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ENGAGEMENT // Tutorial

ENGAGEMENT // Tutorial

hi everybody its Claire back with
another video and today I am talking about engagement or what I like to call
it when a dog is actively participating with me in their training it’s also when
the dog is looking at me as if to say what’s next they don’t know what kind of
rewards they’re going to get and they aren’t being asked to focus with any
commands but to get to that state of engagement you need to practice and
that’s what this video is all about so the first thing that I’m doing is using
food as an incentive to lure Percie and I’m using lots of movement as you can
see I’m moving my body but I’m also moving versus body and spins and circles
and all around me and what this is doing is helping her get into a state of mind
where she’s going to be engaged with me and you can see I lured her into it down
and said and the heel position and all of this to just kind of get her
attention and get her focused on me so this is what you could call the first
step of engagement training you know you’ll see she gets a little distracted
looks back at me I rewarded her for that immediately leave that (I tell her
to leave a dead worm on the ground) and we’re back to spinning again movement backing up
forward the next stage is when I am no longer going to be engaging her you’re
gonna be waiting for her to engage with me
so there you saw she gave me eye contact I rewarded for that there it goes again
rewarding for that eye contact for her to engage with me rather than me
pushing the incentive in her face you can see she’s following me around she’s
sort of asking what’s next that’s next she’s not really pushing yet but she is
actively coming up towards me and saying alright I’m interested and that’s
exactly what I want so moving forward in this session she’s
shown right now we can proceed to steps three and then when you’ll see us step
four of the engagement exercises and basically step 3 would be sustained
engagement so maintaining focus maintaining that drive and willingness
to work step four being adding in more of the work before the dog obtains the
reward so I’m actually using the ball as a reward note here how she goes for
the ball and then actually brings it back to me so that we can continue in
this game which is this essentially game to them of down engagement and reward so
here you can see I’m going through more commands with her and I’m asking her to
work a little bit more to gain her reward she’s focused on me she was
watching my movements I’m doing if I were walking around the job making sure
all that she’s doing such a good job and overall what I’m really looking for in
these sessions is for her to have that drive to return so I make sure that I
hype her up with those circles and with my baby dog talk because I want her to
know she’s doing a good job and that what I’m seeing from her is something
that I really like and what I want to see more of and here she’s actually
starting to offer behaviors so you’ll see in a moment she decides to come and
do a sit right in front of me because she’s thinking she’s thinking about what
should I do next what can I do next what does she want I’m rewarding that that’s
the end of our session hopefully you know you can see it’s pretty imperfect
it’s trial and error but I hope this is helpful so I also wanted to show what an
engagement session would look like with a dog who’s less engaged this is my
mom’s dog Winnie who’s never had any formal training I do work with her at home
but she’s mostly just a spoiled family pet and right now I’m just in stage one of
engagement I am luring her, I am pushing her to engage me rather than her pushing
to engage with me and she’s distracted she’s looking at Percy we’re both
looking at Percy who’s inside saying why am I not training I’m doing some circles
with her some spins again incorporating movement is a really fun way to build
the engagement as you’re doing these training sessions I also think it’s
really nice because it helps the dog get used to learning for obedience positions
and tricks and other things like that you can see when she’s a little hesitant
to go between my legs she does it and reward her and she’s pretty excited that
she did that too so here I’m stepping into stage two and
she looks at me I reward verbally with a yes and then I reward with the treat so again I’m waiting when she looks at me I’m gonna
mark with you yes yes and then I’m gonna reward and she knows exactly what that
yes means she’s excited she’s hyped up she’s bouncing around and
you can see her focus is getting a little bit better she’s not looking
around as much she’s more focused on me and what I’m doing now she’s focused on
the ground but that’s okay as she refocuses herself in a little then I let
that happen see she’s sniffing the same dead worm
that Percy was and she eat it that’s always good she’s finished chewing to
reward her and that was basically it I only get to step to where I’m asking her
for eye contact not even asking but I’m waiting for her to focus with me rather
than pushing her to focus with me so that’s it very very basic engagement it
can be done a lot of different ways this is how I like to do it it’s strongly
influenced by denise fenzi i’ll link her down below and you should definitely
check out her work because she’s an awesome dog trainer and I hope you liked
this video this is probably my first kind of training video they’re kind
of weird for me to make and I get very self-conscious but I feel like I should
be over that by now concerning it is what I do 99% at the time so anyways
hope that was helpful and I look forward to seeing you in my next video!

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  1. At what point in a dogs training do you start this? Example, I have a dog with literally zero training, knows no name, knows no sit/down etc. Would you start obedience or stuff like this first?

  2. This was really interesting. Is this a thing that can build up to more commands, or rather a skill that the dog uses "in the background" whilst performing other commands?

  3. I love this video, Claire! I am just starting to train my 8 week old golden retriever to be my service dog and your videos have helped me a lot so far with learning a lot of service dogs. This video comes at a perfect time for me, so I hope you upload a bunch more like this!

  4. I do the same with my SD, as he's getting older (he just turned 11!), it's a great way to see how his drive and willingness to work are doing especially because he's working towards retirement now!

  5. Tfw you're so in the dog world you don't even confuse engagement as in marriage with engagement as in dogtraining😂. My mind is all dogs😂😂🐾

  6. Thank you so incredibly much! I was just wondering what I could use for engagement training hahaha! And omg when your mom’s dog got excited about going through your legs not gonna lie it made me smile ahha! Love this video so much! I will definitely be using this! Plus I was just about to go train with my dogs! Thanks again! And if it’s not too much too ask could you make more training tutorials when you have the chance? Hope you have a lovely day/night!🥰🖤

  7. i was doing engagement with my dog all wrong! thank you so much for this video. i skipped the 1st step and confused my dog. excellent video 🙂

  8. Fantastic video Claire! I consider engagement the foundation to all dog training. A dog who is engaged is waiting for what comes next and is fully invested in the training session. This was a great tutorial, especially adding the part with your Mom's dog who probably isn't used to paying much attention to you!

  9. this was actually a really great video. more than just asking your dog to focus over and over again, but making it interesting and worth while to engage. you guys are both so sweet and we love you!

  10. Does anyone was tips on how to ask and convince your parents to let you get a PSD. I do qualify for one but my dad is really religious and just want me to pray but I've done that for years. I need tip on what to tell him so he knows this will help me

    Edit also please GoFundMe

  11. Thank you so much!!!!!!!! I needed this more than I was aware! I've had problems with Beatrice not being engaged in training and play sessions and now I can hopefully work on that!!!

  12. At what age would be a good time to start training this? When would you start engagement training with Caspian? Does engagement training ever stop, or can you continually practice this with your service dog throughout its life?

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