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Extended Scene: The Couples Get Real About Infidelity | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | OWN

Extended Scene: The Couples Get Real About Infidelity | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | OWN

Even beforehand– so like,
even before Martell and I went through what we went through,
I’d been asking before, what do you think? And I’m like, well,
not as I know of. I don’t think so. But it was never a like, no,
he would never do this, or– MAN: [INAUDIBLE] good statement.
– You know what I’m saying? [INAUDIBLE] it’s not a
real statement either. MAN: Well– well,
to be honest, like– It’s not a real statement. Well, I made that statement. And I said that I’ve never
experienced that before. I said my husband
hasn’t done that. MAN: That’s fair. It hasn’t happened to me. MAN: I think that’s fair. I think we– like if you’re
talking about your children, like obviously,
there’s people who grow up and turn into murderers.
MAN: Right. WOMAN: Right. MAN: If you ask
their mother, would your child ever be a murderer? No, he would never do that. MAN: Right. MAN: She would never do that. I think when there’s
an event that is beyond the realm of
possibility in your mind, you say never, and you mean
never, up until your kid goes and kills somebody. WOMAN: Right. MAN: But I think that– And I think it’s
no longer never. MAN: But if you look at
that history of that child– if you go back and really
look at him and like, just follow his
upbringing, things like him get in trouble and stuff– I think that no
one can act exempt from it happening to them. And that’s when I
have the problem, like don’t think that– What’s your problem
with it specifically? Specifically? Oh, whenever someone’s
sitting in my face, saying– and they know they lying– saying oh, I, this
has never happened. I have never experienced this. That’s when I have a problem.
It’s like, no. Let’s be honest. MAN: Because they’re
lying to you? And they want– if they’re
lying to me and expecting me to be honest with them. But what if they think they–
but what if they [INAUDIBLE] MAN: If they can’t
think they [INAUDIBLE] – No, ’cause they ain’t– right.
– I’m sorry. I mean, don’t under–
I don’t know. But I’m just saying,
they can’t think they’re telling the
truth if they know they’re not telling the truth.
Does that make sense? That makes sense.
But– LATISHA: And that
makes it difficult. That makes the
conversations hard to have. And then what you’re
saying is it’s very tough to seek help or go
to certain people if they’re not being truthful.
LATISHA: Honest. MAN: Honest about something. Well, I have never
experienced that before. And I have an auntie– MAN: Experienced what? Cheating. I haven’t, with my husband. I have not. I have a auntie. They’ve been married
for 32 years. Her husband’s never
cheated on her before. I have another auntie. She’s been married
for over 20 years. Her husband has never
cheated on her before. I talk to them all the time
about marriage and relationship because sometimes it gets hard. MAN: I mean, do you–
did you just feel that– And sometimes you
want to walk away. But like, cheating is
like, not an option. WOMAN: Right. So– and I didn’t get married
to my husband thinking that oh, maybe one day he’s
going to cheat on me. LATISHA: Nobody does.

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  1. Misery loves company!!!! I don't care if he is or isn't the fact that you all are sitting around the table discussing someone else's affairs when all of you have your own trunk load of drama is puzzling to me. Clean your own gd houses!!!! If she believes in her heart who are you to change it! When you were told to stay away from something did you listen or did you have to find out for yourself?! Let her find out for herself. And not slapping her in the face with I told you so!

  2. Tisha, you aren't exempt slow girl! I'd be willing to be a millionaire dollars that MOST men cheat and your husband is one of them!!

  3. Latisha already knows he cheated. She doesn’t want to admit it on TV for the world to know. That’s why Mel said she’s not being honest.

  4. Latisha is naïve. There are different types and levels of cheating. Many men flirt and do emotional cheating. Marsau has cheated on Latisha and she is aware of it. She's just in denial for the public.

  5. Melody and Martell either need to produce receipts or let it go. Are they saying Latisha knows and she is acting like she doesn't?

