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[ENG SUB – We Got Married] Tae-min, Na-eun(24) #01, 태민-손나은(24) 20130928

[ENG SUB – We Got Married] Tae-min, Na-eun(24) #01, 태민-손나은(24) 20130928

I have a big problem. Lately, when
I watch WGM, I want to get married. Mi-seon, what are you talking about? Each couple is so charming
in their own way. It’s hard. One is graceful, one is full of spirit
one is cute, which one do I pick? Why do you get to pick, Denny?
Everyone already has a spouse. I don’t get to pick? ‘Son!’ I like it when
they call me son. May you have plenty. Are you feeding us mustard? -Games games
-Yutnori! It’s no fun this way. The default
Yutnori doesn’t do it for our age. Next generation way. Let’s write the penalties here. Let’s each write one. Wow, Tae-min
You’ve got an agenda Hug each other
Heart? How is that a penalty? It’s penalty for you two We can do it even now Not from the front, but sideways
Kiss on the cheek So kiss on the cheek So, actually, I thought it was
killing two birds with one stone If we lose, it’s good for us If others lose, we enjoy watching it Losing is better for them Tae-min and Na-eun to change costume Wear each other’s Hanbok Why only us? Then let’s make it
for everyone to switch costumes Then, the winning team makes
the rest do what is left from these penalties or
the penalty they want. You see this here,
we have five big circles On the first one, hold hands
On the second one, hug The big bros are pushing for
their touching It accumulates like that. We are making the penalties
better for you Ok, throw One, two, three Isn’t it Gul? It’s Yut Move four places Hug each other I’ve never kissed on the cheek
so soon after meeting. Ah, what is this. Key likes it. He’s liking it. Key is already ready. His body is already half there. So is it our turn now? Gae What is this How good, you guys look like
you are doing well together Let’s see a Yut Gae
Oh, we caught this Gae
We caught it One, two, three Gae
Wow, Gae Ah, they get the penalty Why are they so happy about it? It’s possible We couldn’t cry about it Take your phones out, quick To take pictures Evidence photo Kiss on the cheek Now they’ve grown so natural Let’s do it from the back Hey, you guys look like
a textbook figure Baby groom Ok, go. Na-eun looks like she’s shy So cute It was so hot It was really heating up I was sweating My heart was racing, kept beating One, two, three Gul You are right on the spot
You get to hold hands This is such a good game Why are these two
getting their move on? We met today and we had our hug One, two, three Mo Wherever you go, you’ll
end up doing a penalty Why go that way? Foul, here is not good Why, what’s not good It’s here I want to go this way It’s not allowed. It’s blocked It’s under construction Construction They are working on a sewer here What is this, what now? Detour To see their baby bro touching Arms on shoulders
since it is hot They are great brothers They were making us two
get closer to each other Everyone watching thinks
it’s not moving fast enough We are not feeling like that
Is that just me? So I guess they are trying to help us One, two, three Gul Those three, no
three spots with this. Huh, this is not ours. This is it Oh my heart My heart Gae Move with this No, you need to go this way You said it was under construction No, construction’s over Doing whatever they like Construction is done Whatever they want Gae Let’s go Do Gae Gul Do Gae…
We just need to not get Yut One, two, three Let’s see a Back Do It’s Yut, wow, this is crazy Ah, what do we do now? What to do
What to do Can we do more than this? This is over when done Next time you throw,
Tae-min you hold Na-eun like this. Then Na-eun throws. This is good. But we need to throw
once more. Why?
Since we got a Yut That’s right We can see it right away Na-eun, here you go So Na-eun can throw We’ll see it right away
What a surprise It’s slippery, I might drop her Lift her in one go Can he lift her? In one go
He is a man There he goes
What a man As others made us do it It was just a penalty, game It doesn’t count Wouldn’t it have been heavy? Whenever something like that happens,
that’s all I can think about only about things like am I not heavy? Is it only me? Women worry a lot about it Of course I’m sure everyone does Riding pose, riding pose Gul Do Gae Gul Throwing Yut sitting on the legs This is crazy, we keep getting them Hey, in this case,
let’s switch these two. He’s grabbing his shirt. This always happens on holidays. This situation feels
very familiar for me. Fights on Chuseok
feel so familiar So we are switching these two? You have to wear each other’s clothing Oh no How bad They are doing it all Do you not remember? That’s what they always pull They overthrow the game. It was fun. Because they were being ridiculous,
spewing nonsense So we were arguing and it felt like
one with the louder voice would win So the game had to be thrown out Yeah, we did it all
We did everything on that board It was so much fun,
thank to brothers In a way, I was thankful Right, that’s her honest thoughts

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  1. 아 진짜 웃긴다ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ보고있으면 막 웃김ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  2. Watching this again cuz Missed him so much 😢 jonghyun oppa 😢 I still dont believe if he's gone 😔 #RIP jonghyun

  3. 2019 guys?? This ia the best couple I've seen💖By the way i miss jonghyun😢Saranghae jonghyun❤️and shinee💜

  4. lmao i was watching this at 2:00 am in the morning one night and legit started dying of laughter right away at jonghyun’s ; 0:38

    lmao it hurts my heart i miss my baby 🥺 :,)

  5. Everyone: OMG so cute how Key and Eunji held hands until the end!

    Me: OMG so did Minho and Jonghyun!

  6. Its 2019 but I still like teamin and naeun a lot…
    Watching them….Am thinking that.. maybe if there was jonghyun also as a couple in WGM every ep will be more than millions view ..Because i think every one like to see ..jonghyun ..How he will be.. as a awesome husband..Always missing you jonghyun😢

  7. 1:49 안↘️걸➡️린↗️거⬆️나↘️ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ5년전 기범이 사투리에 치인다…

  8. 9:47 아잉 뭔가 다른 사람들이 하는 거 들으면 귀여운 척 하는 것 같은데 손나은이 하니까 개기엽다 ㅠㅠㅠ

  9. I like seeing Naeun and Taemin it was so sad that she was attacked by haters bcuz of this programme. They couldnt even mention each other or seen on the same stage after their episode ends…

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