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  1. Screw all those illiterate and insane wankers who spend considerable amounts of money on one wedding night but do not help the poors.

  2. mate i'm a proud Afghan myself! and i strongly condemn such waste of hard-earned money on one night and only for the futile purpose of showing off to the people in his family that he also has money and that he is crazy enough to give a feast instead of a simple wedding night ceremony.

  3. I think to some extent you are right mate to spend money if they have the money but about 70% of afghans are not rich and these people are raising the bar so high that the other poor won't be able to get married.

  4. All my life in Peshawar I have lived with Afghans neighbors and attended their weddings. These types of marriages are mostly of Darri speaking Afghans who mostly claimed they from Kabul (though most didn't ) their marriage ceremonies stunning, so west cultured, bride dress expensive, music groups.It amazed me they immigrated and still could afford such lavish marriage but most of all its money badly wasted, I wish we can simply do Nikah and make life easy for all. I guess I can only wish.

  5. 3:05 Screw your ego and meaningless pride. Being concerned over how others perceive you is pointless and childish. There are more important priorities that you need to focus on than only temporary short lasting material pleasures. There are starving people on your street that need your help! Wisen up! You have the perception maturity of a freakin teenager!


  6. INHAMA az jahalat afghanha hast baz dar kakagi kho ghairat ma ba zarabin paida namesha inhama az be aqly wa aqab mandagi farhang wa cultur afghanistan ast.

  7. Surah talaq verse7: Let the rich man spend according to his means, and the man whose resources are restricted, let him spend according to what Allah has given him. Allah puts no burden on any person beyond what He has given him. Allah will grant after hardship, ease.

  8. why the fuck do they waste so much money on 2 ppl getting married whom dont even know or love eachother??!

  9. @afareen15L the women are in a different hall cus most of them show their hair and try to look very pretty between them, they celebrate in separate halls

  10. this is soo haram n not islamic ,even if men n women are separate,,,our Prophet PBUH tells us to have simple weddings.what are they trying to prove???.these poor guys !!! Astogfola

  11. In the philippines, 20,000USD is equivalent to 1,060,000PHP. in that money, you can made a Modern house, buy a lot where you can build your dream house, you can also buy secondhand but good condition car, a motorcycle for daily service, you can even save more to start your family business. The education are all free up to college, and if you live in a province, all the filipino family are very hospitable where they give and share everything they have. We are also poor country but we have unity.

  12. Why everyone hating?? Just becuase afghans are having fun and y’all white Americans are cheap ass and have gay ass weddings inside churches with like 2 guests. Life’s too short to have a boring wedding

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