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What’s up everyone? And welcome to FAQ number 79 I’m here with my beautiful wife Louise. And like I told you in the latest FAQ I wanted you guys to ask me questions that I would ask my wife Louise or questions that my wife Louise would ask me. So I got a fair… I would say a lot of questions from you guys and a lot of inappropriate ones like how big my dick is and… if I hit the g string and if… if… Some of you guys seem to have blatantly asked my wife out. How dare you? I like your style by the way. Yeah, that’s what we’re going to do today. So this is an FAQ special of some sort, I guess. But before we start I just want to do a little shameless plug if that’s okay. But… this week we released two new Floyd Rose models with a Solar Guitars. This is the S1.6 Floyd Rose As you can see it’s with a flamed maple veneer there and… Oh, it’s just stainless steel and all that stuff. And then we have our first V with a Floyd Rose, what do you think about that? Really nice. -You like this guitar?
-Yes. -It’s pretty.
-Good. It is pretty, I made it Let’s start, first question. From Aaron Franklin: “Hi Ola’s wife, my question to you is how did you guys meet? “And how did your first dates together go? “I can’t remember is Ola has answered this before “But it would be nice to hear your side of the story “just in case Ola has chosen to leave out something embarrassing.” Well, how did we meet? I’ll interrupt there for a bit. When you were like 7or 8 years old, we went to the same school we started the first grade together and we were in the same class and we were in the same class up until… -Like…
-I think 8… -8th grade?
-Yeah. Then you switched school. She switched schools, and we didn’t see each other for… Up until… I think it was the graduation -Yeah
-When we went out of… -Is it highschool?
-I don’t know what you call it, but… -When you’re 18, you graduate from… from something.
-Yeah… or 19. -19… I was 18, because my birthday is in September.
-Oh, yeah. So… I saw her at the graduation party… And I was so impressed with her. I hadn’t seen her in a lot of years and… she started quoting Dream Theater and Pantera songs… She started singing Pull Me Under. And I was like okay, okay. I have to have this girl no matter what. She had a boyfriend at the time, but… that’s easily fixed, I think. but uh… So that’s when my kind of like stalking started I think because I don’t think anything happened up until like 2 or 3 years later. -Yeah, we talked on messenger.
-Messeng… ICQ. -ICQ
-Are you guys old enough for that? -We had ICQ back in the day, and messenger.
-And mIRC. mIRC, yes. IRC, that’s right. So yeah, I think I stalked her for… 2 years, right? And then… then… I think I declared my love for Louise in in a messenger message. Yeah. And… I don’t recall what you responded to be honest, I don’t remember. I don’t remember either, but I guess… You know, the current relationship was about to end anyway -Yes
-So I was like moving on -Perfect timing for Ola Englund the Swede
-Yeah Just going in there like… So that’s where Ola came in and stole the day, basically. Awesome, thank you. -Next question.
-We didn’t actually have a first date. We didn’t have a date… No we did. I mean, I think the first date we had was… …at my parents’ place. I invited you over. This was before my love was not responded from you but we had like a movie night. -Oh, yeah
-We cooked dinner… -And I was so nervous I couldn’t eat, because the…
-… you couldn’t eat. Maybe it’s because the food sucked as well, because you made the food. -Oh, thanks.
-There you go, next question. Brett Axness: “What does she think of all your women subscribers?” Well, I think the same as you. Like, it would be nice to have more It would be really nice, but you know, it’s like an arrow -Interests, I guess.
-Yeah. And there’s more male guitarists than female guitarists. That too, but also my channel is very niche -Yes.
-So it’s very… you know. It’s very death metal and metal focused. and I don’t think that there are that many women out there that are as focused as death metal guys. But if you’re a death metal girl or woman… Come join the club, please. tkzsfen: “Mrs. Englund, what was your first impression of Ola?” -It’s kind of a hard question.
-Oh well, my first impression when… when I was 7 years old… I don’t know, I don’t remember, I’m sorry. That’s… it’s kind of a long time ago, I don’t even remember my name back then. It was Ola by the way. “Hey Louise is Ola a boob or a butt guy?” I kind of avoided this question in my latest FAQ, but let’s just ask Louise I guess. He’s a butt guy. -I think so, yeah.
