I’m Emily’s
matron of honor and you can remember this because Emily’s where your big
white dress and she’s also the most beautiful person
in the room and I there’s nobody I’d rather be mixed up with well I can tell
you that being the twin is nothing short of amazing being a twin is crying when
they separate you at Birth it was taking our first steps together getting on our
first horse and failing our driver’s test to having in the entire
conversation without uttering a single word I constantly had a second closet a
second opinion in a best friend and as far as emotions go I can tell you that
normally I roll my eyes and say no but right now she and I have the same
butterflies in our stomachs in this very moment because we are equally as happy and this day could not be anymore perfect for the two of you. money line breaking through the eastern
hills just you and me while here stand still – for dreams what
could be in the greater we have no man we got no plans to the store so you stay with me forever say you’ll
be my only love. we can make it through whatever say
you’ll be my only love So since dad got to give you away earlier I feel like it’s now my turn like I’m
leaving you in charge of late-night conversations when you should both be
sleeping phone pulls all the way home to work to tell you how cool it was that
Emily guy covered in blood at work but it was totally worth it and there’s no
better person in the world to take over those parts of my job but I just want to
remind you that even though you might be her new husband she’ll always be my twin sister so
let’s raise our glasses to the brand new mr. and mrs. McCool
I’m so happy for you now that you have pledged your love to one another before
God in this company as an ordained minister I now pronounce that you are
husband and wife in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit
what God has joined together let no man put his own blade you may kiss your
bride I now present to you mr. and mrs. blade

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