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Eugenie And Fergie Were Furious Over Meghan Markle’s Baby News

Eugenie And Fergie Were Furious Over Meghan Markle’s Baby News

The world still can’t get enough of Prince
Harry and Meghan Markle, whose May 2018 wedding was watched by millions around the globe. News that the newlyweds were expecting a baby
has sent royal watchers into a tizzy, but some royals may not actually be happy about
this bundle of joy stealing the spotlight… Wedding crasher Princess Eugenie, the daughter of the queen’s
second son, Prince Andrew, was reportedly furious following Markle’s big pregnancy reveal
– if tabloid reports are to be believed, that is. It wasn’t so much the news itself that supposedly
upset Eugenie, but rather the timing of it. “Congratulations!” “Congratulations!” According to various reports, Markle chose
to drop the royal baby bomb right in the middle of Eugenie’s wedding to Jack Brooksbank. The princess’ big day had already been tainted
by accusations that her wedding was a waste of taxpayers’ money, but the baby reveal on
her big day supposedly, quote, “tipped Eugenie over the edge.” A source told Radar Online that Eugenie, quote,
“disappeared for a while” once the news broke, reportedly furious that she had been upstaged. Subtle social media shade Moments after Kensington Palace dropped the
official royal baby announcement online a few days later, Eugenie’s mother, Sarah “Fergie”
Ferguson, celebrating her 59th birthday, took to Twitter – not to offer her congratulations,
but instead to post a picture of herself from her daughter’s wedding day. Was this an intentional swipe at the American
after she stole her daughter’s thunder? The U.K. press seem convinced that it was. “Quite a scandal!” And Fergie wasn’t finished. The Daily Mail described what followed as
a “tweetstorm,” and while that might be a slight exaggeration, Ferguson’s Twitter output
following the royal baby announcement was unusually high. Fergie followed up the evening gown pic with
what could be interpreted as a series of retaliatory snaps from the wedding, beginning with one
of Eugenie and Jack exiting St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. Dad piles on Eugenie’s papa Prince Andrew retweeted one
of the wedding photos that Ferguson shared, and wished his ex-wife a happy birthday at
the same time. He also made zero mention of Prince Harry
and Meghan Markle’s royal baby news. It was public knowledge at this point, so
why did the queen’s third child seemingly choose to ignore it, rather than offer his
congratulations? According to reports in the British media,
Andrew was at odds with the family over just how lavish an affair the wedding of Princess
Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank should be. His older brother, Prince Charles, has allegedly
been working on ways to phase the two princesses out as he attempts to trim the royal roster,
but their grandmother supposedly wasn’t having it. A royal insider told the Daily Mail, “The Queen adores the girls and is keen for
them to have some kind of a role. Charles’ vision for a streamlined family is
all very well, but how can the royal family do everything it currently does with just
five players?” Dream wedding thief? Rumor has it that Eugenie had to put off her
wedding for a year and wait until after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had their turn, but
what’s worse is she had to watch them walk down the aisle in the same venue she had long
ago chosen for her own ceremony. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, supposedly came
to Eugenie’s defense on this matter, letting Markle know the upstaging wasn’t cool. An insider told New Idea, “[Camilla] told [Markle] she thought it was
atrocious she and Harry were ruining Eugenie’s wedding plans, that Harry should have known
that Eugenie had always wanted to marry at St. George’s chapel.” Upstaged engagement? A delayed wedding and a stolen venue aren’t
the only alleged slights Eugenie faced thanks to Markle and Harry. A supposed royal insider told New Idea that
the Princess of York was also forced to delay telling the world about her engagement, saying, “Being proposed to is one of the most exciting
moments in any young woman’s life – and to think [Eugenie] was ordered to keep it quiet
for months because of Prince Harry’s impending engagement news was a real slap in the face
for her.” Bittersweet ceremony It sounds as though Eugenie desperately wanted
her wedding to be a day that everyone remembered, and they will – though sadly for all the wrong
reasons. Eugenie’s wedding was never going to match
up to Prince Harry’s no matter how many famous friends she invited, because the interest
from the public just wasn’t there. It was inevitable that the two weddings would
be compared, particularly since they occurred at the same chapel. The public party atmosphere of Harry and Meghan’s
big day wasn’t happening for Eugenie and Jack, but at the end of the day, it’s not about
the numbers gathered outside. It’s about the bride and the groom, and a
beaming Eugenie looked stunning on her big day – and unique. She wore a dress that didn’t hide the scar
on her back, a choice made to raise awareness about scoliosis. Her wedding day memories may include some
difficult moments, but we sincerely hope she gets to experience her happily ever after.

