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(ENG SUB) I Want to Get Married. How Should I Approach Marriage?

(ENG SUB) I Want to Get Married. How Should I Approach Marriage?

I Want to Get Married.
How Should I Approach Marriage? I am over 30 years old now.
Since I am single and over 30 years old. my parents and relatives talk a lot of
marriage at family gatherings. However, I will be going abroad to study
in few months I figured
I wasn’t ready to get married yet. But there has been a connection
made because of you. I met someone. And she gave me one of your books,
“Words of Wisdom for Newlyweds” as a gift. I read the passage that said,
“Greed leads to marriage, and when you think you don’t want to get
married, that’s when you can get married” Then, I saw her and
I fell in love with her all of sudden. (Audience Laughter) You took the bait. (Audience Laughter) So, I talked to her and she said
that she read all of your books and she told me
that she can also live like a Sunim. At that moment, I instantly felt
that she was the one for me and give her everything I got even though we haven’t known
each other that long. Sunim, would it be okay to marry her? (Audience Laughter) (Sunim) You both want to get married? (Sunim) Then just get married.
Why do you ask me? (Audience) (Laughter/Applause) Thank you. I thought you would tell me
to go ahead and marry her, but I wanted to actually hear it from you. I live alone, so why would I tell you
to get married? Don’t get married. (Audience Laughter) (Questioner) Thank you. You came to gloat, didn’t you?
You came to show off! You are gloating. My goodness.
You are quite happy. So happy. Sure, you are happy now.
Go ahead and live together. (Audience) Laughter/Applause Do you know
why the audiences are clapping? You think they are congratulating you,
don’t you? That’s a big miskake. (Audience Laughter) They are applauding
because they are thinking, “Just wait and live with each other
for a year” “You will know what it feels like”. So, don’t expect marriage
to be something special. You each have different personalities,
thoughts and beliefs, etc. right? You should never try to change
the other person to be like you. Don’t try to restrict each other,
and accept each other as you are. With this king of mindset,
you can live happily with anyone. If you insist your own ways on each other, you can’t be happy
even with your soulmate. Once you are married,
you should live happily ever after, right? Good luck! (Audience Laughter)

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