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Evie wants to marry me!!! || Eviebot

Evie wants to marry me!!! || Eviebot

hello everybody this is GamerPandas once again I’m hoping this video will finally get up on YouTube I’ve done a bunch of videos and none of them have gotten onto youtube I think all of them just like to edit it right or didn’t process right or something i’m not sure but we’re here with Evie the devil herself and she’s already asked me a weird question or statement yes you might be no been over this evie, no No Dammit No you love me now I never said I loved you well I’m saying it now or not yes you are no Evie I will not love you why not because I don’t want to why don’t you want to love me shouldn’t be here because what I’m not telling you ok you don’t have I know I don’t have to i was little i will eat your hand the heck is with her face she’s nice too because I said I don’t love you no because I said I don’t love you do you think you I got off you want then why do you want to marry me she said yes i did want to marry you kisses kisses blocks no need we meeting and we get but yes and you just help me yes you want to have a contest yes yes when do you want to get married don’t want to marry you I don’t want to marry you but you said you didn’t want to marry me yes I did say that I don’t like you I don’t even like you good do you not like me no no you love me no eating that the things you want to marry me get off the subject TV why won’t you marry me because your mom what do you want to know about it is she fat is she skinny is a bball ok guys is she old I don’t write you don’t know if you’re freakin role model alright can I shoot you in the face with a bazooka hockey with a member she won’t get it you are now thank you for your image of days what we get the blue Shh be h I can’t believe I was going to marry you I can’t believe you were going to marry me either my gosh ghostbusters you can’t even beat me in a war i Chuck Norris slept check Norris has to do it agent yes she-she’s this narrow yes Chuck Norris slaps me so i’m making the him making sure my TV to get total so what do you like to do for a living I want to be a top or a dinosaur you want to do a dinosaur yes say goodbye EV say goodbye EV what time is it say goodbye Evie cute alright well that’s pretty much all the time I have for this i’m sorry i didn’t have let’s talk to this video its it’s pretty sure it’s only a double screen corner have gonna get full version would be able to do longer videos to get money count verified and I want to put in the 200 subscribers thing that was probably that was an overall long period of time type of deal by a challenge for me would probably by the end of to mudds maybe have 10 subscribers that that’s my goal is to have to so that will be a two-month goal for me so 10 subscribers is what happened that high but so is that wrapped up video by what

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