-Okay, how do you conclude that? I don’t know, you touch my butt more than my boobs Okay, great, next question. Fortiori: “Question to the both of you / for each other / wahtever you want “Ola, do you think YouTube is safe enough to make a living off of “since companies are pulling their ads and copyrights gets crazier? “I guess you have much more going on to make an income “But I’m kind of interested in your thoughts on YouTube itself as a means of income.” Yeah, well, it feeds us both. It’s not just YouTube, it’s everything surrounding YouTube, I mean… YouTube is a platform for me to keep myself alive So it kind of feeds off everything. You know, I have my solo album coming… I’m sorry for that, but… You know, I’m constantly pushing for you guys to preorder my solo album because I can through the YouTube channel and… You know, the solo album is now becoming, you know, a big part of… of the income that I have this month or next month and then the next couple of months it’s something else and… -So, it’s really scattered out in a way, which is hard to…
-But still connected. It’s still connected of course, because everything goes hand in hand with you know Solar Guitars and… you know, the shows I do with The Haunted, and YouTube, and my albums, and whatnot. So yeah, definitely everything goes in hand. It’s… It’s obviously not a good stable type of income but it works for us now. We have no idea what it’s gonna be in 2 years. If you didn’t know already, I hired Louise back in September to work for me and the company. So… she’s an employee now. A lot of sexual harassment at work. Great. Gortpap: “Hey Ola’s wife, do you ever get sick of burping?” Oh man. You should hear my burping. That’s what I say as well, like… If you think my burping is cool and funny, you should hear her. She’s a fucking monster. Oh, it’s like a cat, like a strangled cat kind of burping. -By the… Can you demonstrate?
-No. No, great. Keeping it classy, I like that. Psycho Chicken: “Hey Ola, can you ask your wife if she gets and/or likes your sense of humor “and also ask her what the Swedish word of the day is.” Do you like my humor? Without your humor I wouldn’t be with you. -Oh shit, okay, good.
-You know? It’s… -Goes hand in hand?
-Yeah. But is it like… is it too vile? You know what? There’s one sense of humor that you have on YouTube -Yes.
-And the one at home, you know? And the one on YouTube is a little bit restricted. -There you go, I’m even worse in person.
-Yes. Okay, so good Swedish word of the day… Swedish word of the day. I don’t have a Swedish word of the day. This is like… I hate this segment. because it’s become this thing where people expect me to have really good words and… We kind of like ran out already. -So, what the fuck do we have?
-Just give us the word and we’ll translate it for you. Yes. I’m just thinking of something, it’s like ‘ugh’. Fuck it. Swedish word of the day: fuck it. Ah, good, Swedish word of the day: skit it. -‘Fuck it’ basically.
-Yeah. There you go. Tstorey: “Question for Mrs.Englund. Are you sick of guitars yet?” Sometimes… You know, it’s… It’s been better now since we have a storage where we can put all the guitars. -Yes
-Because… Before we had all the guitars out here in our living room just behind my desk. But yeah, it’s better now. It is better, I am becoming a better person, I I promise -Since the storage.
-Since the storage. Storage, solves most of your issues. RussXnimbusX42: “Hi Ola” Ehm… Louise, sorry. “What are the best and worst parts of having a husband that works such an unconventional job?” I like all these questions, because they will make me look good… I hope… depending on the answer. Yeah, I think the best part is of course the freedom That you can do what you want -not what your boss wants, or whatever
-Yes. And I think that makes you happy. And that makes me happy, of course. But also, you know, it’s… It makes me feel younger, I guess. Because when you talk to like other people, parents or whatever to other kids’ parents… They’re like working on a bank, or at an office, or something. Like, it feels like we’re on the younger generation -Still. Even…
-Okay, yeah. Even though we’re not. -Yeah exactly.
-You know, they go to work with their suits and stuff A thing that I like to do during the summer, when everyone goes pick up their kids from school if I go, is to take the shittiest clothes that I have. I just go… like to the most death metal t-shirt that I have and just go there collect my kids When everyone else has suits, shirts, and whatnot. I… It’s one of my small passions in life. Ashely Weber: “Hey Louise, not sure if that is spelled correctly lol “What is your favorite band?” I have many favorite bands. I like mostly the progressive metal. what I listen to right now like… Pain of Salvation and Opeth, and… Do you see how proud I am right now? And when I work out I listen to Coheed and Cambria What else… -Louise actually got me…
-Leprous. Louise was the one that actually… she’s the one that gives me new music advice here and there today. Because I rarely listen to new music, because I’m constantly working with music all the time But you got me into Leprous and it’s like holy shit It’s one of my favorite new bands ever. All the new kind of music that I listen to comes from Louise actually -and she has good taste, I like it.
-Yeah. I did not tell her to say this, she said it on her own behalf, so… B. Mergler: “Hi Louise and Ola, must admit your channel is becoming a go-to for me “love that you’re putting some positivity out there. “Question: what was the first concert you both attended as a couple? “And do you still have the ticket stubs from the show?” -Was it Dream Theater?
