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Engagement On The Rocks: Is He Cheating On Her With Another Woman? (Full Episode) | Couples Court

Engagement On The Rocks: Is He Cheating On Her With Another Woman? (Full Episode) | Couples Court

This is Couples Court
with the Cutlers.
[DANA] We’re here
on the case of Lockhart versus Rogers. You all have been together
two and a half years. You are engaged, and there is
a 14 year age difference. Go, go, Ms. Lockhart. Tell me why you have brought
your fiance here? Uh, I brought him here,
today, because I need to know if he’s been cheating
with younger women. And, uh, as you said, there’s
a 14 year age difference. And it’s got… [DANA] You can’t tell,
you look great. Thank you, thank you. All right. Well, tell me what
you think is going on. I think he’s been talking
to other women… Your Honor,
that’s not true, really? I…I got interested
in her cause she’s an older female.
The younger females, they have nothing really
to offer me. That’s why I don’t try to talk to them. [DANA] Are you cheating? No, I’m not cheating. We’re here basically
cause she’s a female and she’s just,
you know, naturally insecure. [CROWD GASPING] And if those come back, and you hear– [DANA] Mr. Cutler,
based on his to say all women
are insecure? Well… Are you gonna
let him say that? Well, are you feeling
insecure about that? No, I want you
to get him straight. That’s my point. [LAUGHING] He ain’t saying
nothing about it. This is not
about insecurities. Women have intuition. Yes, we do. [DANA] So Ms. Lockhart,
you tell me what your gut
is telling you. My gut is telling me
that he’s cheating. So if you find out today
that he’s cheating, then what? Uh, our family’s in shambles
right now, um… Phew, our marriage
is on hold. Uh, I’m not gonna marry
somebody that, that’s consistently cheating
on me. I need him to be
consistently faithful. [BOTH] Amen. [CROWD] Amen. If he fails the tests, its’ over. It’s, it’s… It’s gonna be hard because
my kids are attached to him. And we have
our daughter, but I mean, I can continue
to go… [DANA] So, literally,
your family
is on the line depending on today’s outcome. It is. [DANA] All right. [KEITH] So Mr. Rogers,
are you out there, looking? I mean, I’m not…I wouldn’t
say I’m out there looking, I’m very sociable,
I have a Facebook, and I got a lot of followers,
and you know, after you get a certain amount,
they start paying you, so really, I’m trying to
be sociable for money, but she doesn’t look at it
like that cause I’m not making
the money yet. He’s got 4000 followers
and 99.9% of them, are women. Okay, so it’s strictly platonic
with these other women? Yeah, just to build
my followers up. Okay, but here’s the deal, studies show that 10% of affairs start with online, you know, social media,
Facebook… That’s how we met. [KEITH] Well, that’s how
the world works. Everybody’s
online now. That’s how… [DANA] She doesn’t want
to be part of those statistics. That’s why she’s eyeballing
this 99% women. She’s like, “uh-uh.” And you say that’s
how you’ll met? Yes. [DANA] So she found out
what she knows,
not what she heard. Okay, you were flirting
with her on Facebook? Yeah, yeah. So, yeah, we we started talking. [KEITH] Mr. Rogers, were you
in search of a cougar? [CROWD LAUGHING] [DANA] Wait! What? I wouldn’t say I was
in search of a cougar. I mean, I do prefer
older females just cause I don’t think,
like younger females
can really do what I need them
to do for me. Okay, so… Okay, so what is that? What does that look like? [ROGERS] You know,
I’m, I don’t like, cook or clean much,
I like, you know, female, you know, I think, it’s more
of a female job. [KEITH] Okay. [DANA] Oh, so women, so, it’s a woman’s job
to cook and clean? Yeah. You old school. And being insecure. And being insecure. Yeah. Yeah. [LOCKHART] It’s a little bit
past old school? I call it chauvinistic
and a little sexist. I didn’t know
he was like that until… like a few months down the road. So, you fell in love
with him in spite of this this behavior? Yeah. What was it that you fell
in love with? There was something… What did you fall
in love with? The fact that
he had patience. He has patience,
and he’s really a good man. He works, I mean,
he’s a good father. [DANA] Was he romantic
at all? Uh, yeah, like our first date,
we went to a seafood restaurant. And, uh… [ROGERS] I don’t like seafood. [KEITH] You don’t like seafood? No, he doesn’t. So that’s one reason why… [KEITH] Why’d you go to
a seafood restaurant? Because that’s
my favorite food. Yeah, she likes seafood. [DANA] Aww. All right, so what do
you love about her? Just, like everything.