  6. Am I the only one who feels her husband is controlling anyway. He talks to her as if she’s brainless on which I don’t blame him because she’s like a yes woman. He didn’t want her to work he expected her to be at his every need hand and foot. He doesn’t like her mother and she was complaining about him barely interacting with the kids. I just don’t care for their union. Their not equally yoked

  7. If someone is accusing you of cheating and it's causing a rift on your marriage, why wouldn't you confront the person who is saying those things and shut it down once and for all? Marsau knows not to say anything because he's trying his best not to have his cover blown.

  8. Tisha know he cheated and she’s trying to guilt him to come clean. Dude already said he will never admit it, but everything being concealed will be revealed.

  9. These people have no idea of what "REAL" is. Or how to make a relationship work. They live in their own self-absorbed bubble.😒

  10. I feel sad for Tisha. Mel should just tell her out right what she knows instead of throwing these hints around in front of everyone. That's embarrassing Tisha. It almost seems like because they had a falling out that Mel is happy to keep throwing around these hints in order to make Tisha look bad. It's not out of concern for her. It's like, "You talked about my issues with my husband so I'm going to expose the world about your husband too." Just say what you know or just leave it alone, and go your separate ways. Friendship over. Why keep poking at the situation???????? It's mean spirited.

  11. Tish is doing what she should do and that’s believing her husband until he shows her different….. some of you would let a rumor from a known cheater destroy your families… smh ….no ma’am…she needs proof until then she shouldn’t listen to you birds….. smh…

  12. First all you go in a relationship; with fact that you pray your spouse would never cheat on you… why would you go around thinking they would??… they are trying to make her say something that she knows nothing abt or experienced at this point. she is saying i dont know that my husband has cheated on me… period… just because your spouse has doesnt mean mine has… if you know something say something; dang… stop beating around the bush!!!! or shut up!!

  13. Tisha girl you look like a damn fool. Stop lying, you look like a liar even he knows he cheated. Lying for a man thats not even trying to back you on him not cheating.

  14. Here we go Martell and Melody stinking up the place with their bull💩. Notice the conversation has shifted comments from Melody and Martell infidelity… M&M still can't tell the truth, I don't believe anything coming from their mouths especially with Martell buying his side dish a new Mercedes, they are still together..

  15. Cedarris made it real clear with his analogy for Latisha. If she wants to remain in the dark about it, let her. It may rock her world too much to believe or know the truth. While I don't agree with her choice, who am I to make it different for her!? It is her choice to press Marsau for the truth.

  16. Did you him stuttering though?! Stumbling on his words…couldn't even respond! Guilty! Girl wake up! Stop talking about if you dont want to face the real!

  17. I wish Mel and Martell just come with the receipts!! Stop speaking in riddles, Latisha really believes her husband never cheated. He did look guilty asf tho smh

  18. This show is so friggin disgusting especially the fanbase. Hence why I stopped watching. I used to be in love with this show.

  19. Melody is repulsive. She is so immature. The only reason you guys like her so much because you guys hate that you're fat and dark and wish you looked like her

  20. I told my friends my soon to be ex husband would never cheat on me lol Over the years he was having conversations with ex's that didn't live in the area but I still considered it cheating bc of the flirtation and the things he said about me.

  21. Marsau won't just say he hasn't cheated. Tischa is saying this because she's trying to push them to tell her. I think her intuition is telling her he may be bullshitting her so she's making statements to Mel hoping it will push her to say different out of anger. Look at Marsau's face when she said she hasn't experienced it. His eyes darted between Mel and Martell and then he smirked. The only issue I have with Mel is her teasing Tischa with the accusation as opposed to just giving her receipts. I think she relishes in it because she wants someone to feel that pain. She has since apologized (online) because of the backlash but she meant it and only apologized because of how it made her look.

  22. Why didn't her husband back her up and say no honey Iv'e never cheated on you.because he couldn't knowing mortel knows the truth about him and his brother as well.