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  1. who gives a s**t about Eugenie & Fergie's jealousy over the news. Prince Andrew. Eugenie & Beatrice should stop their useless whining about how other's steal the spotlight from them as they are too far from the Throne. It was Kensington Palace's idea to reveal the news – not Meghan's. So what if Meghan & Harry stole the spotlight – they are more loved than either of Andrews or Fergie's daughters. Sucks to be Eugenie & Beatrice as they will not be able to pass on their titles to their offspring

  2. This fake news is getting boring. The announcement was made before the wedding. Get over yourself non important royals.Harry and Meghans relationship and upcoming addition has breathed new life and renewed interest in the royals that was so uninteresting before. Fergie should relax as the most controversial ex royal with toe sucker gate. Good grief Harry and Meghan do not need to put their life on hold because this spoilt brat didn’t get the limelight

  3. She (meghan) wore her coat with only the top 3 buttons done up and the rest unbuttoned over her barely there bump. It looked odd and unusual. So immediately once she arrived at the wedding all the media & social media chatter was about whether or not she was pregnant. She could have just wore the entire coat unbuttoned. But no, she stole her thunder. I feel sorry for eugenie.

  4. uh… who the hell is Eugenie? Bilions of people around the world was not going to hold their breath for the 3rd child of the queen that will never get to the throne lol

  5. Fergie will always be a disaster, her legs are always open when she gets out of a car and her mouth is always open. Please Fergie drop out.

  6. Not gonna lie but it was the brides day why ruin it with someone's else's news when the bride is not gonna have a big day again plus not trying to be rude but I don't think the baby is Harry's

  7. I don't think Fergie or Eugenie did any such thing. Fergie would do nothing else to damage her staggering royal standing withthe family. Of course she tweeted about her daughter's wedding. It's what mothers of the bride do. Eugenie is a beautiful young woman. Harry and Meghan's baby will never sit on the throne….too far removed. But why are they having a baby so soon? No alone time first. Kinda odd!

  8. I think this is just petty. Both women seem very humble and kind, and I don’t think either of them have bad blood with each other. Despite there being royal scandals in the past, Meghan truly seems like a wonderful person, and like someone already said in the comments, she doesn’t control what is released to the press and when it is released. She may have some say, especially when it comes to her baby, but ultimately it’s not up to her. You have to give up a lot to be apart of the royal family, which she already has, so adding this sort of drama is just ridiculous. Harry and Meghan seem like good people, stop trying to make them seem otherwise.

  9. Do we know if this is actually legit? According to other stories, Eugenie and Meghan are close and Meghan helped with wedding plans. It’s just as possible Eugenie is fine with it. And seriously, ALL parents go a little nuts after a child’s wedding. Fergie’s alleged post-wedding “tweetstorm” doesn’t really prove anything.

    It’s not like Meghan could wait any longer anyway. She’s already showing.

  10. I would be furious too. This Meghan person thinks she can break the rules and formalities as she pleases as she were still in Hollywood. What an idiot!!

  11. Honey you weren't standing at the altar PREGNANT!!!!
    You Were breathtakingly beautiful! I enjoyed ur wedding on tv. Harry and his wife have no respect for anyone. And Harry was always my favorite. NOT ANYMORE! YOU out shine them both by just breathing.😄

  12. That was done in very poor taste. I feel so bad for Princess Eugenie this was her day not Meghans she had hers. wow stilling the day from her. tacky tacky tacky

  13. why is Meghan getting all the hate? Harry probably got a say in when the baby news was dropped and wedding venue. He is the blood royal after all

  14. The problem with Markle, is she hates to see someone get all the attention, it was a pure spiteful and selfish act, no two ways about it.

    A wedding day belongs to the bride and the groom, not some spoilt brat who thinks the world evolves around her!

  15. 'If tabloid reports are to be believed….' That's the key phrase here. These people know nothing. As if Sarah Ferguson, Eugenie & Jack could EVER upstate Harry & Meghan. Unless somebody is sucking Fergie's toes, of course!

  16. Been studiying the family tree and for now and probably until the baby is born, these are my best guesses: For a girl: Alexia or Alexandra Elisabeth Diana…. For a boy Alexander William Philip Charles.