Her personality, just pulled me in. Her… She has a beautiful aura. Just, you know, looking at her,
just like, you know, I’m getting chills. It kind of sounds
like they were, they were perfect
for each other. Why in the world
are we here, today? Why do you think
he’s cheating? He has dating sites
I found [DANA] Wait. through his email. Do you have dating sites? Yeah. Oh! Okay. You know, when we was
together, I was 23, and there was like
a 14 year age difference. You know, I didn’t have
any kids. She, she, we have five.
She has four, plus my one, makes five. [DANA] Okay. But, but you
specifically wanted an older woman, right?
You said, Yeah. younger women didn’t have
anything to offer you. Yeah, yeah, I did. And so… Yeah, that is what I wanted. So, but now, this is a little more
that just insecurity. This is,
you’re on dating sites. You have a dating… What does
your dating profile say? What does it say? Yeah. I don’t recall what it says. He actually admits
to being in a relationship
and looking for nothing serious. You raw and you really raw. [ROGERS] Yeah. Yeah. How would you feel
if she had a dating site? Oh, she can’t. [CROWD] What! No! [DANA] She can’t have one? No, she can’t. [KEITH] She cannot have one? [DANA] Okay. Oh! I’m also not supposed
to have any male friends either. She can have ‘The Father, Son,
The Holy Spirit.’ [KEITH] That’s it? Yeah. Okay. I’m gonna have
to try to keep Judge Cutler from coming
of this bench, down there. That’s not… [DANA] I wanna make sure
that you understand that this stays here? This does not come home… I can’t bring that home? None of that comes home
with you. None of that. Mr. Rogers, he may have some good points in there. No, he doesn’t. He doesn’t have
any good points? No, not one. What other reasons
do you believe that Mr. Rogers
is cheating? Okay, well,
on one occasion, he was supposed to be
taking his cousin
to the hospital, and he didn’t come back
till about one, two o’clock
in the morning. Uh, at that time, it had got repetitive,
the staying out late, the not answering the phone,
so I didn’t feel like arguing with him, at that,
at that particular day, So, I just left out,
I was getting into my car and there’s cigarette butts and I have proof
of that as well, there’s cigarette butts
with lipstick on them, in the ashtray. And I also found
an empty condom box, on the passenger side. Ron, would you please
get that for us, please. [RON] Thank you, Ma’am. And, then, I also [KEITH] Well, hold on… [DANA] Well, hold on,
let us look at this. [KEITH] Let’s look at
the cigarette butts first. So you found these
cigarette butts? Yes, and I, I don’t wear,
I don’t wear lipstick, really. [DANA] Do you smoke? I do, and those
are not my brand. [CROWD GASPING] There’s a reasonable
explanation for all of that. [DANA] Oh, okay, bring it,
bring it. [KEITH] Let’s hear it. Yeah, like, I said,
you know, it’s not just me and hers,
it’s me, her, and the kids. They’re not cheap. So I had
to basically take on
a side job, so, sometimes, I find people
that need driving, they… So you’re driving people
around to make money? Yeah. And they feel more
comfortable sitting up front
with me, cause some of the people
I do actually know, and they you know,
smoke cigarettes. I smoke in my car.