  23. As women we can't ever say what a bf/husband won't do… No marriage is perfect, people tell you what they want you to hear, so we ever really know til trouble in paradise hits… #naive

  24. And I keep screaming at the TV "MARSAU SECURE YOUR WIFE IN SAYING TO EVERYONE YOU HAVEN'T CHEATED" but he continues he keep her insecure…so something is hidden that will be dragged out to the open

  25. Latisha’s husband body language tells it all. But on the flip side, it’s unfortunate that Mel is hurting and she wants to share the hurt by planting seeds to expose Latisha’s husband. Bottom line, the entire conversation, I found to be very passive aggressive. Say what it is, or say nothing at all.

  26. I couldn’t be around Mel. Why is she so mad that Tasha doesn’t believe her husband isn’t cheating? She’s the epitome of misery loves company. For her to turn around and start laughing because Tasha said that she never experienced cheating was trifling and said a lot about her character. I used to feel sorry for her because of what her husband was doing but now I know they’re made for each other

  27. Latitia is so nieve and sad. You can't ever believe that a man won't ever cheat. It's ok to hope that ur man is faithful but to act as if it cud NEVER happen is dangerous. And the fact that he hasn't defended himself against it NOT ONCE is very telling. Hes round here makin her look like a WHOLE fool out here in these streets.

  28. Latitia wants ppl to think her life is perfect and it's fat from it. Stevie Wonder can see that this man is cheating! Only an immature and nieve person wud belive that a man cud NEVER cheat. Hope for the best…yes…but NEVER wud….girl bye.

  29. Still at the end of the day what kind of friends become bitter cause their dirty laundry is aired. Then turn around try to tear your friends marriage down. The Holts are insinuating the other couple should not lie about their situation but I think they should stay on topic. Which is your man had a whole realationship with someone for 3 years. I would not give a damn who or what my friends were doing in their marriage cause I would be busy working on my own…….sad part is that Mel play games she staying with her cheating husband and this is all a show. Where Tisha will seriously leave her husband / contemplate leaving becuase of her beliefs and principles. I would never do that to my friend no matter how much my marriage was suffering.

  30. Marsau face @ 2:06 the way his eyes👀 kept looking ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 🤣🤣🤣 he was trying so hard to keep a straight face and HOPE no one snitched on him!! 🤣🤣🤣

  31. It's seems to me Latisha keeps bringing up her husband cheating. Nobody else is saying anything about it but her. She came for Mel both times and she got what she asked for. Yeah Mel is mad and if you come for a person you going to get whatever. Not once have I heard her husband deny any of that. Even when Tisha said I never experience that everybody at that table didn't say a word including her husband. Sis let it go because what you are seeking from Mel and her husband you already know the truth.

  32. Girl ya man has cheated either except it or not but stop speaking as if the question or the situation hasn’t came up cause he still hasn’t answered your question and by now you should know your husband

  33. Why do the men look so scared? Mel can see Tisha is a bit naive, not sure why she is taking offence to her naivity… it's emotionally immature to have such a reaction; that is nothing to take personal. If anything, I'd just say poor girl and move on but to dislike her do much for that is telling?!

  34. I hope these two fix their friendship, and I truly believe she knows her husband is guilty!! We all men/women have that feeling inside when something is truly wrong.

  35. Feel like I’m watching the dinner table scene in the cabin from Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married. Lol like their re-enacting it

  36. they all need to jump as a group this is dumb and tasha tisha is slow she talk to her herself talk hell wasting oxygen.

  37. Martel and Mel, is it?…They have a whack relationship-The one, who hasn't experienced cheating, has a good relationship and he didn't need to speak..Why should he-He dosent need too defend himself, only to his woman

  38. ( clears throat) um baby that man on your right has cheated on you a blind man can see his guilt, and hope that he can keep you blind. Um just gone wait for the episode, and WOMEN to fall out the tree.