  17. 😂😂😂😂 Looking at these comments 😂😂😂 do you people really believe everything you hear? This is all tabloid fodder! You think they have a IN with what the queen thinks? With what goes on in the royal family? Granny’s probably chilling in her palace sipping scotch, like I swear people are naive as hell 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  18. Markle continues her carrer as Hollywood actress…..extremaly rude, unpolite And competitive
    Let's Go ser How mucho time her marriage lasts

  19. I think it was kind of weird or rude for them to announce that during one of the best day for the bride. They could at least wait a few days or weeks since the wedding was a day for the bride and groom. But whatever…

  20. For those who think she took the day away from princess Euegnie-y’all realize that the queen literally approved EVERYTHING right? It’s not like Harry and Meghan set out to destroy the day. They know well enough that nothing within the family is announced without permission of the queen

  21. Actually the wedding was on 12 october and the pregnancy announcement was made THREE DAYS LATER, on 15 october. So, next time you judge, check the facts ( Google is free after all ). Stop being so ignorant.

  22. You Genie! What does it matter who gets Married First? Stop brewing bad blood. Megan had no control over this, The Prince and his Grandmother…or Father could've changed things around if they wanted to. Yours was a great wedding too 🙂 Live happy….

  23. MM is a calculator who is good at looking innocent, acting for a living, so she knows what she's doing. That was Eugine's day and MM had to have the limelight. We will be sure to see more come out. And NOT because the color of her skin.

  24. I agree with Charles. The royal family does need to be stream lined. It seems a little unfair but if they want to keep heirtary monarchy, they can't complain that the heirs are given special treatment. Meanwhile, tax payers in the U.K and the commonwealth shouldn't have to pick up the tab for "minor" royals. Especially not when many families struggle to put food on the table and live paycheck to paycheck.

    Eugenie not receiving the attention she wants, despite leading a highly privileged life, is the very definition of first world problems. She has access to contacts normal people could only dream of, her life will be fine on or off the royal list.

  25. Also, we don't know what actually happened. Maybe Meghan and Harry didn't announce anything, maybe it leaked out and at big family gatherings, people talk. Also, there's always someone in the family who spots a pregnancy. Meghan not drinking Champaign during a toast, or showing a little, all could have tipped someone off. Meghan could have just confirmed people's suspicions and that's what got back to Eugenie. Who the heck knows? What is clear is that publically Meghan made some attempt to hide a baby bump on Eugenie's wedding. She wore a huge coat.

    Eugenie will never get the same press as Meghan and Harry. Harry's mom still remains a cultural icon. Harry has been beloved since he was a little boy. It's hardly surprising that he and his bride are going to upstage his cousin.

  26. Personally, i see her not taking her coat off for the duration of the ceremony, which, whether it was her intention or not, would spur some pregnancy gossip in the media. As someone who just recently witnessed a cousin get married, followed in a matter of days by her own sister immiditley announcing her own pregnancy, i wouldnt be terribly happy…imo..

  27. I hope any of you insulting Meghan Markle will end up meeting her one day and you think back to the comments you made on this video. Shame, shame, shame.

  28. megan has no class and is taking harry down with her, she's SO NOT the right one for harry what a terrible mistake like cancer on  the royal family

  29. Oh please 🙄. These people are the monarchy of England. They are conditioned by centuries of tradition.
    The marriage of Prince Harry and Megan Markle is probably the most remarkable thing that has ever happened for centuries in royal blood, it is also a time of change, England now is a multi cultural nation. I hope Megan and Harry have lots of children and be happy. The legacy of Diana princess of Wales.

  30. Who so ever announced the baby news whether it's queen or Meghan but eugine's wedding was kind of ruined. I do feel sad for her. It was her big day but it got ruined. I don't know but I think she must have cried a lot. Every plans she made for her wedding got ruined.

  31. and this b** b** knew exactly what she was doing when she told everyone that she was pregnant at eugenie's wedding to take the light and the day away from Eugenie. Karma is a b** Megan.

  32. Eugenie is so classy for her age…love her and good luck…and Meghan and Harry should had not done that to you so sorry…

  33. they should never name this fake baby Diana. it would just be for publicly and I don't think Diana would approve of anything Megan Merkel would do as a matter of fact if Diana were alive this trash would not be near her son. maybe name it pillow. Sherry cline

  34. I would have loved to watch Princess Eugenie's wedding! But it wasn't broadcast in the USA. So I had to see it on youtube after it was over.

