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Engagement Bot who was the talk of the town at TechHR

some form of continuous conversation has a
hugely positive impact over doing it once a year, and everybody has figured that out. secrets out! question is how?
what tools do you buy? there is this chatbot called amber which is
outside, they reach out to every individual so on a single day you can go and meet 800
people, the chatbot can meet 800 people and tell you these 18 people are the ones that
you’ve got to meet. individually. facing that you know, i today get a report
and the CEO, on employee anniversary , whether it’s one month, three month, six month. one year and such amazing insight from employees which
i am very sure that even if i had triple the number of HR people in my team and even if
they had spent , you know 4 times the number of hours with each employee, that kind of
insight wouldn’t have come. when you move to a tech product company like
MakeMyTrip which has around 2000 guys, everybody has a very different set of requirements,
by the time you get an annual surveys, and nothing against annual surveys, half of the population is gone, half of the people
who are affected they start getting defensive about their findings because 30% of people
have moved out. i think what i heard Biplob mentioning towards
the end, Amber is a start-up that you’ve kind of taken on. are there any experieces you have? Amber was a great experience for us as it
was more interactive. to be honest when you talk about employee-centricity, the way Amber
works also has been a good experience for us it’s more of a very very interactive platform
and we were able to really capture some of the key aspects or the improvement areas within
the team effectiveness. Every employee is seen in a very different
way, every employee is seen from his or her lifecycle in the organisation. Most companies define it as a project of looking
at the moments that matter, transitions, periods of time in your career when you are under
some form of stress and what can we do in HR to make that easier. This is a change in the nature of engagement
where you used to get an organisation wide engagement score which you could do nothing with six
months later, here on a daily basis i could get a view on that individual. so here, n=1. keep the spirit! zor se, zindabaad bandhu,
have an extraordinary life

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