I’m not gonna be like, “Hey, I’m smoking,
don’t smoke in my car “even though you see
me smoking.” That’s a lot of cigarette butts
in the ashtray. I mean, how long
were you driving? Did you drive as far as
into Timbuktu? They got, like, seven
cigarettes here. He was gone until
one or two o’clock that morning. [ROGERS] They was
a chain smoker.
I made about $50 that night. [DANA EXHALES] Yeah, it’s
an explanation. It’s not reasonable. [CROWD LAUGHING] Okay, what about
the condom box? Why was that there? That wasn’t even my size,
to be honest with you. I don’t know where
she got those from. As he said, he doesn’t
like to spend too much money. So, I guess you can,
just, those are cheaper. Somethings you can’t be
cheap with and that’s
one of them. [DANA] You said the condom
wasn’t your size. Yeah, that’s not my size.
I can’t wear those, so… So, if it doesn’t fit,
we must quit. Yeah, it’s… Why are they
in his pocket? [KEITH] So you have
no explanation how those condoms
got in your jeans? I mean, she likes
to play detective, some detectives plant evidence. Okay, Mr. Rogers,
the neighborhood you’re in, doesn’t make
any sense. [KEITH] No. Uh, Mr. Rogers, in addition
to this love suit, you’ve also brought
a lawsuit [ROGERS] Oh, yeah. against Ms. Lockhart,
is that correct? Yeah, that’s true. [KEITH] What is your claim? She broke my glasses. [KEITH] What happened?
How did she break your glasses? I got pictures and evidence
right here, receipts
and all that. Okay, Ron, would you
hand those to us, please? [ROGERS] Yeah. [KEITH] So, how did she break
your glasses? It was, uh, like I said, I was working
with a family member, I was coming home late
from work one day, and basically, by the time
I got inside the house she was trying to argue,
at first, I really wasn’t trying to listen to that, so I took
my glasses of, put ’em down, and I was about to lay
down and go to sleep. The next thing I know I just hear like, you know, her throwing the glasses down,
and the crack, and I looked down
and see her saying “Oh, now you won’t be able
to see no other females.” It was accidental, but when it happened,
I did say that. [KEITH] Okay, how did you
accidentally break his glasses? Well, I wear glasses too,
and I didn’t see exactly where
they hit the floor at. So it was kind of camouflaged
and like I said it was an accident
but I did mean that comment. No. No. [DANA] I think she did it. [KEITH] Yeah, I’m… all right.
You know, you… You can’t destroy other
people’s property. You can’t stomp
on people’s glasses. And so, Mr. Rogers, you submitted a receipt for the amount of $151.39,
is that correct? Yeah, if possible, I will see
if I can get maybe an extra maybe $200, for pain
and suffering. [KEITH] You know, I wouldn’t
push my luck if I were you,
Mr. Rogers. [ROGERS] I was just asking. Yeah, no. That’s a no. You know, because you damaged
his property, and it appears that if, it was, at least
not intentional, it was pretty close to intentional. Uh, we’re gonna rule
in Mr. Rogers favor, on his counter claim. Uh, and award him the amount
of $151.39 for the lawsuit. [CLAPPING] [DANA] Now we gotta get back
to the love suit. [KEITH] Let’s get back to this love suit. Mr. Rogers, because Ms. Lockhart
has questions about your social media activity
and your online activity you were ordered to submit
your tablet to the court for examination,
is that correct? Yes, correct. Ron, would you please escort
Mr. Gregory Evans into
the courtroom? Yes, Your Honor. [RON] Mr. Evans. [EVANS] Yes. [DANA] How are you, Mr. Evans? I’m fine. And yourself? [DANA] Good. [KEITH] All right,
good to see you. [KEITH] All right,
now Mr. Rogers
submitted his tablet for examination,
is that correct? You’re correct, Your Honor. [KEITH] So, what if anything,
did you uncover on Mr. Rogers Tablet? I found this message. In red, is Mr. Rogers,
in yellow, is a young lady. “I’m gonna be in Atlanta.” “Oh, what’s going on
in Atlanta?” “Nothing. Really wish
you could come.” “Don’t you have a girlfriend?” “I wouldn’t bring you
no drama.” [CROWD GASPING] [DANA] Are you cheating? I wasn’t trying
to do nothing. I was just, you know,
just making some friendly talk. [KEITH] Ms. Lockhart,
that look on your face means, you’re not really
buying that. Oh, no.