  35. For what it's worth, I skipped Harry and Meghan's wedding, but I did take in Eugenie and Jack's. And she can take comfort in the fact that her dress was far prettier than Meghan's, her marriage is likely to last far longer than Harry's, and she got to wear the emerald tiara that I heard Meghan wanted, but was told no by the Queen.

  36. "The world can't get enough of Meghan Markle" ???????? First off, the world doesn't give two shits about Meghan Markle. Meghan is a cheap Netflix hoe who did what any cheap Netflix hoe could have done – insert her nasty self into the royal family. It's a thing for Hollywood hoes to step out with royalty around the world nowadays, don't you know. Secondly, those who have bothered to be bothered about PH and the "Douchesse" are SICK of looking at her one-dimensional Stepford mug in their faces in every magazine and online article. The MEDIA has hyped this bullshit up. Nobody really gives a damn about her. The only reason some who are still paying attention "can't get enough" is because by now it has become quite the entertaining freak show for them. Lol. Plus the whole "racist" thing we got going now. It's THE THING to love it when two gays get married, somebody becomes transgender by mutilating their genitalia, or a half-black person inserts themselves into the royal fam. I said it before, the world loves seeing things being shaken up, switched around, mutilated, and/or inserted where they don't belong and calling that a good thing.

  37. What type of feminist annonunces there pregnancy at another woman's wedding ? It's really really disgusting

  38. I heard Meghan Markle is also responsible for Brexit, Global Warming, and every negative thing that happens on the planet bc we live in a world full of vapid self-important people!

  39. Dropping the pregnancy bomb at the Wedding is the ultimate shit move. It’s such a shame that Eugenie had to wait to announce her engagement, prolong her wedding and be constantly compared. Let’s be clear Eugenie IS a princess true princess. And deserved her special day as much as any bride. But Meghan couldn’t keep her big mouth shut for ONE or TWO more days??? Just let a now “family member” have a lovely wedding- but nope she chooses to tell everyone AT the wedding. Crass.
    She is like that one girl at the party who ALWAYS has just a bit more than everyone (truly or not). The York Princesses have not ever really got the media attention. It was her big day. Seriously, one day. Keep your mouth shut for one more day.
    And I bet she LOVED each and every moment of it.

  40. Eugenie is a true Princess. She literally shares genetic material with the Queen. Meghan Markle is a fraud who slept with her boyfriend for eight years before marrying him, then divorced him, then dated various famous personalities including a chef and finally married Harry. Yuck.

  41. Fergie is soooooooo crass? she's like someone out of my '' Big Fat Gypsies Wedding'' . she's such a hanger on coarse individual???

  42. It. Was DISGUSTING that mm did that! I wish/hope that the Queen ripped her up and down! Andrew will not forget it and it’s been proven true- on the BALCONY as mm was trying to “wriggle” her way to the front next to the Queen – he body-blocked mm several times!

  43. eugines wedding was far more impressive than Harrys was. Eugenie had a traditional english royal wedding with Andrea Botticelli singing a stunning rendition of Ave Maria and another appropriate song or hymn.
    Harry had a botched up flop compared to eugenie. There was a black preacher do a long and completely low class and inappropriate sermon and a black gospel choir singing 50's pop songs!!

  44. eugines wedding was far more impressive than Harrys was. Eugenie had a traditional english royal wedding with Andrea Botticelli singing a stunning rendition of Ave Maria and another appropriate song or hymn.
    Harry had a botched up flop compared to eugenie. There was a black preacher do a long and completely low class and inappropriate sermon and a black gospel choir singing 50's pop songs!!

  45. The Yorks are jealous that William and Harry are more popular than their daughters. Prince Andrew tried to get Eugenie's wedding televised around the world, but TV stations said she wasn't popular enough. Then staff suggested that her wedding should be more toned down, but he insisted on the lavishness and carriage ride, just like Harry's. Prince Andrew also referred to Harry's wedding as "the one in May." Add to that no mention of congratulations to the Sussexes.

  46. Lol Prince Andrew is knows as being the Queen's favorite son, but he has always played second fiddle to Charles in the public Arena. The same happened when Charles got married. His family drew more public interest. And this new generation remains the same.

  47. Meghan could have told the public that she was expecting a baby after eugenie’s wedding a fre Months after her wedding but she was too greedy and stupid too keep it a secter and eugenie deserves better then this

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