-Yes -It was Dream Theater.
-Do you have the ticket? I do have the ticket, and I have to find it so I can take a picture and put it here ,so you can watch it. Yeah, I still keep all my 90s and 2000s tickets, I still have those stubs left. And we went to that Dream Theater show… Was that when Pain of Salvation opened up? I think so. And it was a great show, and I think you weren’t really into the band But I tried to kind of like get you into it. -Yeah.
-I think it was the Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence tour. And… I have such a strong and fond memory of that album because that was just when Louise and I became a couple So I still hold that album to a high remark, because… So, whenever I heard hear that album today… -It kind of like brings me back, which is nice.
-Yeah, me too. So that’s that’s our album. What’s our song? -Do we have a song?
-I don’t know. -We don’t have a song.
-Rick Astley? We don’t have a song, we should get a song. Kriss Jae Kitson: “Hi Ola’s wife, my question to you Do you ever actually see your husband or is he always in his man cave? “My boyfriend is also a youtuber and I can’t remember what he looks like.” Yeah, he’s in his man cave quite a lot. -He is.
-I like my man cave. -He does.
-It’s great in there. But you’re right here and this is right next to my man cave, so you can just watch my ass and my back -Yeah
-Or the back of your big chair My gaming chair by the way, that’s blue. I love my gaming chair. WalkenDead: “For Ola’s wife, What’s it like being married to Ola?” Don’t know what’s it like to be married to someone else? -I don’t know
-It’s a… yeah, it’s a weird question What’s the answer to that? I love it, I guess. That was the correct answer, great. Perennial Lotus: “Ola to wife: Do you still love me?” I like this question. -Yes I do.
-Aw. -Can I have a kiss?
-Yes. Kiss of the day. Kiss of the day, great. “Hey Ola, you rock. To Louise. What is the hardest part about living with a guitar player? “how annoying does it get when he’s learning something and playing it over and over again until he gets it right? “Or is he just incredible and everything he plays is right the first time?” I think the problem is not when I’m playing I think the problem is when I’m mixing or working with something that you hear over and over the same riff or the same segment of a song I mean, how much do you love my solo album, by the way? That you can pre-order up here. How many times have you heard it? Oh, so many times. You know, you just said what I was supposed to answer It’s because I’m Ola, the knower of futures. No, but it’s… you don’t practice that much of a song, but when you’re mixing it’s… -Ola the mixerer
-Yeah, but… You know, I’m actually happy that you’re not a bass player because recording bass is… Oh, that’s… It’s not nice to be in the apartment when you record bass. -I love it.
-Guitar is much better Yes, you heard it here, if you’re a bass player you have no shot at all at life. Okay, there’s anothere question here “To Ola: who’s better in business? Be honest. You know it’s Louise.” -Actually not.
-Yes, I was about to say… I was about say because no one touches my business side of things. -Your success is totally your…
-Exactly Jason: “Louise, does Ola pay you enough or do you need a raise? Asking for a friend” Well… Worth mentioning is that… it’s very equal in this household now, because we both make make the same exact money. Before I hired Louise I made a lot more money But just to be able to hire her… To get her in on all of this and you know, make her life a little bit more free… I cut down on my own salary to have her have the same salary and now we’re equally in this… I’m all for equality. Okay, wahmen subscribers… Hello. No one gives a shit. Tyler Jameson: “Hey Louise, what’s something you are passionate about? “We see Ola and his metal all the time but never anything to do with your interests. Please share with us.” One of my big ones are horses and I go horse riding twice a week That’s something I’ve been doing since I was 12 years old So it’s a big interest for me I don’t own a horse on my own because we live in central Stockholm -There’s no way you can afford
-Just like everything else, it’s stupidly expensive So that’s one and I also take pictures as a photographer and I take some of the Solar Guitars pictures When you see a guitar out in the… -The woods or forest
-In the woods or by the lake or something it’s… Probably me that took that picture and I also take pictures of horse show jumping Louise has an excellent, excellent photographic sense, I mean… Everyone can take a picture, but Louise has a really good… You know, she knows what to capture and has a really good sense for capturing a photo -So yeah
-Thank you Horse riding, and Ola riding and photography. There you go. Yeah, I guess. Those 2 and health. -Health, it’s very important
-It’s also like… -A newer interest for me
-Yeah Like nutrition, yes. And health in general. Gaël Sortino: “Do you get jealous when sexy Ola is on tour with groupies and stuff?” Just do… Just before Louise answers this question… I just have to make you guys realize that the groupies that come out to our shows… are you guys, so my groupies are guys. Just so you understand what I’m saying. -Sorry, okay, I’ll let you answer the question.