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  40. I I don't know what is sadder : our complacent attitude towards fidelity, as if marriage love and infidelity are a package OR Tisha's ignorance alongside Mels attempt to recruit her into accepting that their men are nasty

  41. Ok but so what if he's cheating? Make a decision Mel. Tell Tisha or don't, but please stop insinuating around it. Mel & Martell are being shady because of the pain & embarrament of their situation & now trying to put everybody else on blast. Weak. If you really have Tisha's interest at heart, you would just tell her. Dropping clues for what? So much for being 'straight-forward Mel' 🕵🏿‍♀️

  42. No relative will most times never admit the truth about infidelities inside their 20 or 30 year marriages. I adore Latisha but this is not accurate info because of course her aunts are not going to spoil the idea of marriage in their nieces minds because it would be wrong. But sadly the "fairy tale image of marriage" continues

  43. I dont think she knew prior to the meeting with Mel the first time but I think she is questioning things now. She is not a fool or naive she believed in her husband as you should be able to. The question was he cheated on you not do you think it can happen.
    Mel needs to learn humility

  44. When you keep talking about the same issue…you get no results. Mel husband bought a car for his sidepiece. But she steady digging in someone else's marriage. Bring me proof Mel

  45. For the love of God every man doesn't have to be a low down dirty dog.

    There are men that respect and love their spouses.

    These people are so unhappy and insecure that they WANT to breathe negativity to their "friend's" relationship. Just WOW

  46. Them Holt's want Latisha husband to be a cheater and if he did I hope she leaves him unlike Mel she excepted the cheating and now bringing another child in on this foolishness/messy family. I truly believe the Holt's marriage is open and he's never gonna stop being with the other women. Mel asked question on show do we look stupid? Of course you and your husband look real STUPID.😉 Y'all marriage is a mess so now the both of you are blaming others for their mess. How in hell you gonna have a whole girlfriend for three years then blame my friends. #TeamScotts

  47. Why do any of them care about what someone else's man is doing? Worry about your own marriage that's people's problem. I would never ask a woman a question like that because it's none of my business. Since everyone already seems to know the answer, why ask someone a question you already know the answer to? Just to trap them or humiliate them? I can't stand people who do that.

  48. TV always breaks up marriages and relationships. Is the money really worth it. The wife is always last to know that her man cheated, some dont find out until the man is dead and at an old age.

  49. Not for nothing…ok, people think~~Does anyone really think…that Marsau would be there… sitting at the table with a straight face….WITH LATISHA SITTING RIGHT THERE NEXT TO HIM….if he was GUILTY of committing infidelity in his marriage to LaTisha 🤔🤔🤔🤔 ??

    People…Martell & Melody are in an f'd up place in their marriage right now. Now, Melody wants to claim that the infidelity in her & Martell's marriage didn't start until the couples started hanging out together (their circle The Comeback Group)????

    Lets call this B.S. what the f it is, ok? Martell Holt is a hoe, ok? Real damb simple…this is a dude who has committed infidelity in his marriage~~and instead of owning up to what he has done in the marriage, he wishes to deflect his behavior by throwing shade on the other men in the circle~~by claiming (to Marsau) "…like you haven't cheated with 20 women…"

    Come on…lets say even if Marsau has cheated? That was some bitchassness Martell did. Martell needs to own up to what the hell he is doing and the toll it is taking on Melody…because now look~~Melody is acting up…on her own group of girls…for what? She is acting up due to Martell's behavior! Come on, people 😒😡

  50. I am team Latisha if she think her husband isn't cheating thts her seem like Mel want everyone husband cheat because her man cheated

  51. Marsau's closed mouth, praying hands and shifting eyes said it all…..I pray Latisha has the support she'll need to "grow" through his deceit when it's finally revealed.


  53. These two women are too childish…it's becoming annoying to watch. Mel stop doing too much, with all the antics and underhand games you play, ur being passive aggressive. Tisha you are too defensive and sensitive.

  54. Birds of a feather flock together. If your husband’s friend is engaging in dishonest behavior with his wife you have to wonder if your husband is walking the straight line. Thinking your husband is faithful is having hope. While knowing your husband is faithful is having respect. Tish wants respect but has settled for hope.

  55. Latisha: "i have never experienced cheating" while her husband's eyes are moving side to side like he watching a rabbit run back and forth😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

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