Let’s see some more. [KEITH LAUGHING] What else did you find,
Mr. Evans? According to our report,
in the last two days, we found messages,
sent, received to and from ten different women from a dating app,
he has been communicating with. Oh, well,
look at that. [EVANS] We’ve even found
one message he sent to a woman
on a dating site two days ago from today. In that message, it said, “Hey, whassup.
Like your pic. “Really caught my eye. “I was just looking for
a friend, maybe more.” She responds with, “Hi.” [DANA] So when you say you’re
looking for maybe more, what ‘maybe more’
are you looking for, Mr. Rogers? Uh, a good associate. [KEITH] A good associate.
Still one to cook and clean and do all the womanly stuff? [ROGERS] No. No, that’s not… “Womanly stuff.” I don’t know
for how much longer. [CROWD] Oooh. [DANA] Ms. Lockhart, can you tell me and more importantly,
tell him, how you’re feeling. I’m tired of it. Of the lying. [DANA] This is your time. And it’s not funny. And you seem to think
this is funny, and it’s not. [DANA] Do you see
how hurt she is? Yeah, I see. Grow up. [ROGERS] I see. I wasn’t trying
to hurt her. But you came to court and said
you weren’t doing anything. If you keep looking, eventually, you’re gonna
find somebody and then,
what are you gonna do? I would never take it
that far. [KEITH] She doesn’t know that. Ms. Lockhart, do you believe
that he has not been sexually
involved with someone? My gut’s telling me, yes. [KEITH] All right. Well, in addition to
our cyber security analysis, this court
has also ordered a lie detector test for Mr. Rogers. And we have those results. [CROWD CLAPPING] [DANA] Ron, may I have
those results? Thank you. Mr. Rogers, there was one question
asked of you. there was one question
asked of you. “Since August 2016, “did you have sexual intercourse “with anyone, other than Ms. Lockhart?” You said, “No.” The polygraph determined that you were being truthful. Are you happy to hear
that answer? Yeah. Does it get rid of all
your concerns about Mr. No. No. That, on that screen,
that has to stop. [CROWD] Mmm- mmm. [DANA] So, Ms. Lockhart,
am I hearing that you want to proceed on
with your relationship? We got a lot
of work to do. [KEITH] All right, Mr. Rogers Yeah, that’s what
we’re gonna do. Um, yeah, like I said, it was just conversation, I was stupid for doing it you know, I don’t want her
to feel like that
I have to cry and that’s why I’m apologizing and like I said,
I never took it any further than that,
all it was was conversation. Just cause… [KEITH] Okay, you said you wanted
an older woman, you want to be a grown man,
this is it, this is what
it looks like. Moreover, this court
is ordering you to take down
every date app, date site, all dating profile, effective within 24 hours
of today. Yes, Your Honor. So, it must be gone. Do you understand that? Yes, Your Honor. Am I clear? Yes, Your Honor. You need to make,
not make her jealous, you need to make other women
jealous of how you treat her. That should be what
you are trying to do. Right. Can you do that? Yeah, that’s no problem. It will pay of in a big way. [KEITH] All right. [DANA] Ms. Lockhart, Yes. you deserve a hero
not a zero. [CROWD] Right. So we have resources
in this court, we want you to take advantage
of them so you can move forward successfully, and as we say in this court, ‘Do not cheat yourself
out of an opportunity ‘for a wonderful, healthy,
happy relationship.’ Court is adjourned. [INTENSE MUSIC PLAYING]

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