-No, it’s more or less answered. I mean, look at this. She doesn’t have to be worried at all. abbas ahmed: “Hey Ola wifey, how do you tolerate this weirdo in your life? Are you blind?” That’s what I said, yeah. That’s nice. Yeah, well… yeah. I have other qualities. You know Ola, you know how he is. Do you like him or not? Have you subscribed or not? Subscribe, shit. Deanna Cervasio “Hi Ola and Louise, hubby and I watch your videos every Sunday, can you please share a photo… “…of the two of you on your wedding day. would love to see it. “Can’t wait to see you in Australia in April.” -I will find that photo, I’ll put it up here.
-Yeah. That’s it, it’s there. Nils Norse: “Ola’s wife, what was the best thing Ola did to you or gave you to make you happy?” The best thing he did to me was bringing me kids Oh, that’s very cheesy, but yeah. You know that first step of getting kids? I’m really good at that, you’re welcome. Yeah, it’s not that hard… -for you guys.
-Yeah. You know having kids is also tough and also bringing the kids it’s tough You know, you have been there all the way with me and especially the second time -Which was really… rough, really hard.
-…rough. Really life… you know? Life changing I would say and that’s something I’ve said in my channel since… …since after the birth of our daughter, 2014 end. -I think my whole life perspective changed.
-Yeah. And my view at life… you just don’t give a shit anymore. About people, what people think… -I think… it doesn’t matter
-It doesn’t matter -It’s all about the family, right?
-Yeah. I think a lot of people need to have some kind of like revelation like that -because a lot of people are just stuck up assholes.
-Yeah. But not us, because we’re perfect. Jan Haayer: “Louise, my wife Kristy wants to know if… “Is Ola as much of an ass to you in person as he is on YouTube?” Have you been an asshole on YouTube? Next question. Dave Jr:”Ola, is your wife a Swede also?” Yeah. That was easy. Steve Maass: “Whose hair is more responsible for clogging the shower drain, yours or your wife’s?” I knew this, that’s why I picked this question. -Definitely
-Yeah, I’m losing more hair because I’m getting old -Sorry, but I’m trying to kind of like scoop it up.
-I know. I do my best. That was the last question. And yeah, I thought that went pretty well. This will probably have to become a segment of some sort Let’s just go through the banned questions real quick, just to… A little bonus, bonus questions. -Not sure…
-Do we not have to answer? We don’t have to answer, I’m just gonna comment on these. Your Disappointed Father: “To Ola’s wife: Are you single?” You fuckface. “Louise, did Ola burp while having sex?” Next. “Hi Louise, is Ola good in bed?” -We shouldn’t answer.
-Okay. “Hello Louise the wiferrr, my question is: does Ola hit the G string?” Oh, it’s such a cheap cheap ass joke, but… Oh shit. “Mrs Ola, does Ola the satisfier satisfy you?” Yes. It almost sounded like an evil laugh “Is Ola good at sex?” -You guys are naughty.
-Why do you want to know? Why do you want to know? Exactly. “Hey Louise, does Ola have a big one? Does he clap during sex?” Ola the clapperer, mid sex. Okay, that was the last question. Guys, thank you so much for sticking with me and us in this FAQ I think this has to become a thing randomly here and there And yeah, this is Louise, my wife. I love her a lot. And she’s the mother of my kids. And I love her to death. When she had a job for instance, before, when she had a regular job… You know, I was always kind of like… …a little bit sad that she didn’t get to experience what I’m experiencing right now so having her as an employee of the company she can now follow me… You know, to NAMM and stuff like that and… you know, just share this whole experience with me because that’s something that I felt before, it’s like… I didn’t really share the experience with her, I go on tour and I feel like I’m the loneliest person ever but now Louise will be able to come with me to workshops and maybe on some tours as well and just hang out and stuff like that, so… Yeah, thank you so much for watching. Also, I don’t know if you saw this but… this past week I also uploaded a new single from my album Solar part one, the song is called. Please, if you haven’t already, please go listen to it, please support and purchase or preorder the album. It will be out 24th of March And yeah. You’ll be supporting us. So it’s for a great cause I guess. Yeah. Because Louise is going to do all the packing. Which is… I’m gonna take a lot of pictures, but we can do it together, great. Or me alone. You know we’re gonna do it together right? I’ll help. Of course, okay. Guys, thank you so much for watching and see you next time. Next time will be a regular FAQ. Ask those questions down there and try to keep them short as well if you can, okay? Thank you so much. Thank you. Bye. Bye.

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