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[ENG SUB] TXT Reality Show Part 2- Let’s Party Together | DEBUT CELEBRATION SHOW

[ENG SUB] TXT Reality Show Part 2- Let’s Party Together | DEBUT CELEBRATION SHOW

[Boy’s special trop][The second mission]
Shall we check? What is this? [Mystery box]
[Requirement for Idol:Be bold] [Put your hands in the box and guess the object] [Mystery box: who gets scared the most?]
[One by one][(Huening Kai vs Beomgyu] [Chicken swag]
Hold on. So scary. Let me put my hands. -[Ready]
– Put it in. – hold. [Urgent]
Hold on. [Answer: living octopus] Wow! [Moving]
You are so slow and we will get an answer
tomorrow with this speed. Something is grabbing my hand. [Tok]
[ahhhhhh] Don’t do reaction. I want to get it right. [Hate seafood]
SO fishy. Beomgyu. Living octopus. I touched it. [He scratched the floor]
I touched it. [Huening Kai vs Soobin] [Scare you]
– Watch out. – Okay. [Nervous]
Got it? I get it. Hold on. Oh, this was a hand. [Super scared]
– Ah, wow. – What is it? [Answer: bread]
Something is hitting me? Isn’t that your finger? Give me the hint. Is it alive? [Alive…..the flavor of the bread]
– It is. – It is. What is it? Fingers. Huening Kai, do you want to do this
with me? – Okay. 1, 2, 3.
– 1, 2, 3. How is it? I am touching it. What? [Soobin likes me. I like him too. – Do I like this?
– I like it. Huh? Hold on. [Oh my]
Time! [You like me] Huening Kai, put your hand. The perfect size. Huening Kai, put your hand. What is this?? [Here is the answer]
Soobin, bread. [Wow, super smart]
[Yeonjun vs Taehyun] This is not cool. Too much . Really? – I think when I open it…
– Come here . [Ta da]
[Mystery box reveal] [Answer , watch out]
Give it to me. Taehyun, a fish. [Well, it is in a way]
[Still didn’t get it] [Wow] [Panic]
This flies. [No idea what’s going on] [Good teamwork]
– What is this? – Taehyun. [Love to make fun of Yeonjun]
Touch it. It is so jumpy. [Touch] [Ah] [What is this…?]
This flies…. [Genius]
Yeonjun, Mudfish. Taehyun said the answer already. [He lost the game] – Shall we close it?
– When did you say it? In 10 seconds. [The penalty video]
Hello. [Make cute face after eating a lemon]
I am the loser of the game, Yeonjun. [Super powerful wink] So refreshing. [Let’s party Together]
[A night came] [Korean beef that is being cooked] [Give it to who?] Attention. So, dance or sing songs…? Show me what you got. I will sing ‘Crown’ now. Be my love, My heart is beating. My king, [A piece of beef]
Good. [Good]
Good. [Soobin X Hueningkai]
– We will do it. – Fighting. [Hehe] I was going to say it is not funny
but it is. [Well, is this mime?] [So bored]
That’s enough. [Stop now] [No fun]
– Your highness, – I think I laugh easily. I love that, your highness. [Great night with members] [The big bro is eating a piece] [Beomgyu who danced hard is eating one] [Tomorrow X Together spent
a day with no worries] [The dream of the debut][So warm]
– Did you enjoy the meal? – Yes. [Yummy dinner]
– Sure. – Very full. So good to eat meat in a while. We are here for fun. – Hueningkai, how was it?
– Me? Today? Like we are on a holiday. [Every moment was good]
So fun all day. [Out of routine]
We played like kids. [Time travel back to childhood]
– Touched the living octopus.
– Right. It will stick for a long time. -It seemed today would never come.
– Right. [Debut will become a reality soon] [One step closer to our dream]
So excited. – I still feel like I am a trainee.
– Really. I said the same thing. I still feel like I am a trainee. [This voice?]
1, 2, 3. What! Hello. I am Soobin. [Soobin’s message to the team]
We are here today. And we will talk to each other things
we didn’t. [So embarrassing to say this]
I am not good at expressing myself. I don’t say what I think. Thank you and sorry. I was moved and relied on you. Thank you for trusting me and following me. Thank you for being cool. We went through a lot of things. Now, it is the new beginning. I hope we can stay happy like this. Fighting! [So touched] [LEader Soobin sent the message] Your words are so warm. Perfect for
this cold weather. [Soobin, the best] We have to do this now. – Forever.
– Forever.

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  1. Omo THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HARDWORK for putting subs in txt vdeos 💙 you're a saviour to international fans 💙👏


  3. There all to funny 😂😂 kai is mee😂😂 omg soobin is such amazing leader for the team he's literally so sweet xxx

  4. Why do i feel taehyun in task are same with jungkoookkk??

    Am i the only one?🤗🤣🤣😂

  5. Aww..I love themmmmm

    That instrumental when soobin was talking at the end reminds me of 'she was pretty'💜💜

  6. Can anyone solve this mystery for me?
    Huening Kai lost two rounds with both Beomgyu & Soobin so why Yeonjun was declared the loser when he lost only to Taehyun?

  7. TEAHYUN answer aLready but they want to play to their oldest HYUNG 😂

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